Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Powers and duties of commissioner

Section 3 - Enforcement by chief; appeal; hearing; notice

Section 4 - Licensing of milk dealers; exception; licenses for schools, hospitals and charitable institutions

Section 5 - Application for license; contents; renewals; display

Section 6 - Licenses; renewals; suspension; revocation; conditional licenses; hearing; notice

Section 7 - Hearing; delivery and return of revoked or cancelled license

Section 8 - Appeal; jurisdiction of superior court

Section 9 - Annual license fee

Section 10 - Prices, terms and conditions relative to milk; investigations; hearings; matters considered; minimum prices

Section 11 - Orders fixing minimum prices to producers and consumers; application of orders; rules and regulations

Section 12 - Declaration of existence of emergency; petition and order establishing minimum prices; review; notice

Section 12A - Payment less than minimum price; recovery; assignment of claim

Section 13 - Entry on premises for inspection; reports; results of inspection; definitions

Section 14 - Purchase, sale or distribution of milk below price fixed or below cost; rebates

Section 14A - Bidding procedures; reports; tests

Section 15 - Sale by co-operative associations; statement of deductions

Section 16 - Examinations; investigations; general or special hearings; opportunity to appear and be heard; evidence

Section 17 - Time of notice of hearings, orders, rules and regulations

Section 18 - Attendance and testimony of witnesses; production of books and records; administration of oaths; subpoenas; excuse from attendance; witness fees

Section 19 - Publication of notice of hearings, orders, rules and regulations; certification of orders; service of subpoena; service of attested copies

Section 20 - Repealed, 1983, 691, Sec. 37

Section 21 - Review; jurisdiction of superior court; injunction; declaratory judgment

Section 22 - Penalties; report of violation; investigation; action; injunction

Section 22A - Construction and enforcement of chapter; acts or omissions of officers or agents acting for principal

Section 23 - Agreements, licenses, rules, regulations or orders in conflict with federal law

Section 24 - Uniform milk control; co-operation with United States and other states; enactment of compact by Congress; delegation formed

Section 25 - Public interest; intention and purpose of statute

Section 26 - Partial invalidity

Section 27 - Short title