Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Establishment of schedules of drugs or other controlled substances

Section 2A - Temporary placement of substance in schedule I

Section 3 - Findings required for placement in schedules

Section 4 - Exceptions from schedules

Section 5 - Dispensing controlled substances excepted under Sec. 4

Section 6 - Rules and regulations

Section 6A - Licensure of certain corporate entities with patients receiving opioid agonist therapy; best practice guidance for practitioners

Section 7 - Registration of persons who manufacture, distribute, dispense or possess controlled substances

Section 7A - Registration as participant in prescription monitoring program

Section 8 - Research projects and studies

Section 9 - Administering and dispensing of controlled substances in course of professional practice; records, inspection

Section 10 - Separate registration

Section 11 - Inspection of establishments of registrants or applicants

Section 12 - Issuance of registration to manufacture or distribute controlled substances

Section 13 - Suspension or revocation of registration; report of criminal violations; controlled substances affected placed under embargo; forfeiture; notice to bureau

Section 14 - Suspension of or refusal to renew registration pending proceedings in cases of imminent danger to public

Section 15 - Record-keeping and inventory requirements; filing of DEA Form 106 with city, town and state police departments upon discovery of theft or loss of controlled substance

Section 16 - Distribution between registrants; order form

Section 17 - Necessity of prescription for dispensing controlled substances

Section 18 - Issuance of prescription by practitioner or physician

Section 18A - Prerequisites for issuing outpatient extended-release long-acting opioid in a non-abuse deterring form; written pain management treatment plan for long-term pain management

Section 18B - Voluntary non-opiate directive form

Section 18C - Patient education required before issuance of opioid prescription

Section 19 - Prescription; restrictions on issuance

Section 19A - Emergency contraception

Section 19B - Opioid antagonist

Section 19C - High opiate overdose area pharmacies required to maintain continuous supply of naloxone rescue kits or opioid antagonist medications

Section 19D - Supply limitations for opiate prescriptions; exception for palliative care

Section 20 - Oral prescriptions

Section 20A - Radiopharmaceutical drugs

Section 21 - Packaging and labeling by pharmacist filling prescription; distribution of educational pamphlet

Section 21A - Prescriptions; prospective drug review and counseling by pharmacist

Section 21B - Advertisement and sale of prescription lock boxes by pharmacies

Section 22 - Contents of prescription written by practitioner

Section 23 - Written prescriptions; requirements and restrictions

Section 24 - Dispensing by practitioner for narcotic drug research or treatment of drug dependent persons

Section 24A - Electronic monitoring of the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances and certain additional drugs

Section 24B - Mean and median quantity and volume of prescriptions for opiates; notification of practitioner's own percentile ranking

Section 25 - Restrictions

Section 26 - Distribution in course of business in violation of Sec. 16 or furnishing false information in application, etc., prohibited

Section 27 - Sale of hypodermic syringes or hypodermic needles

Section 27A - Collection and disposal of spent non-commercially generated hypodermic needles and lancets

Section 28 - Jurisdiction of superior court

Section 29 - Educational programs for prevention of abuse of controlled substances

Section 30 - Administrative inspection of controlled premises

Section 31 - Classes of controlled substances; establishment of criminal penalties for violations of this chapter

Section 32 - Class A controlled substances; unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing or possession with intent to manufacture, etc.; eligibility for parole

Section 32A - Class B controlled substances; unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing or possession with intent to manufacture, etc.; eligibility for parole

Section 32B - Class C controlled substances; unlawful manufacturer, distribution, dispensing or possession with intent to manufacture, etc.; eligibility for parole

Section 32C - Class D controlled substances; unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, cultivation or possession with intent to manufacture, etc.

Section 32D - Class E controlled substances; unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, or possession with intent to manufacture, etc.

Section 32E - Trafficking in marihuana, cocaine, heroin, morphine, opium, etc.; eligibility for parole

Section 32F - Unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing or possession with intent to manufacture, etc. of controlled substances in Classes A to C to minors

Section 32G - Counterfeit substances; unlawful creation, distribution, dispensing or possession with intent to distribute or dispense

Section 32H - Prosecutions not to be continued or placed on file; suspension or reduction of sentence; eligibility for parole, etc.

Section 32I - Drug paraphernalia; sale, possession or manufacture with intent to sell; penalty; sale of tobacco rolling papers

Section 32J - Controlled substances violations in, on, or near school property; eligibility for parole

Section 32K - Inducing or abetting minor to distribute or sell controlled substances

Section 32L - Possession of one ounce or less of marihuana; civil penalty and forfeiture; other sanctions or disqualifications prohibited

Section 32M - Possession of one ounce or less of marihuana; drug awareness program

Section 32N - Possession of one ounce or less of marihuana; enforcement consistent with non-criminal disposition provisions of Sec. 21D of Chapter 40; duty of police department; notice; failure to file certificate of completion of drug awareness program

Section 33 - Unlawful use of registration numbers in manufacture or distribution, or fraudulently obtaining possession, of controlled substances; criminal penalties

Section 34 - Unlawful possession of particular controlled substances, including heroin and marihuana

Section 34A - Immunity from prosecution under Secs. 34 or 35 for persons seeking medical assistance for self or other experiencing drug-related overdose

Section 35 - Unlawful presence at a place where heroin is kept or being in company of person in possession thereof

Section 36 - Protective custody of children found present where controlled substances are unlawfully kept or possessed

Section 37 - Theft of controlled substances from persons authorized to dispense or possess

Section 38 - Violation of Secs. 24(a), 25, 26 or 27

Section 39 - Violation of Secs. 21 or 22

Section 40 - Conspiracy

Section 41 - Arrest without warrant

Section 42 - Cooperation with federal and other state agencies

Section 43 - Conformity with federal acts

Section 44 - Violations of Sec. 34; acquittal, dismissal or indictment nol prossed; sealing of records

Section 45 - Photographing and fingerprinting of persons charged with felony

Section 46 - Repealed, 1978, 508, Sec. 1

Section 47 - Forfeiture of property

Section 47A - Seized controlled substances and narcotic drugs; custodian; mailing for chemical analysis; destruction or disposal upon completion of trial

Section 48 - Severability

Section 49 - Enforcement of Sec. 24A