Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Relation of avoirdupois pound to troy pound

Section 3 - State standards

Section 4 - Additional state standards; replacement of weights

Section 5 - Municipal standards

Section 6 - Safe keeping and preservation of town standards; insurance

Section 7 - Neglect to provide suitable place for keeping standards; loss or damage

Section 8 - Vibrating steelyards

Section 9 - State clinical standard thermometer; certification

Section 10 - Office clinical standard thermometers; verification; comparisons

Section 11 - Tolerances and specifications for clinical thermometers

Section 12 - Inspection and testing of clinical thermometers; certification; fees

Section 13 - Manufacture and sale of clinical thermometers

Section 14 - Penalties for violation of Sec. 13

Section 14A - Glass bottle or jars for lubricating oil; quality; capacity; sealing; revocation of authority; false or insufficient measure; inspection of bottles or jars

Section 15 - Glass bottles or jars for milk or cream; capacity; sealing; designating mark; false measure; revocation of authority

Section 16 - Paper or fibre bottles and jars for milk; capacity; sealing; stamping

Section 17 - Re-use of paper or fibre bottles or jars for milk

Section 18 - Markings on cans or containers for milk; sealing; rules and regulations; revocation of authority; designating marks; false or insufficient measure; inspection

Section 19 - Penalties for violation of Sec. 18

Section 20 - Containers for sale of ice cream; capacity; sealing; designating mark; false or insufficient measure

Section 21 - Semi-annual inspection of ice cream containers

Section 22 - Paper or fibre cartons for sale of viscous or semi-solid commodities; capacity; shape; dimensions; markings

Section 23 - Testing capacity of containers; seizure; complaint; revocation of authority

Section 24 - Penalty for unauthorized marking

Section 25 - Condemnation of weighing or measuring devices; marking; removal of notice

Section 26 - Use or possession of false or condemned devices

Section 27 - Use of unsealed weighing or measuring devices

Section 28 - Recovery of market value of goods for use of unsealed devices

Section 28A - Sealing and testing of meters for measuring liquefied petroleum gas; tolerances; revocation of authority

Section 29 - Powers and duties of deputy director of standards

Section 29A - Civil citation for violation of weights and measures laws; appeal

Section 30 - Repealed, 1935, 60, Sec. 2

Section 31 - Use of seals; imitation or counterfeit seals

Section 32 - Tests, inspections and adjustments of town standards and devices; complaints; enforcement

Section 33 - Testing of weighing and measuring devices in state institutions; reports; appointment of special deputies

Section 33A - Testing of weighing and measuring devices in towns of 5,000 or less inhabitants

Section 34 - Appointment of sealers and deputies in cities and large towns; powers and duties; interference with sealer; compensation; fees; certification

Section 35 - Comprehensive weights and measures enforcement system in small towns; certification of sealers and deputies

Section 36 - Appointment of district sealers; powers and duties; bond; compensation; records; fees; certification

Section 36A - Determination that cities or towns have an inadequate weights and measures enforcement system; assumption of responsibilities

Section 37 - Reports of municipalities; weighing and measuring devices

Section 38 - Duplicate set of apothecaries' weights and liquid measures

Section 39 - Receipt and accountability of town standards and seal

Section 40 - Duplicate set of weights, measures and balances

Section 41 - Annual testing and sealing of weights and measures; notice; record

Section 42 - Failure to comply with notice; sealing on premises; interference with sealer; penalty

Section 43 - Testing of weighing or measuring devices registering price

Section 44 - Testing of devices for determining measurement of leather; rules and regulations

Section 45 - Testing of taximeters; rules and regulations

Section 46 - Testing of devices for standardizing production and determining wages, capacity of tanks or containers; sealing; condemnation; fee schedule; certificate; accuracy of automatic devices

Section 46A - Bulk milk tanks; calibration and sealing

Section 47 - Annual testing of apothecaries' weights and measures; sealing; graduated glass measures; approval; designating marks; revocation of authority

Section 48 - Use of untested weights or measures

Section 49 - Annual tests of hay and coal scales

Section 50 - Tests of weighing or measuring devices upon request; results

Section 51 - Sealing of glass milk and cream bottles or jars

Section 52 - Testing incorrect weights or measuring devices upon complaint; entry; use of device

Section 53 - Marking devices with stencil; certificate; notice forbidding use; removal of notice

Section 54 - Seizure of weighing or measuring devices for evidence; disposition

Section 55 - Seizure of devices not conforming to legal standards; destruction

Section 56 - Fees of sealers

Section 56A - Location of scales for food sold at retail

Section 56B - Computing scales for prepackaged meat, poultry or fish; penalty for failure to provide

Section 56C - Placement of cash register; observation of total by customer; penalty

Section 56D - Examination and testing of automated retail checkout systems

Section 57 - Report

Section 58 - Repealed, 1922, 355, Sec. 8