Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A, 1B - Repealed, 1966, 685, Sec. 4

Section 2 - Duties of commissioner of public health

Section 2A - Co-operation with Massachusetts rehabilitation commission

Section 2B - Air pollution emergencies

Section 2C - Pollution violations; orders of department of environmental protection

Section 2D - Massachusetts AIDS Fund; definitions

Section 2E - Massachusetts AIDS Fund; expenditures

Section 2F - Massachusetts AIDS advisory board; membership

Section 2G - Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund

Section 2H - Prevention and Wellness Advisory Board

Section 2I - Substance Abuse Services Fund

Section 3 - Public health council; hearings, intervention

Section 3A - Board of trustees of Massachusetts hospital school; appointment

Section 4 - Health districts; district health officers; enforcement of laws in districts

Section 4A to 4D - Repealed, 1971, 1076, Sec. 3

Section 4E - Program to combat intellectual disabilities in children

Section 4F - Advisory council on radiation protection

Section 4G - Epileptics; program for care, treatment and rehabilitation

Section 4H - Chronic renal diseases; care and treatment; agreements

Section 4I - Erythroblastosis fetalis; prevention; rules and regulations

Section 4J - Multi–Disciplinary Medical Review Team; certification of nursing home care eligibility

Section 4K - Diethylstilbestrol; public information program; regional screening; annual report

Section 4L - Advisory board for diethylstilbestrol program

Section 4M - Hepatitis B and hepatitis C; needs assessment; prevention, education, outreach and surveillance programs; annual report

Section 4M1/2 - Hepatitis C screening test or Hepatitis C diagnostic test for persons born between 1945 and 1965

Section 4N - Prescription drugs outreach and education program for physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals

Section 4O - Appointment of dental director; office of oral health; responsibilities

Section 5 - Powers and duties of department

Section 5A - Preparation and distribution of antitoxins, serums, vaccines and products applicable to prevention and cure of diseases

Section 5A1/2 - Emergency Stockpile Trust Fund

Section 5B - Repealed, 1987, 549, Sec. 3

Section 5C - Repealed, 1958, 79, Sec. 1

Section 5D - Plastic bags and film; rules and regulations

Section 5E - Application of chemicals to control aquatic nuisances; licenses; rules and regulations; violations; penalties; applicability of section

Section 5F - Aquatic nuisances; control; cost sharing programs

Section 5G - Water supply; treatment facilities

Section 5H - Repealed, 1966, 685, Sec. 4; 1980, 261, Sec. 24A

Section 5I - Laser equipment; rules and regulations; penalties for violation

Section 5J - Radiation treatment; clinical precautions

Section 5K - Nuclear reactors; monitoring and surveillance; charges and assessments

Section 5L - Radiologic technologists; advisory commission; licenses

Section 5M - Definitions

Section 5N - State radiation control agency; radioactive hazards of sources emitting ionizing and nonionizing radiation

Section 5O - Notices of violation and orders; hearing; civil penalties

Section 5P - Use, manufacture, production, transfer, receipt, acquisition, ownership or possession of radiation sources; license or registration requirement; penalties

Section 5Q - Mammography facilities; rules and regulations; licensing; inspections

Section 5R - Definitions; distribution and sale of household cleansing products containing phosphorus; limitations; violations

Section 5S - Public bathing waters; minimum sanitation standards; testing, monitoring and analysis; regulations

Section 6 - Power to define diseases deemed dangerous to public health; control and prevention

Section 6A - Hemophilia; program for care and treatment; definition

Section 6B - Hemophilia advisory committee

Section 6C - Hemophilia program; powers and duties of department

Section 6D - Advisory committee for genetically handicapped persons; investigation and study; rules and regulations

Section 7 - Investigation of contagious or infectious diseases; notice

Section 8 - Use of common drinking cup or towel; rules and regulations

Section 8A - Poisonous or corrosive substances; disposal or closures of containers

Section 8B - Repealed, 1973, 948, Sec. 6

Section 8C - Fluoridation of public water supplies by local boards; advice of commissioner; election; discontinuance

Section 9 - Inspectors, analysts and chemists; appointment; removal; power and authority; interference with

Section 10 - Repealed, 1989, 610, Sec. 2

Section 11 to 13 - Repealed, 2012, 139, Sec. 107

Section 14 - Repealed, 1989, 610, Sec. 3

Section 14A - Rheumatic fever; treatment of patients

Section 15 - Services for division of animal health

Section 16 - Unsanitary condition of barns, stables or enclosures in which cattle are kept; report

Section 17 - Disposal of sewage; consultation, advice or experiments; hearing; improvements; definition

Section 18 - Powers and duties of district health officer

Section 19 - Annual report of district health officer

Section 20 - Inspection of correctional institutions and lockups; findings and recommendations; report

Section 21 - Rules for living conditions of detainees; enforcement

Section 22 - Approval of plans for police station houses, houses of detention or lockups; enforcement

Section 23 - Annual report of commissioner of environmental protection; recommendations

Section 24 - Publication of parts of annual report; manual of laws

Section 24A - Reduction of morbidity and mortality; establishment of program; information and reports

Section 24B - Birth information; statistical purposes

Section 24C - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 299

Section 24D - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 300

Section 24E - Comprehensive family planning services; program establishment

Section 24F - Repealed, 1997, 170, Sec. 4

Section 24G - Repealed, 2003, 26, Sec. 301

Section 24H - Managed care program within community health centers

Section 24I - Universal immunization program

Section 24J - Medical respite services program

Section 24K - Pediatric palliative care program; eligibility; services

Section 24L - Shaken baby syndrome prevention initiative

Section 24M - Computerized immunization registry

Section 24N - Childhood vaccine program;Vaccine Purchase Trust Fund; vaccine program advisory council; surcharge

Section 25 - Publication of certificate of examination or results of analyses

Section 25A - Inventory of health care resources and related information; status as public record; reporting regulations; publication; inter-agency cooperation; contracts authorized

Section 25B - Definitions

Section 25B1/2 - Expenditure minimums; annual adjustments

Section 25C - Determination of need

Section 25C1/2 - Exemption from determination of need of projects related to inpatient services

Section 25D - Financing; notice of intent; necessity of application for determination of need; acceptance of gifts; governmental bodies as applicant; report

Section 25E - Administrative appeal; hearing; decision; judicial review

Section 25F - Rules and regulations; effective date

Section 25G - Enforcement

Section 25H - Severability; voidability of provisions in violation of federal law

Section 25I - Guidelines for the reduction of medication waste in licensed facilities

Section 25J - Competent interpreter services in acute-care hospitals

Section 25K - Educational insert accompanying sale of hypodermic syringes and needles

Section 25L - Health care workforce center

Section 25M - Healthcare workforce advisory council

Section 25N - Health care workforce loan repayment program

Section 25N1/2 - Primary care residency grant program

Section 25N3/4 - Primary care workforce development and loan forgiveness grant program

Section 25O - Programs to protect safety of victims of violence; guidelines; dissemination to and training of health care providers

Section 25P - Repealed, 2012, 224, Sec. 73

Section 26 - Boards of health in cities; membership; appointment; removal; compensation

Section 26A - Health departments in cities; commissioners

Section 26B - Commissioner of health in cities; appointment; removal; qualifications

Section 26C - Advisory council of health in cities; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; removal; compensation; meetings; function

Section 26D - Abolition of boards of health in cities and towns upon qualification of commissioner

Section 26E - Rules and regulations for departments of health; assistants and clerks

Section 26F - List of hazardous chemicals in water supply; effects

Section 26G - Septic system installers; inspections

Section 27 - Organization of boards; appointment of physician and clerk; compensation

Section 27A - Appointment of health officer by two or more towns; duties; compensation; joint committee

Section 27B - Regional health districts; regional board of health; powers and duties; administration; organization; management; accounts; rules and regulations

Section 27C - Reimbursement of regional health districts; qualification; formula for allocation of state funds for operating expenses

Section 28 - Annual reports

Section 29 - Weekly reports of deaths from diseases dangerous to public health

Section 30 - Agents; appointment; inspections

Section 31 - Health regulations; summary publication; hearings; filing sanitary codes and related rules, etc.

Section 31A - Permit for removal or transportation of garbage; application; exemptions

Section 31B - Rules and regulations for removal of garbage; penalty

Section 31C - Atmospheric pollution; regulation and control; publication; hearings; penalties; enforcement; jurisdiction; injunction

Section 31D - Privy, cesspool and septic tanks; disposal of contents; investigation of facilities

Section 31E - Individual sewage disposal systems; action on applications

Section 32 - Retention of cases by board of health

Section 33 - Construction and maintenance of sanitary stations

Section 34 to 43 - Repealed, 1937, 362, Sec. 6

Section 44, 45 - Repealed, 1928, 229, Sec. 2

Section 46 to 49 - Repealed, 1937, 362, Sec. 6

Section 50 - Establishment and maintenance of dental, medical and health clinics; appropriations

Section 51 - Hospitals, institutions for unwed mothers, or clinics; licensing

Section 511/2 - Substance abuse evaluation and treatment for acute-care hospital or satellite emergency facility patient experiencing opiate-related overdose

Section 51A - Out-of-hospital dialysis units; licensing

Section 51B - Pregnancy clinics

Section 51C - Applications for staff membership or clinical privileges; discrimination

Section 51D - Discrimination by acute hospitals against medicare beneficiaries; discharge planning

Section 51E - Applications by clinical specialists in psychiatric and mental health nursing for staff membership or clinical privileges; discrimination

Section 51F - Applications by licensed independent clinical social workers for staff membership or clinical privileges; discrimination

Section 51G - Acute-care hospitals; original licensure process; determination of suitability and responsibility; factors

Section 51H - Reporting about healthcare-associated infections and serious reportable events, and serious adverse drug events; charges or reimbursement for resulting services prohibited

Section 51I - Checklists of care

Section 51J - Limited services clinics

Section 52 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 51 to 56, inclusive

Section 53 - Classification of hospitals; rules and regulations; dialysis units; inspections

Section 53A - Hospitals and in-patient clinics to offer and perform ''Pap tests''

Section 53B - Physician staff privileges; report of denial, restriction, revocation or failure to renew; liability of informant; annual disciplinary summary; penalty

Section 53C - Non-reusable syringes; regulation advisory committee

Section 53D - Devises minimizing risk of injury to health care workers from hypodermic syringes or needles; regulations

Section 53E - Patient and family advisory councils; establishment

Section 53F - Requests for additional assistance for deteriorating patients

Section 53G - Entity certified as ambulatory surgical center for participation in Medicaid program deemed a clinic for purposes of licensure under Sec. 51.

Section 53H - Contracts with physicians affecting ability to testify in administrative or judicial hearings

Section 54 - Audit of medical records

Section 55 - Advisory council

Section 56 - Penalties; enforcement

Section 57 - Establishment and maintenance of tuberculosis dispensaries; rules and regulations; inspection

Section 57A - Establishment and maintenance of cancer clinics

Section 57B - Establishment and maintenance of muscular dystrophy clinics

Section 57C - Establishment and maintenance of clinics for the aging

Section 57D - Hospice programs; licensure; limitations

Section 58 to 62 - Repealed, 1972, 785, Sec. 4

Section 62A - Establishment of children's health camps in cities and towns

Section 62B - Commission on children's health camps; membership; appointment

Section 62C - Powers and duties of commission

Section 62D - Investment by city or town treasurer of money and securities received from commission; bond

Section 62E - Records; annual reports of receipts and disbursements

Section 62F - Formation of union children's health camp district by two or more cities or towns; management; commission; membership

Section 62G - Location and construction plans for health camp; approval; inspection

Section 62H - Contracts for care and treatment of children as compliance with Secs. 62A to 62G

Section 62I - Hospital school and hospital for state minor wards; general supervision

Section 62J - Purpose of school; children from other states; inpatient or outpatient services

Section 62K - Trustees; corporation; additional powers and duties; grants; devises; gifts; trusts

Section 62L - Administration of school; appointment of personnel; expenses

Section 62M - Admissions; applications; discharges; tuition

Section 62N - Inspection of schools; report; audit

Section 62O - Accounts and books of treasurer; inspection by trustees

Section 62P - Construction and maintenance of hospital for state minor wards

Section 62Q - Powers and duties of trustees; management; admissions; approval

Section 62R - Use of land, buildings and farm products by hospital school and hospital for state minor wards

Section 62S - Assignment of state minor wards to hospital; approval

Section 63 - Supervision and control by commissioner

Section 63A - Admissions to hospital

Section 63B - Medicare program billings; commissioner's report

Section 64 - Annual inventory; report; audit

Section 64A - Cushing hospital; general supervision by department

Section 64B - Chronic care hospital; services provided; research on aging

Section 64C - Board of trustees

Section 64D - Corporation; investments

Section 64E - Administration of hospital; general trust fund

Section 64F - Projected revenue and disbursement schedule of general trust fund

Section 64G - Establishment of other trust funds; assent to federal laws; contracts and agreements

Section 64H - Rules and regulations

Section 64I - Staff members employees of commonwealth

Section 64J - Delegation of authority by trustees

Section 64K - Deposit of patient or resident funds; disposition of unclaimed deposits or personal property; registration and regulation of fiduciaries

Section 64L - Superintendent; subordinate officers and employees

Section 64M - Care center

Section 65 - Repealed, 1963, 517, Sec. 4

Section 65A - Admission to Lakeville hospital

Section 65B - Repealed, 1962, 598, Sec. 4

Section 65C - Patients' funds; deposit

Section 65D - Patients' funds; disposition of unclaimed deposits

Section 66, 66A - Repealed, 1961, 608, Sec. 1

Section 67 - Gifts or bequests

Section 67A - Notice of birth of infant weighing 2500 grams or less or with high risk problem; annual reporting on status of premature and high risk infants

Section 67B - Repealed, 1985, 557, Sec. 2

Section 67C - Programs and payment of expenses for care of premature and other high risk infants; procedures for hospital discharge and follow up care; reporting on causes and incidence of re-hospitalizations

Section 67D - Repealed, 1985, 577, Sec. 4

Section 67E - Children born with congenital anomaly, birth defect, birth injury or an intellectual disability; reports

Section 67F - Newborn hearing screening tests

Section 67G - Audiometric testing of children; costs

Section 67H - Literature on hearing impairments

Section 68 - Repealed, 1924, 477, Sec. 4

Section 69 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 14

Section 69A to 69D - Repealed, 1957, 459, Sec. 1

Section 69E - Inpatient and outpatient services; diagnostic evaluation and treatment center; admissions policy

Section 69F - Notice of admission of needy person

Section 69G - Effect of notice of admission of needy person

Section 69H - Charges for support; rate

Section 69I - Liability for charges for support; assessment; proceedings; written statements

Section 69J - Operation of concessions

Section 69K - Patients eligible for federal veterans' benefits

Section 69L - Vehicles; moving and parking rules; violations

Section 70 - Records of hospitals or clinics; custody; inspection; copies; fees

Section 70A - Hospital lien; creation; priority; application

Section 70B - Notice of lien

Section 70C - Settlement disregarding hospital lien; effect; limitation of action

Section 70D - Itemized statement of charges; effect of failure to furnish

Section 70E - Patients' and residents' rights

Section 70F - HIV test; informed consent; disclosure of results or identity of subject of test

Section 70G - Genetic information and reports protected as private information; prior written consent for genetic testing

Section 70H - Down Syndrome; information provided to parents upon positive prenatal test result or postnatal diagnosis

Section 71 - Licensing of convalescent and nursing homes, infirmaries, etc.

Section 71A - Repealed, 1967, 891, Sec. 12; 1983, 636, Sec. 24

Section 71A1/2 - Deposit of inpatient or resident funds

Section 71B - Repealed, 1967, 891, Sec. 12

Section 71C - Minimum safety and quality of services standards for dementia special care units; compliance by providers of specialized services or programming licensed under Sec. 71; training

Section 72 - Classification of convalescent and nursing homes, infirmaries, etc.; rules and regulations; inspections; records of violations; jurisdiction

Section 72A, 72B - Repealed, 1967, 891, Sec. 12

Section 72C - Convalescent or nursing homes; lighting and ventilation

Section 72D - Nursing homes, etc.; telephone access

Section 72E - Convalescent and nursing homes; notice of violations; plan of correction; penalties; enforcement

Section 72F - Definitions applicable to Secs. 72F to 72L

Section 72G - Reports of abuse of patients

Section 72H - Duties of department

Section 72I - Filing of reports; confidentiality

Section 72J - Registry; establishment; documented findings of patient or resident abuse

Section 72K - Definitions; civil penalties; recovery by attorney general

Section 72L - Abuse by licensed or registered professional; any necessary disciplinary action including suspension or revocation of license

Section 72L1/2 - Immunity from liability as result of compliance with Secs. 72F to 72L

Section 72M - Appointment of receiver; emergency; definition

Section 72N - Action to appoint receiver; hearing; list of persons; purpose of receivership; stay of actions

Section 72O - Authority of receiver; duties; closure of facility; repairs; financial assistance

Section 72P - Leases, mortgages or secured transactions; avoidance; setting of rental or interest rate; hearing; foreclosure

Section 72Q - Compensation of receiver; bond; lien; recoupment of commonwealth expenditures

Section 72R - Termination of receivership

Section 72S - Actions against receiver; liability

Section 72T - Effect of appointment; violation of regulations

Section 72U - Rules and regulations

Section 72V - Nursing homes, etc.; storage space for residents

Section 72W - Nurses' aide training

Section 72X - Nursing homes; no smoking areas

Section 72Y - Nursing pool registrations

Section 72Z - Licensed skilled nursing facilities; intermediate care facilities; family councils

Section 72AA - Informational document containing laws and regulations; distribution by long-term care facilities

Section 72BB - Administering of psychotropic medication by nursing home, rest home or other long-term care facility; informed consent

Section 73 - Penalties

Section 73A - Facilities operated by and for persons who rely exclusively upon treatment by spiritual means through prayer for healing

Section 73B - Facilities operated by Roman Catholic Church

Section 74 - Appropriation of money for maintenance of free bed in hospital

Section 75 - Unlawful use of buildings for hospitals

Section 76 - Repealed, 1961, 608, Sec. 1

Section 77 - Department; duty to provide care and treatment of tuberculosis patients

Section 78 - Utilization of county institutions; contracts; notice of discontinuance; payments; regulations

Section 78A - Hospital care of persons suffering from chronic diseases; admission; cost

Section 79 - Admissions, transfers and discharges of tuberculous patients; supervision; rates of charges

Section 80 - Payments for care by cities, towns or able patients; definitions; classifications; appeals

Section 81 - Programs of control and eradication of tuberculosis; responsibility

Section 81A - Use of intradermal tuberculin tests to show freedom from tuberculosis

Section 82 - Operation of hospitals by county commissioners or trustees

Section 83 - County or municipal tuberculosis institutions; conveyance to commonwealth

Section 83A - Indemnity insurance for officers and employees of hospital

Section 83B - Authority to raise and expend money for tuberculosis hospital; borrowing; notes; apportionment of costs

Section 84 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 218

Section 85 - Maintenance of county tuberculosis hospitals; apportionment of costs and expenses

Section 85A - Maintenance, operation and repair of hospitals; apportionment; expenditures

Section 85B, 85C - Repealed, 1961, 608, Sec. 1

Section 86 - Acquisition of land

Section 87 - County commissioners as trustees of institutions

Section 87A - Repealed, 1968, 487, Sec. 6

Section 88 - Conversion of hospitals into chronic disease hospitals or homes for the aged

Section 88A - Repealed, 1951, 562, Sec. 9

Section 88B to 90 - Repealed, 1961, 608, Sec. 1

Section 91 - Exemptions; size of cities and towns; change; cities and towns to become part of district; proportionate payment of costs

Section 91A, 91B - Repealed, 1961, 608, Sec. 1

Section 91C - Diseases of chest; use of facilities for treatment; rules and regulations

Section 92 - Construction and maintenance of isolation hospitals; approval

Section 93 - Regulation of persons approaching isolation hospital

Section 94 - Receiving persons from adjoining towns

Section 94A - Certification of non-hospitalized persons afflicted with active tuberculosis; examination; transportation; release

Section 94B - Detention of patient at sanatorium; petition; transfer to tuberculosis treatment center; release

Section 94C - Court commitment to tuberculosis treatment center; procedure; notice; hearing

Section 94D - Tuberculosis treatment center; establishment; supervision

Section 94E - Financial responsibility for treatment of patients; residence

Section 94F - Discharge from treatment center; declassification; transfer

Section 94G - Petition for release; order of release

Section 94H - Regulations concerning content of certification; minimum standards

Section 95 - Powers and duties of boards in cases of infectious diseases

Section 96 - Warrants to remove persons infected with dangerous disease

Section 96A - Transportation of person infected with dangerous disease to another town

Section 97 - Removal of patient from home where patient cannot be isolated

Section 98 - Permits for removal of infected articles or sick persons

Section 99 - Warrant to secure infected articles; application

Section 100 - Warrant to take houses for safe keeping of infected articles

Section 101 - Execution of warrant; breaking open houses

Section 102 - Payment of expenses in purifying infected articles

Section 103 - Compensation for houses and stores impressed

Section 104 - Prevention of spread of infection; public notice; removal

Section 105 - Violation of regulations

Section 106 - Travelers from infected places outside commonwealth; license

Section 107 - Transportation of infected dead bodies; rules and regulations

Section 108 - Removal of sick prisoners

Section 109 - Notice of householder that person in family or house is infected with dangerous disease

Section 109A - Treatment of infants' eyes at time of birth

Section 110 - Report of diseases of the eyes of infants

Section 110A - Tests of newborn children for treatable disorders or diseases

Section 110B - Reyes syndrome treatment or examination; reports

Section 110C - Congenital heart defects screenings for newborns through pulse oximetry testing or other testing; regulations; development of protocols

Section 111 - Notice to board of health that persons infected with dangerous diseases; application of section

Section 111A - Cerebral palsy; reports

Section 111B - Malignant disease and benign brain-related tumor registry; reports

Section 111C - Unprotected exposure capable of transmitting infectious disease; standardized trip form

Section 112 - Notice by local board to department

Section 113 - Records of reports of dangerous diseases; notice

Section 114 - Forfeiture of claim

Section 115 - Recovery of expenses

Section 116 - Payment of reasonable expenses; chronically nonresident person defined

Section 116A - Hospitalization of persons suffering from chronic rheumatism; rules and regulations

Section 117 - Establishment and maintenance of clinics for treatment of venereal diseases; examinations; minors

Section 118 - Discrimination against treatment of venereal diseases

Section 119 - Records pertaining to venereal diseases

Section 120 - Repealed, 1948, 120

Section 121 - Treatment of venereal diseases or pulmonary tuberculosis in public charitable or penal institutions; expenses

Section 121A - Serological test for syphilis of pregnant women

Section 121B - Prescription and distribution of drugs to treat Chlamydia in unexamined sexual partners of patients

Section 122 - Regulations relative to nuisances; examinations

Section 122A - Regulation of domestic water supply; powers of board of health; penalties

Section 123 - Abatement by owner; penalty

Section 124 - Service of order for abatement

Section 125 - Removal of nuisance by board

Section 125A - Review of order adjudging the operation of a farm to be a nuisance

Section 126 - Location of privy vaults

Section 127 - Regulations relative to house drainage

Section 127A - State sanitary code; adoption; enforcement; jurisdiction; speedy trial

Section 127A1/2 - Requirement of personal flotation devices for municipal and recreational programs and camps for minor children; determination of swimming ability

Section 127B - Dwellings unfit for human habitation; order to vacate or to abate nuisance; removal of occupants; demolition expense, lien; inspection reports; code violations; notices; enforcement proceedings, jurisdiction; appeal

Section 127B1/2 - Petition for agreement to remove underground fuel storage tank, media contaminated by home heating oil or lead paint, or to provide proper service by a septic system; costs; authority to evict

Section 127C - Petition for violation of sanitary code; requisites

Section 127D - Entry fee; notice upon offending owner

Section 127E - Copy of report of investigation; admissibility in evidence

Section 127F - Court order regarding rental payments; disbursement of funds; receiver

Section 127G - Removal from district to superior or housing court; transmittal of rents and removal fees

Section 127H - Repealed, 1992, 407, Sec. 9

Section 127I - Enforcement of sanitary code; remedies; receiver

Section 127J - Petition by receiver to apply for financial assistance; notice and hearing; financial assistance; lien

Section 127K - Agreement to waive enforcement of sanitary code; validity

Section 127L - Repairs by tenants of residential premises to cure violations; reimbursement for cost

Section 127M - Repealed, 1975, 615

Section 127N - Actions by tenants against owners of residential premises; joinder of certain other persons as parties; liability; exception

Section 127O - Conveyance of real estate with intent to evade nuisance provisions; penalty

Section 127P - Land covered by subdivision plan; application of state environmental code

Section 128 - Repealed, 1954, 209, Sec. 1

Section 128A - Filling of sites of demolished or removed buildings

Section 128B to 128F - Repealed, 1963, 390, Sec. 2

Section 128G - Farm labor camps; inspection; certificate; complaints

Section 128H - Migrant workers; educational and recreational opportunities; locomotion; visitation rights; regulations; injunctive relief

Section 129 - Removal or destruction of nuisance on conviction of owner

Section 130 - Enjoining nuisance

Section 131 - Compulsory examination of premises; complaint; warrant

Section 132 to 142 - Repealed, 1982, 95

Section 142A - Pollution or contamination of atmosphere; prevention; regulations; violation; enforcement

Section 142B - Metropolitan air pollution control district; establishment; composition; powers of department of environmental protection

Section 142C - Future districts; formation

Section 142D - Air pollution control districts; standards and plans for implementation; establishment; periodic review; amendment; compliance with minimum federal standards

Section 142E - Air pollution; preventing and controlling by departments, agencies, commissions, authorities and political subdivisions

Section 142F - Discharging excess fuel from aircraft into atmosphere; penalty; definitions

Section 142G - Burning of Christmas trees restricted

Section 142H - Ceremonial bonfires restricted; permits

Section 142I - Bonfires from July 2 to July 6 authorized

Section 142J - Repealed, 1998, 490, Sec. 8

Section 142K - Motor vehicle emissions standards; late models

Section 142L - Agricultural burning

Section 142M - Motor vehicle emissions inspection and repair; definitions; rules and regulations; inspection facilities; waivers; quality assurance program; violations

Section 142N - Fossil fuel-fired electric generation facilities; uniform performance standards

Section 142O - Motor vehicle fuel dispensing facilities; stage II vapor recovery systems; operation and standards

Section 143 - Trade or employment attended with noisome and injurious odors; assignment of places; prohibition; appeal

Section 144 - Revocation of location assignment; removal of nuisance

Section 145 - Damages

Section 146 - Orders of prohibition; service

Section 147 - Appeal from order; notice; trial

Section 148 - Exercise of trade or employment during pendency of proceedings

Section 149 - Verdict; effect

Section 150 - Damages and costs

Section 150A - Solid waste disposal facilities; maintenance and operation; applications for site assignment

Section 150A1/2 - Standards and criteria for siting of facilities; rules and regulations

Section 150B - Establishment of facility site

Section 151 - Slaughter houses; regulation; public hearing; application of section

Section 152 - Prohibition of offensive trades or occupations

Section 153 - Restraint of offensive trades or occupations

Section 154 - Killing or rendering of horses; licenses; application; notice to director of animal health; fees

Section 155 - Licensing of stables in cities and large towns; fees

Section 156 - Stables in vicinity of churches

Section 157 - Penalty for violation of Secs. 155 and 156

Section 158 - Licensing of stables in small towns; fees; restraint of erection, occupancy or use of stables

Section 159 - Supervision of inland waters

Section 160 - Examination of water supply; assistance to cities, towns and districts for groundwater aquifers and recharge areas

Section 160A - Cross connections between distribution systems; certification for inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices

Section 160B - Water quality violations; orders of department of environmental quality engineering; enforcement

Section 160C - Home water treatment devices; definitions applicable to Secs. 160B to 160G

Section 160D - Analysis of drinking water; disclosure form

Section 160E - Analysis by uncertified person; penalty

Section 160F - Misrepresentations; sale of home water treatment devices

Section 160G - Enforcement of Secs. 160C to 160F

Section 161 - Repealed, 1961, 48

Section 162 - Removal of causes of pollution; petition; hearing; notice; damages; violation of order

Section 163 - Appeal

Section 164 - Enforcement of orders, rules and regulations

Section 165 - Entry on premises; compensation of agents; apportionment

Section 166 - Repealed, 1977, 526, Sec. 4

Section 167 - Protection of sources of water supply

Section 168 - Prescriptive rights of drainage; application of Sec. 167

Section 169 - Injunction against pollution of water supply

Section 170 - Willful defilement or corruption of spring or source of water

Section 171 - Wilful defilement of sources of water supply

Section 172, 173 - Repealed, 1975, 384

Section 173A - Police employed to protect water supply; powers and duties

Section 173B - Entry upon premises within water shed of source of water supply

Section 174 - Driving animal on ice of pond or stream used for domestic water supply

Section 174A - Prevention of defilement of domestic water supply by gulls or terns

Section 175 - Protection of Charles river from pollution

Section 176 to 180 - Repealed, 1938, 265, Sec. 17

Section 181 - Enforcement of vaccination of inhabitants of towns

Section 182 - Vaccination of inmates of institutions supported by aid of commonwealth

Section 183 - Exemptions

Section 184 - Establishment and maintenance of bacteriological laboratories

Section 184A - Certificates of approval relative to bacteriological laboratories; rules and regulations; renewals; fees

Section 184B - Blood banks

Section 184C - Donation by minors

Section 185 - Disinfecting public mutoscopes and other apparatus

Section 185A - Rules of instruction, test cards and other appliances

Section 186 - Public use of machines requiring application of lips

Section 186A - Shoe-fitting machines; restrictions on use; penalty

Section 186B - Sale of ''flammable'' fabric or related material to be used for children's sleepwear; penalties

Section 187 - Enforcement of chapter

Section 188 - Disposition of fines and forfeitures

Section 189 - Application of chapter to cities

Section 189A - Definitions

Section 190 - Statewide program; director; advisory committee

Section 191 - Reports of lead poisoning; notifications to agencies; records

Section 192 - Educational and publicity program

Section 192A - Field testing and approval of new methods of removing paint and other materials

Section 192B - Preparation of educational materials

Section 193 - Early identification program; examination and reports

Section 194 - Detection of sources of lead poisoning; inspection; search warrant; notice; examination of children; reports; records

Section 194A - Repealed, 1993, 482, Sec. 6

Section 195 - State laboratory for lead and lead poisoning detection; specimen analysis; fee; report as prima facie evidence

Section 196 - Prohibited acts; punishment; embargo of personal property

Section 197 - Duty of residential premises owners; interim control measures; abatement or containment of paint, plaster or other accessible structural material containing lead

Section 197A - Notice to prospective purchasers of premises; forms; letter of compliance; civil penalty

Section 197B - Lead paint inspectors; deleaders; licensure

Section 197C - Child exhibiting dangerous blood lead level after issuance of letters of compliance or interim control; liability

Section 197D - Secured lenders; liability

Section 197E - Lead abatement loan program

Section 198 - Violations of state sanitary code; enforcement

Section 199 - Liability of owner of premises; punitive damages

Section 199A - Unlawful practices in selling, renting, or leasing premises containing lead in paint, plaster or materials

Section 199B - Exemptions from Secs. 189A to 199A

Section 200 - Repealed, 1998, 180, Sec. 4

Section 201 - First aid training of emergency personnel, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation; standards; refresher course; coordination by department; personnel excepted

Section 202 - Fetal deaths; reports; confidentiality; disposition of remains; violations; forms

Section 203 - Provider misconduct; medical peer review

Section 204 - Confidentiality of proceedings, reports and records; exceptions; immunity

Section 205 - Information and records necessary to comply with risk management and quality assurance programs; confidentiality; definitions

Section 206 - Risk factors; wellness programs

Section 206A - Seal of approval for wellness programs implemented by businesses

Section 207 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 208 to 214

Section 208 - Licenses; necessity; expiration; fees; inspection of facilities; violations; revocation; appeals

Section 209 - Statement of warning and notice; posting; form; acknowledgment by customer

Section 210 - Tanning facilities; presence of operators; protective eyewear required; limitation of exposure and temperature

Section 211 - Tanning facilities; minors; parental consent; accompaniment by parent or guardian

Section 212 - Promotional material; liability not affected by warnings; report of injuries

Section 213 - Access to facilities for inspections; rules and regulations; phototherapy devices excluded

Section 214 - Violations; fines

Section 215 - Needle exchange programs; approval; report

Section 216 - Fragrance advertising inserts; microencapsulated fragrance; penalty

Section 217 - Repealed, 2013, 35, Sec. 7

Section 218 - Guidelines for human leukocyte or histocompatibility locus antigen testing

Section 219 - Meningitis immunization awareness

Section 220 - Multidisciplinary advisory board; training and examination of sexual assault nurse examiners

Section 221 - Breastfeeding in a public place

Section 222 - Interscholastic athletic head injury safety training program; written authorization required for participation in extracurricular athletic activity following unconsciousness or diagnosis of concussion; maintenance of records showing compliance with section; liability

Section 223 - Nutritional standards for sale or provision of foods or beverages in public schools; school wellness advisory committees; food safety inspections at public schools

Section 224 - Commission on falls prevention; members; duties

Section 225 - Presenting claim for payment for anatomic pathology services

Section 226 - Mandatory overtime for nurses prohibited; exception for emergency situations

Section 227 - Palliative care and end-of-life options; distribution of information regarding availability

Section 228 - Advance disclosure of allowed amount or charge for admission, procedure or service

Section 229 - Distribution of information regarding benefits of annual immunization against influenza for children

Section 230 - Folic acid awareness initiative

Section 231 - Limitation on patient assignments per nurse in intensive care units; development and certification of acuity tool

Section 232 - Collection, recording and analyzation of data on suicides in the commonwealth; annual report

Section 233 - Palliative care and quality of life interdisciplinary advisory council

Section 234 - Palliative care consumer and professional information and education program

Section 235 - Surgical technologists; standards and requisites for employment; waiver