Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2, 3 - Repealed, 2002, 184, Sec. 92

Section 4 - Powers and duties of board; acceptance of donations, loans or grants

Section 4A - Low Level Radioactive Waste Management Fund; assessments

Section 4B - Violations of Sec. 4A; civil penalties

Section 5 - Repealed, 2002, 184, Sec. 92A

Section 6 - Public participation coordinator; duties

Section 7 - Information concerning type, volume, radioactivity, source and characteristics of low-level radioactive waste; inspections; confidentiality

Section 8 - Issuance of orders; notice and opportunity for hearing; civil penalties; injunctions and actions to compel

Section 9 - Management of low-level radioactive waste; liability; damages; funds to satisfy liability

Section 10 - Phase I of the Low–Level Radioactive Waste Management Act; planning

Section 11 - Procedures for adoption of management plan

Section 12 - Preparation, adoption by regulation, and implementation of management plan; contents of plan

Section 13 - Low-level radioactive waste source minimization, volume minimization and storage for decay by generators program; establishment

Section 14 - Site selection criteria and application guidelines; adoption of regulations

Section 15 - Selection of operators; adoption of regulations

Section 16 - Licensing, development, operation, closure, post-closure observation and maintenance, and institutional control of facilities; adoption of regulations

Section 17 - Initiation of site selection process; board vote; conditions

Section 18 - Phase II of the Low–Level Radioactive Waste Management Act; implementation for site selection process

Section 19 - Site selection process; procedures

Section 20 - Site selection process; issuance of required reports; public meetings; acquisition of property interest in candidate sites

Section 21 - Community supervisory committees; establishment

Section 22 - Requests for proposals for development, operation and closure of a facility; investigation and certification of applicants; contract

Section 23 - Detailed site characterization plan for candidate sites; public review and comment; selection of superior site

Section 24 - Petition by aggrieved person; adjudicatory proceeding

Section 25 - Phase III of the Low–Level Waste Management Act; selection of operator and technology

Section 26 - Community supervisory committee representatives, appointment; site community field offices, establishment

Section 27 - Certified applicant interviews; selection of operator of superior site facility

Section 28 - Execution of development contract

Section 29 - Phase IV of the Low–Level Radioactive Waste Management Act; facility approval and licensing

Section 30 - Notice of intent to apply for facility license; environmental impact report

Section 31 - Facility license application; public comment period; preparation of draft license or draft denial; final decision

Section 32 - [There is no 111H:32.]

Section 33 - Negotiation of comprehensive operating contract; contents

Section 34 - Community compensation

Section 35 - Phase V of the Low–Level Radioactive Waste Management Act; facility development, operation, and closure

Section 36 - Comprehensive environmental monitoring program; establishment

Section 37 - Commencement of facility construction

Section 38 - Payment by operator equal to expected annual operating budget; proposed fees and waste acceptance criteria schedule

Section 39 - Determination of operator's compliance with comprehensive operating contract; notice to generators

Section 40 - Operation of facility; temporary or permanent closure; inspection report

Section 41 - Contingent liability account; institutional control account

Section 42 - Administration of the Low–Level Radioactive Waste Trust Fund

Section 43 - Facility closure plan

Section 44 - Active observation and maintenance of facility

Section 45 - Phase VI of the Low–Level Radioactive Waste Management Act; institutional control of facility

Section 46 - Transfer of facility license from operator

Section 47 - Institutional control of facility; annual report; public meetings

Section 48 - Statutes not applicable