Section 1 - Duties of director

Section 1A - Issuance of license or certificate to engage in business or profession; statement of obligation to report certain injuries of children

Section 1B - Acceptance of education, training or service completed by applicant as member of armed forces toward qualification requirements to receive license or certification; validity of license or certificate during active service of holder; expedited licensing of spouse of member of armed services; waiver of commonwealth's fees

Section 2 - Registration of physicians; alien applicants; examinations; renewal; required professional malpractice liability insurance; fees

Section 2A - Acceptance of certificate in lieu of examination; fee

Section 2B - Schools for training medical laboratory technologists; inspection; approval; approving authority

Section 2C - Schools for training medical X-ray technicians; approval; inspection; approving authority

Section 2D - Professional relationships preventing physician from providing administrative or judicial testimony

Section 3 - Examinations

Section 4 - Records; annual report

Section 5 - Investigation of complaints; remediation program; individual profiles; hearing; disciplinary action; immunity; confidentiality; notice; subpoenas; adjudicatory hearing decisions

Section 5A - License restrictions

Section 5B - Reports of disciplinary action by professional medical organizations

Section 5C - Reports by insurers of malpractice claims or actions; liability

Section 5D - Reports of violations by public officers or employees

Section 5E - Reports by physicians of settlements or arbitration awards; filing; penalty

Section 5F - Reports of violations by health care providers; discrimination; liability of employers; exemption

Section 5G - Communication with professional organizations or board; liability; counsel fees and costs

Section 5H - Physical or mental examination; court order; report

Section 5I - Surgical and other procedures; report of data regarding results

Section 5J - Annual report to special commission on medical malpractice

Section 5K - Prioritization of investigations; rules and regulations

Section 5L - Standards for physicians who read and interpret mammography

Section 5M - Regulations; physician investments

Section 5N - Professional development training module on suicide prevention through reduction of access to lethal means

Section 6 - Penalties

Section 7 - Application of Secs. 2 to 6 and Sec. 8

Section 8 - Recording of certificate of registration by city or town clerk; fee; records

Section 8A - Use of term ''physician'' in title, advertisement, etc.; penalties

Section 9 - Limited registration; fees; qualifications; revocation

Section 9A - Medical students; limited practice of medicine under supervision

Section 9B - Temporary registration of qualified physician

Section 9C - Definitions

Section 9D - Application of Secs. 9C to 9K

Section 9E - Physician assistants; medical services; supervision; legal responsibility

Section 9F - Duties; board of registration of physician assistants

Section 9G - Records of registered persons and programs; report

Section 9H - Investigative and disciplinary powers

Section 9I - Registration; applications; requirements

Section 9J - Unauthorized use of title of physician assistant; fraud

Section 9K - Approval of education and training programs

Section 10 - Application of medicine and its practice to osteopathy and its practice

Section 11 - Prohibition of certain acts by osteopaths

Section 12 - Disclosure of information relative to venereal disease by registered physician

Section 12A - Report of treatment of wounds, burns, overdose and other injuries; penalty

Section 12A1/2 - Reporting treatment of victim of rape or sexual assault; penalty

Section 12B - Emergency care of injured persons; exemption from civil liability

Section 12C - Immunity of physician or nurse

Section 12D - Prescriptions of interchangeable drug products; notification of substitute for narrow therapeutic index immunosuppressant drug for treatment of organ or tissue transplant

Section 12E - Drug dependent minors; consent to medical care; liability for payment; records

Section 12E1/2 - Drug or alcohol overdose of a minor; notification of minor's parent, guardian or other having custody and control; distribution of pamphlet with addiction treatment and overdose prevention information; access to social worker

Section 12F - Emergency treatment of minors

Section 12G - Disclosure of information by physicians and other medical providers

Section 12H - Prescriptions on hospital or clinic blanks; printing of physician's name required

Section 12I - Abortion or sterilization procedures; refusal of hospital or health facility staff members or employees to participate

Section 12J - Experimentation on human fetuses prohibited; medical procedures authorized; consent; approval; civil and criminal liability and proceedings; severability

Section 12K - Definitions applicable to Secs. 12L to 12U

Section 12L - Abortion; pregnancy existing for less than 24 weeks

Section 12M - Abortion; pregnancy existing for 24 weeks or more

Section 12N - Violation of Sec. 12L or 12N; punishment

Section 12O - Abortion performed pursuant to Sec. 12M; protection of unborn child

Section 12P - Abortion performed pursuant to Sec. 12M; preservation of life and health of child

Section 12Q - Restrictions on abortions performed under Sec. 12L or 12M; emergency excepted

Section 12R - Written statement of reasons for abortion as required by Sec. 12M; tests on pregnant patients prior to abortions; report to commissioner, contents; filing; statistical tables, annual report to general court; additional reports

Section 12S - Consent to abortion; form; persons less than eighteen years of age

Section 12T - Violations of Secs. 12O to 12R; punishment

Section 12U - Enjoining performance of abortion

Section 12V - Exemption of certain individuals rendering emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation from civil liability

Section 12V1/2 - Definitions

Section 12W - Sterilization; physician to have written consent before performing surgical or medical procedure

Section 12X - Restrictive covenants upon physicians rendered unenforceable

Section 12Y - Medicare assignment policy; posting

Section 12Z - Reports of dog bites

Section 12AA - Referral for physical therapy; ownership interest; disclosure

Section 12BB - Lead poisoning screening

Section 12CC - Health care providers; inspection of records

Section 12DD - Administration of long-term antibiotic therapy upon diagnosis of Lyme disease

Section 12EE - Substitution of interchangeable biological product by pharmacist

Section 12FF - Immunity of person administering naloxone or other opioid antagonist to person experiencing opiate-related overdose

Section 13 - Podiatry; definition; application of Secs. 13 to 23

Section 14 - Practice of podiatry; holding out as a registered podiatrist

Section 15 - Preparation and distribution of forms for applications for registration; examinations

Section 16 - Registration of podiatrists; application; fees; examinations and reexaminations; certificate; registration without examination; participation in medical assistance program; revocation; approval of schools

Section 16A - Limited registration of podiatrists

Section 16B - Students of podiatric medicine; limited practice

Section 16C - Temporary registration of podiatrists

Section 17 - Examinations

Section 17A - Records of board; rules and regulations; reports; investigation of complaints

Section 17B - Liability of persons filing complaint, reporting or providing information or assisting the board

Section 18 - Refusal to issue certificate; revocation

Section 19 - Unprofessional conduct; definition; regulation by board

Section 20 - Suspension of certificate

Section 21 - Recording of certificate of registration by city or town clerk; fee; records

Section 21A - Prescriptions on hospital or clinic blanks; printing of podiatrist's name required

Section 22 - Penalties

Section 23 - Repealed, 1937, 425, Sec. 13

Section 23A - Definitions

Section 23B - Examinations; applications for licensure; fees; renewal of license

Section 23C - Practice upon filing of license application

Section 23D - Licensing of persons registered or licensed in other states, territories, etc.; fees

Section 23E - Construction

Section 23F - Athletic trainers; qualifications

Section 23G - Occupational therapists; qualifications

Section 23H - Occupational therapy assistant; qualifications

Section 23I - Physical therapist; qualifications

Section 23J - Physical therapist assistants; qualifications

Section 23K - Revocation, suspension, etc. of licensee

Section 23L - Practice of medicine or other form of healing

Section 23M - Rules and regulations; record of proceedings; roster of licensees

Section 23M1/2 - Practice settings of licensees; regulations

Section 23N - Athletic trainers; necessity for licensure

Section 23O - Occupational therapists or assistants; necessity for licensure; use of letters, abbreviations, etc.

Section 23P - Physical therapists or assistants; necessity for licensure; use of letters, abbreviations, etc.

Section 23P1/2 - Physical therapist; disclosure of referring physician's ownership interest

Section 23Q - Citation

Section 23R - Definitions

Section 23S - Examination of candidates; application for license; renewal of license

Section 23T - Supervised practice pending examination results

Section 23U - Licensing without examination

Section 23V - Exclusion of other professions or occupations from application of licensing or registration requirements

Section 23W - Qualifications; examination

Section 23X - Revocation or suspension of licenses

Section 23Y - Unauthorized practice of medicine

Section 23Z - Rules and regulations; roster of licensees

Section 23AA - Unauthorized practice of respiratory care

Section 23BB - Voluntary emergency care or treatment; liability

Section 24 - Registration of pharmacists; examination; fees

Section 24A - Records; expiration of registrations; renewals; reinstatement; fees; continuing education requirements; audits

Section 24B - Standards for schools of pharmacy; certificates of approval; courses

Section 24B1/2 - Pharmacist collaborative practice agreements; collaborative drug therapy management

Section 24B3/4 - Implementation of collaborative drug therapy management; rules and regulations

Section 24C - Pharmacy technicians; registration

Section 24D - Complaints relating to pharmacy technicians; investigation; discipline

Section 24E - Person acting as pharmacy technician without being registered; misdemeanor; punishment

Section 24F - Change of address; written notification

Section 24G - Pharmacy interns

Section 24H - Rehabilitation program for registered pharmacists and pharmacy interns and technicians with substance use issue

Section 25 - Records; annual reports

Section 25A - Annual report; availability

Section 26 - Display of certificate

Section 27 - Complaint; notice; hearing

Section 28 - Decision of board of registration in pharmacy; effect

Section 29 - Suspension of certificate of registration

Section 30 - Unlawful dispensing of controlled substances; penalties; clerical and ministerial supportive services excepted

Section 31 - Repealed, 1983, 282, Sec. 2

Section 32 - Investigation of complaints; participation in national data reporting system

Section 33 - Access to documents

Section 34 - Certificate of conviction of pharmacist; notification of board

Section 35 - Repealed, 1974, 326, Sec. 2

Section 36 - Continuance of business of deceased or incapacitated registered pharmacists

Section 36A - Licensing of sale, distribution and delivery of drugs or medicines

Section 36B - Licenses; fees; renewals

Section 36C - Use of words ''wholesale druggist''; inspection and investigation of wholesale dealers; reports of violations; complaints

Section 36D - Penalties

Section 36E - Outsourcing facilities; registration

Section 37 - Drug business; definition

Section 38 - Transaction of retail drug business; registration; permit; display of permit

Section 39 - Registration; permits; fees; rendering of final decision; establishment of specialty pharmacy licensure categories

Section 39A - Restricted pharmacies; registration

Section 39B - Nuclear pharmacies

Section 39C - Long-term care pharmacy and home fusionist pharmacy

Section 39D - Definitions applicable to Secs. 39D to 42D; reporting of improper dispensing of prescription drugs; reporting of serious adverse drug events; recall and reporting of defective drug preparation

Section 39E - Repealed, 2008, 451, Sec. 71

Section 39F - Compounding and distribution of sterile or complex non-sterile drug preparation prohibited without license; adherence to current standards under cGMP

Section 39G - Retail sterile compounding pharmacies; licensure; designation of manager of record; inspection and quality assurance procedures; supplementary regulations

Section 39H - Retail complex non-sterile compounding pharmacies; licensure; designation of manager of record; inspection and quality assurance procedures; supplementary regulations

Section 39I - Institutional sterile compounding pharmacies; licensure; designation of manager or record; inspection and quality assurance procedures; supplementary regulations

Section 39J - Non-resident pharmacies; licensure; designation of pharmacist in charge; distribution of drug preparations produced or compounded by a pharmacy not granted a non-resident license prohibited

Section 40 - Suspension or revocation of registration and permit; notice; hearing

Section 41 - Repealed, 2014, 159, Sec. 19

Section 41A - Patent and proprietary medicines; non-controlled substances; exemption from regulation

Section 42 - Repealed, 2014, 159, Sec. 19

Section 42A - Rules and regulations; participation in national data reporting systems; suspension or revocation of license or permit; hearing; summary action upon belief of threat to public health, safety or welfare

Section 42B - Development and operation of publicly accessible and searchable website containing enforcement action records of licensed pharmacies and pharmacists, record of serious adverse drug events and other relevant information

Section 42C - Advisory committee to the board

Section 42D - Assessment of penalty against licensed pharmacy for violation of regulation or administrative rule or for failure to comply with order to correct violation

Section 43 - Powers and duties of board of registration of dentistry; records; annual reports

Section 43A - Definitions

Section 44 - Notification of board of office address; fees, default; lists; display of name

Section 45 - Registration of dentists; applications; examinations and re-examinations; fees; participation in medical assistance program; certificate; alien applicants

Section 45A - Limited registration; renewal; revocation

Section 45B - Temporary registration of dentists; prerequisites; fee; restrictions on practice; revocation

Section 45C - Registration of dentists; fee waived for certain volunteer practitioners; scope of practice restricted; contents of application

Section 46 - Reputable dental college; definition

Section 46A - Reexamination for competency

Section 47 - Examination

Section 48 - Reciprocity certificate; fee

Section 49 - Operation of dental office under name of owner; exception

Section 50 - Practicing dentistry; definition; identification of removable dental prosthesis

Section 50A - Prescriptions on hospital or clinic blanks; printing of dentist's name required

Section 51 - Dental hygienists

Section 511/2 - Registration of dental assistants

Section 51A - Continuing education; rules and regulations

Section 52 - Penalties for violations regarding licensing of dental professionals

Section 52A - Illegal advertising; dental referral service disclosure

Section 52B - Conviction for illegal advertising; revocation or suspension of registration

Section 52C - Illegal advertisement by persons engaged in dental business relating to dentures and bridges

Section 52D - Suspension, revocation or cancellation of certificate, registration, license or authority

Section 52E - Repeated irregularities in billing third party payers; disciplinary proceedings

Section 52F - Suspension of or refusal to renew registrant's license; hearing

Section 52G - Persons filing complaint or providing information to board; liability

Section 53 - Application of Secs. 43 to 52; treatment by registered physician or registered dentist from another state

Section 54 - Board; power to make by-laws and rules; quorum

Section 54A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 54 to 60

Section 55 - Registration of veterinarians; examinations; certificate; fees; renewal of licenses; revocation

Section 55A - Graduates of non-approved schools; waiver of requirements; rules and regulations

Section 56 - Examinations

Section 56A - Temporary permits; revocation

Section 56B - Prescriptions on hospital or clinic blanks; printing of veterinarian's name required

Section 56C - Out-of-state veterinarians; examination; registration; reciprocity

Section 56D - Schools of veterinary medicine; institutional license

Section 56E - Veterinary students; clinical training; licensing exemption

Section 57 - Register; annual reports; investigation of complaints

Section 58 - Practicing veterinary medicine; definition

Section 58A - Emergency care to animals; exemption from civil liability

Section 58A1/2 - Dispensing of compounded drugs to companion animals by veterinarians

Section 58B - Reports of suspected acts of cruelty to animals; veterinarians; immunity from liability; failure to report

Section 59 - Illegal practice of veterinary medicine; penalty; powers of board; causes for revocation of license

Section 59A - Disposal of abandoned animals; notice

Section 60 - Application of Secs. 54 to 59; emergency advice or service

Section 60A - Definitions

Section 60B - Application for registration as architect; fees; examinations

Section 60C - Submission of evidence of education and experience; examinations; exemption from written examination; rules and regulations

Section 60D - Renewals of certificates of registration; fee

Section 60E - Display of certificate of registration; issuance of duplicate certificates; fee

Section 60F - Seal of registered architect

Section 60G - Revocation, suspension or annulment of certificate; disciplining of registrant; grounds

Section 60H - Charges against architect; hearing; notice; revocation, suspension or annulment of certificate; notice to secretary of state; re-issue of certificate

Section 60I - Certificate of registration; prima facie evidence

Section 60J - Roster of registered architects

Section 60K - Practice of architecture; use of titles; display of signs and other advertising matter

Section 60L - Services in practice of architecture; plans and specifications; registered professional engineer; employees; landscape architects; partnership or corporation; non-resident architects

Section 60M - Determination of services as practice of architecture; finality; fraud

Section 60N - Certificate of registration as architect emeritus

Section 60O - Enforcement by board; attorney general; duties

Section 60P - Punishment for violations

Section 60Q - Immunity from liability for professionals providing services related to natural disaster or catastrophe

Section 61 - Suspension, revocation or cancellation of certificate, registration, license or authority by boards; disciplinary measures; sanctions; student loan defaulters; review

Section 62 - Hearings

Section 63 - Pendency of action before criminal court; delay; pendency of charge before board; continuance

Section 64 - Review by supreme judicial court of suspension, revocation or cancellation order; decree; standards of review by other courts

Section 65 - Practice during suspension, revocation or cancellation; civil administrative penalties; notice; expiration and renewal of license; court orders

Section 65A - Unlicensed practice of trade; penalties

Section 65B - Board authority to suspend or refuse to renew license; hearing; judicial review

Section 65C - Investigative conference meetings; access to meeting records

Section 65D - Assessed penalties; allocation of funds

Section 65E - Reporting requirement

Section 65F - Fee for reinstating lapsed or expired license issued by a board of registration under the supervision of the division of professional licensure

Section 66 - Practice of optometry; definition

Section 66A - Diagnostic pharmaceutical agents; utilization

Section 66B - Therapeutic pharmaceutical agents and therapeutic contact lenses; utilization; prescriptions

Section 67 - Board of registration; records; inspection; rules and regulations; reports

Section 68 - Registration of optometrists; examinations; fees; certificate; exemption from written examination; participation in medical assistance program

Section 68A - Examination for use of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents

Section 68B - Examination for use of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents

Section 69 - Annual license fees; revocation of certificate; renewal of registration, educational requirement

Section 70 - Recording of certificate of registration by city or town clerk; fees; display of certificate

Section 71 - Refusal to grant certificate; revocation or suspension; hearing; notice; renewal

Section 72 - Name of optometric practice

Section 72A - Unlawful practice of optometry; violation of rules and regulations; penalties

Section 73 - Application of Secs. 66 to 72A

Section 73A - Advertising restrictions; violations; penalties

Section 73B - Practice of optometry on premises selling eyeglasses, lenses or frames; unauthorized receipt of fees from practice of optometry

Section 73C - Dispensing optician; definition

Section 73D - Licensing of dispensing opticians

Section 73E - Applications for registration; examinations; licenses; fees; exemption from written examination

Section 73F - Records of board; annual reports; rules and regulations

Section 73G - License fees

Section 73H - Refusal to grant license; suspension; revocation; hearing; notice

Section 73I - Illegal practice

Section 73J - Application of Secs. 73C to 73L to registered physicians or optometrists

Section 73K - Certification as apprentice; application; fee; certificate; powers of apprentice

Section 73L - Revocation of order of suspension; granting of new licenses; hearing

Section 73M - Sellers of ready-to-wear magnifying spectacles or eyeglasses; applicability of law

Section 74 - Registration of nurses; examinations; fees; certificate; rules and regulations

Section 74A - Registration of practical nurses; examinations and re-examinations; certificate; fees; cancellation of certificate; rules and regulations

Section 74B - Repealed, 1967, 195, Sec. 1

Section 74C - Advisory council on continuing education; membership; appointment

Section 74D - Contracts or agreements; restrictive covenants

Section 75 - Examinations

Section 76 - Reciprocity registration; fee

Section 76A - Nurses registered in other jurisdictions; temporary registration

Section 76B - Canadian nurse licensure; reciprocity

Section 77 - Investigation of complaints; national data reporting systems

Section 78 - Records; inspection; annual report

Section 79 - Rules and regulations

Section 80 - Violations of provisions relating to professional nursing

Section 80A - Violations of provisions relating to practical nursing

Section 80B - Nursing practice; advanced practice; licensed practical nurses

Section 80C - Nurse-midwife; designation

Section 80D - Nurse-midwifery advisory committee

Section 80E - Nurse practitioners or psychiatric nurse mental health clinical specialists; power to order therapeutics and tests; issuance of written prescriptions

Section 80F - Rehabilitation program; establishment; functions; rehabilitation evaluation committees; program participants

Section 80G - Nurse-midwives; authority to order and interpret tests and prescribe medications; clinical relationship with obstetrician-gynecologist; standards of care

Section 80H - Nurse anesthetist; power to issue prescriptions and order tests and therapeutics

Section 80I - Required signature, certification, etc. by physician relating to physical or mental health; fulfillment by nurse practitioner

Section 81 - Application of Secs. 80 to 80A; government employees

Section 81A - Inspection and approval of schools for nurses

Section 81B - Approval of schools in other states

Section 81C - Rules and regulations relative to nursing schools

Section 81D - Definitions

Section 81E - Examination of applicants; rules and regulations of board; seal

Section 81F - Moneys received by secretary of board; bond

Section 81G - Clerical and other assistance

Section 81H - Record of board proceedings; register of applications for registration; prima facie evidence; annual report to governor

Section 81I - Roster of registered professional engineers and land surveyors

Section 81J - Roster of registered professional engineers and professional land surveyors

Section 81K - Form and content of application for registration; fees

Section 81L - Time and place of examination; scope; methods of procedure; re-examinations

Section 81M - Certificate of registration; prima facie evidence; seal of registrant

Section 81N - Expiration of certificates; notice; renewal; fee; reinstatement

Section 81O - Repealed, 1970, 707, Sec. 11

Section 81P - Reprimand and suspension of registration; revocation; charges; hearing

Section 81Q - Reissuance of certificate after revocation; duplicate certificates; fee

Section 81R - Construction

Section 81S - Appeal from action of board

Section 81T - Penalties; duties of attorney general

Section 82 - Definitions

Section 83 - Registration of embalmers, funeral directors and apprentice embalmers; applications; examinations and re-examinations; certificates; fees; renewals; apprenticeship; advertising; funeral directing

Section 84 - Issuance and renewal of certificates; fees; expiration of registration; refusal to issue or renew; suspension or revocation

Section 84A - Violations; investigation by board; hearing; notice; review of decision

Section 84B - Itemized list of funeral costs

Section 84C - Requirement that funeral directors make organ donation information available

Section 85 - Rules and regulations; enforcement; records; inspection; annual reports; investigations; lists

Section 85A - Reciprocal agreements with other states

Section 86 - Display of certificates

Section 87 - Unlawful embalming; engaging in business of funeral directing without registration; penalty

Section 87A - Definitions

Section 87A1/2 - Board of public accountancy; powers; rules; certificate of certified public accountant

Section 87A3/4 - Individuals or firms practicing public accountancy; liability for damages in civil actions involving claim or defense of fraud

Section 87B - Licenses; individuals

Section 87B1/2 - Licenses; firms

Section 87C - Repealed, 2010, 22, Sec. 15

Section 87C1/2 - Revocation or suspension of certificate or license; discipline; investigations; complaint; hearing; order; judicial review; modification of order

Section 87D - Nonlicensed persons or firms; restrictions; titles; use; misleading names or designations; certificates or licenses granted in foreign countries

Section 87D1/2 - Injunctions or restraining orders to prohibit unauthorized practices; criminal proceedings

Section 87E - Records incidental to rendering services; confidential information

Section 87E1/2 - Reviewer disclosure of materials relating to quality reviews; liability

Section 87F to 87P - Repealed, 2014, 236, Sec. 35

Section 87Q - Repealed, 1963, 510, Sec. 2

Section 87R,87S - Repealed, 2014, 236, Sec. 35

Section 87T - Definitions applicable to Secs. 87T to 87KK

Section 87U - Registration of students; practice upon paying customers

Section 87V - Aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing and manicuring; rules and regulations; examinations; specialty limited licenses

Section 87W - Licensing of demonstrators; licensing of hairdresser, barber, cosmetologist, aesthetician, operator or instructor as demonstrator; fees; place of demonstrations

Section 87X - Misrepresentation or false, fraudulent or misleading statements by licensee prohibited

Section 87Y - Repealed, 2014, 236, Sec. 36

Section 87Z - Reciprocity licensing; additional education requirement

Section 87AA - Aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing and manicuring; operation of licensed shops and mobile businesses; fee; change of location

Section 87BB - Licensing of schools; fee; examination and licensing of instructors; rules and regulations

Section 87CC - Licensing fees; renewal fees; renewal cycle and period

Section 87DD - Aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing and manicuring; entry into shops or schools; inspection; complaints; investigation

Section 87EE - Revocation or suspension of license

Section 87FF - Re-licensing; revocation of suspension

Section 87GG - Expiration of license; renewal fees; practical examination

Section 87HH - Appeal

Section 87II - Aesthetics, barbering, cosmetology, electrolysis, hairdressing and manicuring; penalty for illegal representation or practice

Section 87JJ - Post-secondary institutions; requirement to register or report progress of enrolled students; approval of institution or renewal of license; rules and regulations; inspection; reissuance of license; penalties for violations

Section 87KK - Application of Secs. 87T to 87JJ

Section 87LL - Definitions

Section 87MM - Registration of sanitarians; application; certificate; expiration; fee

Section 87NN - Qualifications of applicants; temporary certificates of registration; examinations

Section 87OO - Titles; Registered Sanitarian; letters R.S.; use

Section 87PP - Definitions

Section 87QQ - Applicability of sections; exemption

Section 87RR - License; completion of transactions; fee or commission; action for compensation

Section 87SS - Applicants for license; requisites; attorney at law; examinations; rules and regulations

Section 87TT - Application for licenses; forms; fees; evidence of applicant; bonds; action on bond; temporary license

Section 87UU - Corporations, societies, associations or partnerships; application for broker's license

Section 87VV - Licensed salesmen; restrictions; notices

Section 87WW - Non-residents; licensed broker or salesman; power of attorney; service of process

Section 87XX - Issuance of license; term; renewal licenses; records by board

Section 87XX1/2 - Continuing education; certification of course completion

Section 87YY - Place of business; display of license; notice; change of business location

Section 87YY1/2 - First signing of purchase agreement; distribution of home inspection brochure; prohibition of specific recommendations; exception

Section 87ZZ - Fee; purposes; advance payments

Section 87AAA - Complaints; investigation by board; revocation or suspension of license; grounds; penalties

Section 87AAA1/2 - Repealed, 2002, 498, Sec. 3

Section 87AAA3/4 - Real estate brokers and salesmen

Section 87BBB - Investigations and hearings by board; powers; decisions; appeals; costs

Section 87CCC - Violations; punishment

Section 87DDD - Repealed, 2011, 9, Sec. 9

Section 87DDD1/2 - Persons finding dwelling accommodations for fee

Section 87EEE to 87OOO - Repealed, 2014, 236, Sec. 37

Section 87PPP to 87VVV - Repealed, 2014, 236, Sec. 38

Section 87WWW - Definitions

Section 87XXX - Application; certification

Section 87YYY - Qualifications; temporary certification

Section 87ZZZ - Title: Certified Health Officer or C.H.O.

Section 87AAAA, 87BBBB - Repealed, 1983, 606, Secs. 5, 6

Section 87CCCC - Application; qualifications; examination; certificate; renewal; fees; temporary emergency certification

Section 87DDDD - Operation of drinking water supply facilities; necessity of certification; penalty; jurisdiction

Section 88 - Issuance of certified statements and duplicate certificates of registration

Section 89 - Definitions

Section 90 - Rules and regulations; records; reports

Section 91 - Application for certificate; filing; fees; qualifications of applicant

Section 92 - Licensees of other states; registration

Section 93 - Refusal to grant certificate; revocation

Section 94 - Examinations; registration; certificate; display

Section 94A - Chiropractic facilities; licensing; exception

Section 95 - Unauthorized practice or impersonation; penalty

Section 96 - Address; notification to board; license fee; license renewal certificate; change of address; suspension of authority; list of chiropractors

Section 97 - Rendition of services; advertisement

Section 98 - Definitions

Section 99 - Certificate of registration; necessity; display

Section 100 - Seal

Section 101 - Qualifications of applicants; practice by associations

Section 102 - Examinations; rules and regulations

Section 103 - Fees

Section 104 - Foreign architects; certification; reciprocity

Section 105 - Repealed, 1972, 283

Section 106 - Suspension or revocation of certificate; reissuance

Section 107 - Unlawful conduct; penalties

Section 108 - Definitions

Section 109 - Supervision of nursing homes; necessity of licensed administrator; evidence of eligibility for examination

Section 110 - Internship; evidence of training

Section 111 - Application; qualifications and examination; certificate of licensure; renewal; fees

Section 112 - Transferability and validity of license; review of denial of issuance or renewal; supervision or revocation of license

Section 113 - License without examination to licensees of other jurisdictions

Section 114 - Record of proceedings; register of applicants; status as evidence

Section 115 - Duties and responsibilities of board

Section 116 - Acting as administrator without license; penalties

Section 117 - Effect of Sec. 116 on employees and subordinates

Section 118 - Definitions

Section 119 - Application; contents and requirements

Section 120 - Examination of applicants; health service provider certification

Section 121 - Issuance of license without examination

Section 122 - Unauthorized practice or use of title; punishment

Section 123 - Penalties; exemptions

Section 124 - Temporary licenses

Section 125 - Exclusion of other professions or occupations from applications of licensing or registration requirements

Section 126 - Fees

Section 127 - Term of license; renewal

Section 128 - Investigations; revocation, suspension, or cancellation of license; notice, hearing, order, review

Section 129 - Reinstatement of license

Section 129A - Confidential communications

Section 129B - Contractual restrictions on right to practice

Section 130 - Definitions

Section 131 - Application; requirements; exemption from examination and experience

Section 132 - Examination of applicants; re-examination; issuance of license without examination

Section 133 - Unauthorized practice; punishment

Section 134 - Practice of social work by certain parties

Section 135 - Definitions

Section 135A - Confidential communications; exceptions

Section 135B - Confidential communications; testimonial privilege

Section 135C - Restriction of right to practice after termination of partnership, employment or professional relationship void

Section 136 - Licenses; effective date; expiration; renewal; continuing education requirements, waiver

Section 137 - Licenses; board's refusal to renew; revocation; suspension; notice; hearing; enforcement by injunction; reinstatement

Section 138 - Definitions

Section 139 - Examination and qualification of applicants; complaints; list of licensees

Section 140 - Application; fee

Section 141 - Nonresidents; licenses; fees

Section 142 - Certificate of licensure; issuance

Section 143 - License renewal; fee

Section 144 - Qualifications for license

Section 144A - Certification requirements

Section 145 - Activities and services of certain parties

Section 146 - Unauthorized practice

Section 147 - Fines and penalties; false oath or affirmation; fraudulent representation

Section 148 - Definitions

Section 149 - Committee on acupuncture

Section 150 - Adoption of rules; register of licensed acupuncturists; meetings; compensation

Section 151 - Application for license

Section 152 - Eligibility for registration and licensure

Section 153 - Reciprocal licensing

Section 154 - Examinations

Section 155 - Registration and licensure; certificate of registration

Section 156 - Renewal of licenses

Section 157 - Internship programs

Section 158 - Revocation, suspension, or cancellation of licenses; liability of complainants

Section 159 - Enforcement; penalties; injunctions

Section 160 - Unauthorized practice or impersonation; penalty

Section 161 - Repealed, 1998, 114, Sec. 2

Section 162 - Federally employed acupuncturists; treatment by physical therapists

Section 163 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 163 to 172

Section 164 - Advertisement or engagement in practice of licensed profession; license requirement; exemptions

Section 164A - Applied behavior analysis; practice by qualified members of other professions or occupations

Section 165 - Marriage and family therapists, rehabilitation counselors, mental health counselors, educational psychologists, applied behavior analysts; licenses; qualifications

Section 166 - Examinations; issuance of licenses without examinations

Section 167 - Temporary permits

Section 168 - License fees; renewals

Section 169 - Denial, revocation or suspension of licenses

Section 170 - Board hearings; subpoena powers

Section 171 - Penalties

Section 172 - Confidential communications; waiver

Section 172A - Privilege against disclosures in court, legislative or administrative proceedings; exercise or waiver of privilege by guardian; scope of privilege

Section 173 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 173 to 195

Section 174 - Real estate appraiser titles; certification or licensing; opinions

Section 175 - Powers and duties of board of real estate appraisers

Section 176 - Charging and collection of fees by board of real estate appraisers

Section 177 - Application for original or renewal certification and licensing and examination; forms

Section 178 - Classification of real estate appraisers; applications

Section 179 - Examinations for original certification; requirements

Section 180 - Prerequisites for examination; transitional licenses; trainees; discrimination

Section 181 - Two year term for certificate or license; date of license expiration; trainees

Section 182 - Nonresident applicants for certification or licensing

Section 183 - Applicants certified or licensed out of state

Section 184 - Renewal certificate or license; continuing education requirements; late renewal fee

Section 185 - Business addresses; written notification of change; residence addresses

Section 186 - Certificate or license number

Section 187 - Appraiser titles; corporations, partnerships, firms or groups

Section 188 - Continuing education; regulations; certificate or license revocation

Section 189 - Acts or omissions warranting suspension or revocation of rights of applicants or certified or licensed appraisers

Section 190 - Hearings; powers of board; disciplinary decisions; review of questions of law

Section 191 - Appraisers employed as disinterested third parties or employed to provide specialized services

Section 192 - Contingent appraisal assignments; contingent specialized services fees

Section 193 - Retention of appraisal contracts for five years; reports and supporting data; litigation; records inspection

Section 194 - Acting as state certified appraiser without obtaining certificate; violations of provisions of this chapter; penalties

Section 195 - Actions for fees brought by uncertified and unlicensed appraisers

Section 196 - Definitions

Section 197 - Hearing instrument specialists; licensure

Section 197A - Hearing instrument specialists licensed out of state

Section 198 - Apprentice hearing instrument specialists

Section 199 - Rules of professional competence and conduct; revocation or suspension of licenses

Section 200 - Violations of Secs. 197 to 200; punishment

Section 201 - Definitions

Section 202 - Board of registration of dietitians/nutritionists; powers and duties

Section 203 - Application for original license, renewal or examination; educational and professional experience requirements

Section 204 - License examination; time limitation for license application

Section 205 - Discipline powers of the board; enforcement of order

Section 206 - Authorized activities for nonlicensed dietitians/nutritionists

Section 207 - License renewal biennially; continuing education; proof of compliance

Section 208 - Authority for recognition of licensees from other states

Section 209 - Unlicensed practice as dietitian/nutritionist; criminal liability; punishment; restriction of civil actions

Section 210 - Notice to board of principal place of business address; other addresses at which engaged in business; residential address; change of address; application for amended license

Section 211 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 211 to 219

Section 212 - Board of registration of perfusionists; powers and duties

Section 213 - License application; renewal; examination

Section 214 - Examination application; reexamination; provisional license

Section 215 - Revocation, suspension, or cancellation of license; refusal to renew; discipline of licensee

Section 215A - Complaints for review of orders of board

Section 216 - Authorized activities for nonlicensed perfusionists

Section 217 - License without examination; perfusionist applicants licensed in another jurisdiction

Section 218 - Limitations on licensed perfusionists

Section 219 - Record of board proceedings; roster of licensees and provisional licensees

Section 220 - Addresses of licensees

Section 221 - Definitions for Secs. 222 to 226

Section 222 - Licensure as home inspector; qualifications; license period; renewal; exceptions for other professionals

Section 223 - Establishment of home inspection licensure requirements; applicant qualifications

Section 224 - Home inspection license applicants licensed in another state

Section 225 - Complaints against licensed home inspectors; proof of errors and omissions insurance policy; time limitation; liability

Section 226 - Violations of Secs. 222 to 225; fines and penalties; appeal

Section 227 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 228 to 235

Section 228 - Licensing of massage therapists

Section 229 - Application for massage therapist license; renewal

Section 230 - Reciprocal licenses for massage therapists from other jurisdictions

Section 231 - Requirements for licensing of massage therapists

Section 232 - Complaints; unethical or unprofessional conduct; suspension; sanctions

Section 233 - Licensing of massage therapy schools

Section 234 - Regulations by board; display of license in place of business

Section 235 - Advertising by massage therapists

Section 236 - [There is no 112:236.]

Section 237 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 237 to 251

Section 238 - License requirement for masters, journeypersons and apprentices; display of license or certificate; display of designation and number in advertisements

Section 239 - Application certification of sheet metal corporation, partnership, LLC, LLP or other such entity

Section 240 - Rules for performance of duties; qualifications of applicants for examination

Section 241 - License application for apprenticeship; vocational school on-the-job training

Section 242 - Examination exemption for certain out-of-state or foreign country masters or journeypersons

Section 243 - Fees for licenses

Section 244 - Continuing education rules and regulations

Section 245 - Investigation of complaints; supervision by division of professional licensure; cease and desist; penalties

Section 246 - Penalty for unlicensed practice

Section 247 - Rules and regulations for cities and towns; enforcement; appeals

Section 248 - Notice for non-resolution of violation

Section 249 - Permit from local inspector of buildings

Section 250 - License renewal cycle and period

Section 251 - Rules governing property owned by commonwealth

Section 252 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 252 to 258

Section 253 - Genetic counselors; license applications; fee; proof of age, moral character, and educational and professional requirements

Section 254 - Education and experience requirements for genetic counselor applicants

Section 255 - Practice as provisional licensed genetic counselor; expiration; extension; supervision by professional licensed genetic counselor

Section 256 - Examinations for certification as genetic counselors and as Ph.D. medical geneticists

Section 257 - Practice of genetic counseling by unlicensed persons; exceptions

Section 258 - Grounds for denial, refusal to renew, revocation, suspension or cancellation of genetic counselor license

Section 259 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 259 to 262

Section 260 - Application for certification as community health worker; fee; additional requirements; carrying of board-issued documentation of certification

Section 261 - Unauthorized use of certified community health worker title; act or service for which license by professional licensing board is required

Section 262 - Liability for complaint alleging violation of law or board regulation

Section 263 - Private occupational schools; oversight by division of professional licensure

Section 264 - Training and education relating to domestic and sexual violence as requirement for licensure; duties of certain boards

Section 265 - Administration of immunization by certified medical assistant