• Section 87CC Rules and regulations; certificate of physician; fees; expiration of certificates

Section 87CC. The board shall make such uniform and reasonable rules and regulations as are necessary for the proper conduct of its business, the establishment of proper standards of professional skill in relation to, and the proper supervision of, hairdressers, aestheticians, demonstrators, manicurists, operators, beauty shops, manicure shops, schools, students and instructors, and especially may prescribe such sanitary rules, subject to the approval of the department of public health, as it may deem necessary to prevent the spreading of infectious or contagious diseases, or both, but nothing herein shall authorize the board to limit the number of hairdressers, aestheticians, demonstrators, manicurists, beauty shops, manicure shops, schools, operators, students or instructors in the commonwealth or in any given locality, or to regulate or fix compensation or prices, or to refuse to register a shop solely for the reason that such shop is to be conducted by a person in his own home on a full or part time basis. Except as may be necessary for the protection of the public health, safety or morals, the board shall not make any rule or regulation restraining the normal and incidental business of aestheticians’ shops and hairdressers’ shops by restricting the retail sale therein of so-called beauty preparations, lotions, salves, toilet articles, jewelry, gift novelties, female personal attire and accessories or other articles.

Certificate of registration and any renewal fees thereof shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven for the following applications:— School; aesthetic shop; beauty shop; booth renter; manicure shop; aesthetician; hairdressers’ hairdressers (nonresidents); hairdressers (reexamination); operators; operators (reexamination); operators (nonresidents); manicurist; manicurist (reexamination); manicurist (nonresidents); instructors; instructors (reexamination); demonstrators; duplicate certificate of registration; new certificate of registration to registered shop owners upon change of location; temporary license for operator (nonresident); temporary license for hairdresser (nonresident); temporary license for aesthetician (nonresident); temporary license for instructor; temporary license for manicurist; temporary license for nonresident manicurist; hairdresser forfeiture; temporary license for hairdresser forfeiture; operator forfeiture; temporary license for operator forfeiture.

A certificate of registration, or renewal thereof, issued to a hairdresser, aesthetician, operator, manicurist, instructor or demonstrator shall expire on the anniversary of such person’s date of birth occurring more than twelve months, but not more than twenty-four months, after the date of issuance of such certificate of renewal.

A certificate of registration or renewal thereof, issued to a school, beauty shop, aesthetic shop or manicure shop, shall expire annually on such date as the board may by regulation determine.

A booth in a beauty shop or manicure shop, which is operated independently thereof, shall be subject to the same regulations and registration fees as an independent shop. Any shop which leases booths to hairdressers shall pay a fee as determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven for the registration of such shop.