• Section 87GGG Application for registration; qualifications; examinations; fees; renewal of license

Section 87GGG. Any person desiring to engage in the practice of electrolysis shall make application upon a form furnished by the board, which application shall be signed and sworn to by the applicant. Each application shall be accompanied by a fee as determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven. Each applicant who shall furnish the board with satisfactory proof that he is eighteen years of age or over, of good moral character and a citizen of the United States or has filed a declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States and that he possesses (1) the education qualifications required for graduation from an accredited high school, (2) a certificate or diploma of graduation from an electrolysis school licensed under section eighty-seven LLL, or a certificate or diploma from an electrolysis school in any other state or foreign country, which state or foreign country has standards equivalent to those required for licensing schools under section eighty-seven LLL, and (3) a basic knowledge of histology, bacteriology and sterilization, electricity, hair structure, dermatology, physiology, hygiene and equipment necessary for the practice of electrolysis, shall be examined by the board, by a written and practical examination only, the results of said examination to be made known to each applicant within six weeks after the date of the examination, and, if he passes such examination, shall be licensed as a qualified electrologist and granted a certificate signed by the chairman and secretary of the board in testimony thereof. Such license shall be valid until August first of the next odd year and may be renewed for a two year period upon application therefor on blank forms to be furnished by the board. The fee for each such renewal shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven.

Any person who has been licensed as a qualified electrologist or a qualified instructor, or any person to whom a license to conduct a school of electrolysis has been issued, who fails to renew such license upon its expiry date, may renew the same upon application therefor and payment of the regular renewal fee at any time within two years after said expiry date. If such person fails to renew his license prior to the expiration of such two year period, he shall be required to file an application for reinstatement together with a reinstatement fee. Such fee shall be determined annually under the provision of section three B of chapter seven.

The board shall grant the application and issue a renewal license within ninety days after receipt of the application, unless it determines after hearing that the applicant committed an act during the time after his license expired that would justify the revocation of his license under the provisions of section sixty-one or section eighty-seven III.

The board shall conduct examinations of applicants desiring to engage in the practice of electrolysis semiannually in the months of March and September.

The board shall adopt rules and regulations for a system of continuing education compliance which shall be a requirement and condition precedent to the renewal of a license issued by the board.