General Laws

Section 87HHH. Every person to whom a license has been issued under section eighty-seven GGG shall cause the same to be recorded in the office of the clerk of the town where he principally practices electrolysis, and if he moves his principal office he shall, before engaging in practice at a new address, notify the board in writing of the place where he is to engage in practice. If such removal is to another town, he shall obtain from the clerk of the town where his license is recorded a certified copy thereof and file it with the clerk of such other town. The fee for recording such license or certified copy thereof shall be one dollar.

Every licensed electrologist shall display his license in a conspicuous place in the principal office wherein he practices electrolysis, and shall, whenever required, exhibit it to the board or its authorized representative.

The practice of electrolysis shall be engaged in only in a fixed place or establishment, which place or establishment shall be provided with such instruments, implements and equipment, and subject to such sanitary regulations and inspection, as said board may prescribe.

Nothing in the preceding paragraph, or in any statute, ordinance, provision of law, rule or regulation shall be construed to prohibit the practice of electrolysis and the maintenance of an electrolysis office, in the licensee’s home or residence; provided, the licensee complies with the conditions outlined above.