General Laws

Section 87K. The board shall make such reasonable rules and regulations as are necessary for the proper conduct of its business, and especially to provide for the sanitary regulation, subject to the approval of the state department of public health, of barber shops, barber schools and barber colleges, and the training of apprentices and of students therein. Each member of the board may enter any barber shop during business hours for the purpose of inspecting such shop. Whenever a complaint is made to the board that any barber shop is kept in an unsanitary condition, a member of the board shall visit and inspect such shop and enforce the provisions of sections eighty-seven F to eighty-seven R, inclusive. If, upon such inspection, any such shop shall be found to be in an unsanitary condition, the board shall immediately notify the district health officer and such shop shall be quarantined and no barber employed therein shall, unless so authorized by the board, practice his occupation until such quarantine shall have been removed by said health officer.