• Section 87P Barber schools or colleges; permit to operate; bond; course of study; instructors; examination; certificate

Section 87P. Any school or college where tuition or fees are charged for teaching the occupation of barbering shall be considered a barber school or barber college under sections eighty-seven F to eighty-seven R, inclusive, and all said schools or colleges shall keep prominently displayed at the entrance a sign “Barber School” or “Barber College”, as the case may be. Any person desiring to operate or conduct a barber school or barber college within this commonwealth shall first secure from the board a permit to do so. Such permit shall terminate on the thirty-first day of December next succeeding its date unless renewed for the subsequent year. The fee for such permit and the fee for each renewal thereof shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven. After receipt of an application for a permit to operate a barber school or barber college, the board shall make investigation as to the reliability of the applicant or applicants, the qualifications of the instructors of the school or college and the equipment, appliances and sanitary conditions thereof and if these conditions are found to be satisfactory, a permit to operate or conduct a barber school or barber college shall be granted. Every permittee shall keep such permit prominently displayed in such school or college, and shall before commencing business give to the state treasurer a bond, in such amount and with such sureties as shall be determined and approved by the governor and council, conditioned upon the faithful compliance by himself in the conduct of said school or college with all the provisions of said sections and of all rules and regulations made under authority thereof, and to pay all judgments that may be obtained against said school or college or the owners or managers thereof on account of fraud, misrepresentation or deceit practiced by themselves, their agents, servants or employees. The board may from time to time examine into the qualifications of instructors, appointments, course of study and hours of study in any such school or college, and may suspend or revoke the certificate of registration of the person operating or conducting such school or college or of any registered barber acting as instructor or teacher therein, or the permit of any such school or college, for the violation of any of said sections or of any rule or regulation made under authority thereof. The course of study in any such school or college shall be on a semester basis. Students shall be admitted for instruction only at the beginning of a semester.

No person shall act as an instructor until he shall have passed an examination conducted by the board and obtained a certificate of registration from said board. Each applicant for registration as an instructor who shall furnish the board with satisfactory proof that he possesses the educational qualities required for graduation from a high school and that he has been a practising registered barber for the five years immediately preceding the date of the application, shall upon the payment of an examination fee to be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven, be entitled to be examined as set forth under the provisions in section eighty-seven G; and if found by the board to be qualified, shall be registered by it as an instructor, and receive a certificate thereof signed by the chairman and secretary of the board. Each such certificate shall expire on December thirty-first next succeeding its date. The board may renew any such registration, and issue a certificate thereof, upon the payment of an annual renewal fee to be determined annually under the aforementioned chapter seven provision.