General Laws

Section 87QQQ. The provisions of sections eighty-seven PPP to eighty-seven VVV, inclusive, shall not apply to the following:— Any person repairing or maintaining his own radio or television receiver; the commonwealth of Massachusetts or any agency, department or political subdivision thereof; the United States government or any agency or department thereof; public utility corporations and their corporate affiliates; any public or private school offering as part of a vocational education program, courses and training in the installation, maintenance, repair, replacement, testing, inspection and modification of receiving equipment and the instructors thereof; provided, however, that the exclusion contained herein shall be applicable only to the service of receiving equipment rendered in and as a part of a regularly constituted vocational program and only when such service is performed within the confines of said school; any manufacturer of receiving equipment or the component parts thereof, when the service, testing or inspection thereof is performed as a necessary function of the manufacturer; or any person maintaining or repairing radio receiving equipment used as a part of or in connection with radio transmitting equipment, the operation of which is governed by the licensing regulations of the federal communications commission.