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  • Section 87V Registration of student as operator; examination; practice under supervision; holders of certificate or diploma from skin care school

Section 87V. Any registered student who has completed a course of at least six months, including at least one thousand hours of professional training in the case of a hairdresser and at least three hundred hours in a course in the case of an aesthetician in a school approved by the board, if such registrant after application accompanied by an examination fee as provided in section eighty-seven CC for a first examination, together with two photographs of the applicant, or a fee as provided in said section eighty-seven CC for a second or subsequent examination, passes an oral, written and practical examination satisfactory to the board, may be registered by the board as an operator, and as such may practice hairdressing or aesthetics, as the case may be, for compensation under the supervision of a registered hairdresser or aesthetician during the period of such original registration, and thereafter, upon payment every two years of a renewal fee as provided in said section eighty-seven CC. Any person making application for examination hereunder may be allowed to practice as an operator until the next examination by the board, and the board may grant, without charge, a permit authorizing him to practice as such operator until such next examination; provided, that such application has been filed within six months after the completion of the course. If the applicant fails to appear for the first examination, the board shall cancel his or her permit unless reasonable cause for his failure to appear is shown to the board; if he or she fails to appear for the second examination, the board shall cancel the permit until he or she successfully passes a subsequent examination by the board.

Any person who holds a diploma or certificate from a skin care school that is recognized as such by the state or nation in which such school is located shall be eligible to be registered by the board as an aesthetician after examination by the board pursuant to this section.