Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - Organization of cemetery corporations

Section 1B - Liability of directors, officers or trustees

Section 2 - Powers and duties of cemetery corporations

Section 2A - Cemetery and crematory corporations; disclosure; penalty

Section 3 - Records of conveyances of burial lots

Section 3A - Cemetery ownership of unclaimed graves; reuse of occupied graves

Section 4 - Certified copies of recorded deeds and instruments; evidence

Section 5 - Trust funds

Section 5A - Burials; designated funeral director

Section 5B - Notification of certain options for burial services; penalty

Section 5C - Fiduciary duty owed to contributors to trust fund by corporation

Section 6 - Cremation

Section 7 - Formation and organization of crematory corporations

Section 8 - Crematory corporations; acquisition and holding of land in fee

Section 9 - By-laws and regulations of cemeteries and crematory corporations; conduct of business; violations

Section 10 - Town burial places

Section 10A - Municipality ownership of unclaimed graves; reuse of occupied graves

Section 11 - Taking of land for burial purposes; application to county commissioners

Section 12 - Taking of land for burial places; hearing notice

Section 13 - Adjudication by commissioners; taking

Section 14 - Compensation of commissioners acting under petition to take land for burial place

Section 15 - Appropriation for enclosing and improving cemetery; sale or conveyance of burial rights; disposition of proceeds

Section 16 - Appropriation for and care of cemeteries

Section 17 - Preservation of ancient burial places

Section 18 - Care of neglected burial places within limits of town

Section 19 - Deposits for care and improvement of burial places or lots; records; investment of deposits

Section 20 - Depositing funds with state treasurer; copy of instrument; notice to town or city clerk

Section 21 - Investment of funds; interest

Section 22 - Town board of cemetery commissioners; election of members

Section 23 - Powers and duties

Section 24 - Conveyance of burial lots; record; fee

Section 25 - Gifts or bequests for cemeteries; investment of funds; disposition of proceeds of sales of lots or burial rights

Section 26 - Limit of debts or liabilities; annual report

Section 27 - Appointment of board of cemetery commissioners; powers and duties

Section 28 - Conveyance of lots or interest in lots in trust for preservation as memorial; rights of heirs of owner; control over lot or interest in lot

Section 29 - Indivisible character of lots; vesting; limitations and conditions; right of interment; designation of representation of lot; record

Section 30 - Hearing as to representation of lot or tomb

Section 31 - Descent of family lot to heirs

Section 32 - Right of person to interment; release

Section 33 - Right of husband to interment

Section 34 - Use of land for burial; new cemeteries or extensions; approval of board of health; description of land

Section 35 - Lands to be used for burial; approval

Section 36 - Appeal from order of board of health; hearing

Section 37 - Regulations by local boards of health; notice

Section 38 - Closing of tombs, burial ground or cemetery; hearing; notice

Section 39 - Appeal from order of board

Section 40 - Jury trial; rescission of order; costs and double costs

Section 41 - Laying out or constructing public ways in, upon or through burial places; authority

Section 42 - Passage through cemeteries

Section 42A - Visitation hours

Section 42B - Commercial use of cemeteries; consent; penalties

Section 43 - Buildings upon burial places

Section 43A - Ownership, maintenance and operation of cemeteries; private profit

Section 43B - Sale of cemetery lots and plots for speculative purposes

Section 43C - Disposition of proceeds of sales; liquidation of indebtedness

Section 43D - Location of community mausoleums; exceptions

Section 43E - New community mausoleums; plans and specifications; approval; construction

Section 43F - Community mausoleums; construction; supervision

Section 43G - Use of community mausoleum prior to completion; care and improvement fund

Section 43H - Sale of community mausoleum prior to completion

Section 43I - Removal of bodies constituting menace to public health

Section 43J - Permanent care and improvement fund for community mausoleums

Section 43K - Custodian of fund; administration and investment

Section 43L - Abating or enjoining nuisance

Section 43M - Permanent disposition of dead bodies or remains

Section 43N - Penalties

Section 43O - Sale of monuments for cemetery lots by cemetery corporations

Section 44 - Cremation of bodies

Section 44A - Receptacles for cremated remains; caskets

Section 45 - Burial permits; permits for removal of bodies; certificates of death; deceased veterans

Section 45A - Funeral director's name used in connection with death certificate or burial permit

Section 46 - Permit for burial of bodies brought into commonwealth; certificate; recording

Section 46A - Veterans; burial; affidavit; veteran graves officer

Section 47 - Certificates for burial, removal or cremation; indorsement of coupon accompanying permit; record

Section 48 - Cremation; certificates for burial

Section 49 - Licensing of funeral directors; revocation or suspension; hearing; fees; permits

Section 50 - Penalty

Section 51 - Embalming fluid