Section 1 - Child support enforcement program; public policy; remedies; commission established; department of revenue as IV–D agency

Section 1A - Definitions

Section 2 - Services provided; enforcement of subrogation rights; collection of support payments; publicizing services available

Section 2A - Intimidation of officers or employees; obstruction; penalties

Section 3 - Actions to enforce subrogation rights; notice

Section 3A - Establishment of paternity; genetic marker tests

Section 3B - Child support orders; receipt of IV–D agency services; modification of child support; notice; jurisdiction

Section 4 - Statewide automated information retrieval system; state case registry; paternity and child support information; comparison and monitoring of other state and federal systems

Section 5 - Collection and disbursement of child support payments; use of undisbursed payments; termination of public assistance; rights of obligee

Section 5A - Personal data; purposes for which disclosure permitted; safeguards; exceptions; unauthorized inspection or disclosure; penalties

Section 5B - Disclosure of personal data prohibited; petition for disclosure; determination of harm; limited disclosure

Section 6 - Arrearages; collection procedures

Section 6A - Pension and retirement plans of obligor; attachment of payments, distributions or benefits; use of accumulated total deductions to pay arrearages

Section 7 - Entry of support order in other jurisdiction

Section 8 - Support order of other jurisdiction; filing; documentation

Section 9 - Child support trust fund

Section 10 - Child support trust fund; separate accounts

Section 10A - Corrections for overpayment, underpayment, or administrative error

Section 11 - Child support trust fund; requisitions

Section 12 - Support orders; enforcement; arrearages; assignment of wages; notice and hearing; order

Section 13 - Support payments or installments; judgment by operation of law; retroactive modification; application

Section 14 - Support payments or installments; judgment by operation of law; retroactive modification; application

Section 15 - IV–D agency powers; failure to comply with subpoena or summons issued under section; penalties; production of witnesses, books, papers and records

Section 16 - Revocation, suspension, nonissuance or nonrenewal of licenses for failure to provide support

Section 17 - Procedures for collection and disbursement of child support; informational materials; review; appeals