Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Declaration of public necessity; acquisition and regulation of private property

Section 3 - Establishment of corporations to carry out projects; number of projects for each corporation; co-operative corporations

Section 4 - Rules and regulations of housing boards; standards for project plans; variations

Section 5 - Application for approval of project; contents

Section 6 - Project approval; procedure

Section 6A - Contracts; contents; filing; inspection; approval; collection of amounts payable

Section 6B - Notice of hearing

Section 6C - Appeals; procedure

Section 7 - Borrowing money to finance project; capital stock subscriptions and sale; stocks, bonds or other securities of corporation as legal investments

Section 7A - Purchase or lease of real estate by urban redevelopment corporation from housing authority; approval

Section 8 - Inspection of buildings; proceedings upon violation of rules and regulations with respect to construction and financing; injunction

Section 9 - Limitation in repayment of investment in stock; limitations of dividends

Section 10 - Exemption from taxation and assessments; valuation; appeals; annual payment; additional tax and project approval procedure

Section 11 - Acquisition and sale of land or interests in land; approval

Section 12 - Receipt of loans and grants from the federal government and other sources; borrowing money; issuance of notes and indebtedness

Section 13 - Application to change type and character of buildings on project; approval

Section 14 - Contracts with cities or towns relative to public and private ways, sidewalks, parks and other public improvements; contracts for sale, lease or exchange of real estate

Section 15 - Application of receipts in excess of authorized expenditures

Section 16 - Rights, privileges, obligations and duties of corporation after period of organization

Section 16A - Successor in interest to corporation; options; filing of certificate

Section 17 - Repealed, 1953, 647, Sec. 6

Section 18 - Authority of insurance companies to undertake projects; exceptions

Section 18A - Authority of savings banks and co-operative banks to undertake projects; limitations; loans; association of banks

Section 18B - Authority of corporation to take over existing project; application; changes in project; certificate of board

Section 18C - Authority of persons to undertake or acquire and carry on urban redevelopment projects

Section 18D - Condominium projects; regulations

Section 19 - Partial invalidity