Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Severability

Section 3 - Housing authorities; creation; dissolution

Section 3A - Regional housing authorities; creation; dissolution

Section 4 - Redevelopment authorities; creation; dissolution

Section 5 - Membership; appointment; election; term of office

Section 5A - Election procedures for tenants to elect tenant as housing authority member; appointment by board of selectmen

Section 5B - Comprehensive training program for members of a housing or redevelopment authority; technical assistance training for tenant members

Section 6 - Charges against members; hearing; removal; resignation; suspension

Section 7 - Officers and executive director of authorities; compensation of members

Section 7A - Guidelines for contracts to be executed by housing authority and executive director

Section 8 - Operating agencies; housing authorities

Section 9 - Urban renewal agencies

Section 10 - Designation of authorities

Section 11 - Powers of operating agencies

Section 12 - Wages; labor requirements; social security

Section 13 - Contract and tort liability; member's personal liability; relocation of utility facilities

Section 14 - Federal loans; conveyance upon default

Section 15 - Bonds, notes, certificates; negotiable instruments

Section 16 - Exemption from taxation for real estate and tangible personal property of operating agency; revaluation or reassessment of real property; payments in lieu of taxes

Section 17 - Liability of commonwealth or political subdivisions for debts of housing authority

Section 18 - Preparation of master plans, etc. by city or town; appropriation and payment

Section 19 - Initial costs and annual operating expenses of operating agencies; appropriations and payment by city

Section 20 - Development, acquisition and operating costs; relocation payments; losses; appropriation and payment by city

Section 21 - Indebtedness limitation

Section 22 - Emergency finance board; permission to incur indebtedness

Section 23 - Municipal powers

Section 24 - Agreement to bear acquisition loss

Section 25 - Statement of emergency

Section 26 - Powers of a housing authority

Section 26A - Powers of department in city without housing authority; financing of projects; bonds and notes; issuance and sale; approval of city or town

Section 26B - Performance-based monitoring program; assessment standards

Section 26C - Best practices program for allowing authorities to work collaboratively; provisions of program; capital assistance team; director; members

Section 26D - Names and contact information of all members and senior staff to be posted on wall of community center and on website

Section 27 - Rural housing authority; additional powers

Section 28 - Application of laws, ordinances, and regulations of cities or towns relating to buildings, planning, zoning and public health

Section 28A - Annual plan; availability to public for review and comment

Section 29 - Accounts and reports of housing authorities; review of financial records; availability to public; audit; investigations by department; rules and regulations of department

Section 30 - Contract with federal government; acquiring federally owned project

Section 31 - Submission of plans for low-rent housing project to department; application; hearing; disposition

Section 32 - Maintenance and operation of project; rentals; tenant selection; eligibility for continued occupancy; hearings; waiver

Section 32A - Parking areas; rules and regulations; towing

Section 32B - Definitions

Section 32C - Unlawful conduct by tenant, members or non-members of tenant household; civil action by landlord for injunctive or other equitable relief

Section 32D - Actions by tenants or tenants' organizations

Section 32E - Jurisdiction over civil actions; appellate review

Section 32F - Restraining orders and injunctions; form; service; enforcement; violations; effect; modification and vacation

Section 32G - Temporary absences from commonwealth; presumption of abandonment of residency and eligibility for assistance

Section 33 - Equivalent elimination of substandard dwelling units

Section 34 - State and federal financial assistance; general provisions

Section 34A - Contracts for state financial assistance on leased MHFA projects to provide replacement or relocation housing; annual contributions; limitations

Section 34B - Commonwealth guaranteed temporary notes; authorization and execution; sale and refunding limitations; terms

Section 35 - Contracts for supplementary state financial assistance

Section 36 - Receipt of loans and grants from federal sources or from other sources

Section 37 - Commonwealth grants; guarantee of temporary notes; sale, maintenance, and operation of relocation projects; limitations on eminent domain

Section 38 - Declaration of policy

Section 38A - Bureau of housing for the handicapped; director; functions

Section 38B - Service coordinator program

Section 38C - Program to conduct annual surveys of public housing residents

Section 38D - Regional public housing innovation program; goals; application for participation in program; funds; powers and projects

Section 39 - Power to provide housing for elderly and handicapped persons of low income; priorities in placement

Section 40 - Provisions applicable to housing for elderly and handicapped persons of low income

Section 41 - State financial assistance; housing for elderly persons of low income

Section 41A - State financial assistance; housing for handicapped persons of low income

Section 42 - Declaration of necessity

Section 43 - Contracts to rent, lease or provide financial assistance to housing units by housing authorities

Section 43A - Relocation of residents; leased housing units

Section 44 - Rentals and tenant selection

Section 44A - Leasing of housing units in MHFA projects for replacement or relocation housing authorized

Section 45 - Declaration of necessity

Section 46 - Powers of urban renewal agency

Section 47 - Acquisition by eminent domain; notice; petition

Section 48 - Public hearing; notice; urban renewal plans; approval; acquisition of property

Section 49 - Sale or lease of property acquired for urban renewal project

Section 50 - Delegation of power to municipality to plan and undertake project

Section 51 - Redevelopment authority taking over project initiated by housing authority

Section 52 - Accounts and reports of urban renewal agencies; civil service rules

Section 53 - Application for urban renewal assistance grant or urban revitalization and development grant

Section 54 - Determination of compliance and final approved cost; notice

Section 55 - Certification and payment of grants

Section 56 - Contract to provide financial assistance

Section 57 - Advance of funds; amount; payments

Section 57A - Repealed, 2012, 238, Sec. 47

Section 58 - Declaration of necessity

Section 59 - Contracts for state financial assistance; rehabilitation projects

Section 60 - Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund