Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Regulations

Section 3 - Transfers; notice; emergencies

Section 4 - Periodic review; notice

Section 5 - Commitment or retention hearings; right to counsel; medical examination; notice

Section 6 - Retention of persons; validity of orders; hearing

Section 7 - Commitment and retention of dangerous persons; petition; notice; hearing

Section 8 - Proceedings to commit dangerous persons; notice; hearing; orders; jurisdiction

Section 8A - [There is no 123:8A.]

Section 8B - Treatment of committed persons with antipsychotic medication; petition; notice; hearing; guardian

Section 9 - Review of matters of law; application for discharge; notice; hearing

Section 10 - Voluntary admissions; consultation with attorney; discharge; outpatients; veterans

Section 11 - Voluntary admissions; withdrawal; notice; examination; retention

Section 12 - Emergency restraint and hospitalization of persons posing risk of serious harm by reason of mental illness

Section 13 - Transfer of dangerous males to Bridgewater state hospital; retention period; further commitment; procedure

Section 14 - Transfers from Bridgewater state hospital to other facilities

Section 15 - Competence to stand trial or criminal responsibility; examination; period of observation; reports; hearing; commitment; delinquents

Section 16 - Hospitalization of persons incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of mental illness; examination period; commitment; hearing; restrictions; dismissal of criminal charges

Section 17 - Periodic review of incompetence to stand trial; petition; hearing; continued treatment; defense to charges; release

Section 18 - Hospitalization of mentally ill prisoners; examination; reports; hearing; commitment; voluntary admission; reduction of sentence; discharge

Section 18A - Facility residents; contribution towards cost of counsel

Section 19 - Parties or witnesses; determination of mental condition

Section 20 - Extradition of mental institution escapees

Section 21 - Transportation of mentally ill persons; restraint

Section 22 - Civil liability of physicians, qualified psychologists, qualified psychiatric nurse mental health clinic specialists, police officers and licensed independent clinical social workers

Section 23 - Rights of persons receiving services from programs or facilities of department of mental health

Section 23A - Competent interpreter services in hospitals which provide acute psychiatric services

Section 24 - Legal capacity of persons admitted or committed

Section 25 - Guardian or conservator; appointment

Section 26 - Deposit of funds held in trust for inpatients or residents; unclaimed funds and personal property; fiduciaries

Section 27 - Administration of estate of deceased inpatient or resident

Section 28 - Violent or unnatural death of patients; notice to district attorney

Section 29 - Instruction and education; work programs; sale of work products

Section 30 - Unauthorized absence of patients; notification of police, et al.; return

Section 31 - Medicine and drugs; indigent patients

Section 32 - Charges for care of persons in facilities

Section 33 - Expenses of apprehension, examination, hearing, commitment or delivery; certification; audit; payment; fees

Section 34 - Commitment or transfer to Veterans Administration or other federal agency

Section 35 - Commitment of alcoholics or substance abusers

Section 36 - Patient records; inspection; maintenance and retention

Section 36A - Court records of examination or commitment; privacy

Section 36B - Duty to warn patient's potential victims; cause of action

Section 36C - Transmission of committed person's name and nonclinical, identifying information to department of criminal justice information services; prohibition of committed person from being issued firearm identification card or license to carry; petition for relief