Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - County correctional facilities; minimum standards; financial or other assistance

Section 1B - Inspection of county correctional facilities; compliance with minimum standards; report; notice of violations; enforcement procedure

Section 2 - Duty of superintendents to keep records

Section 3 - Money and property of prisoners; records; custody and return; transmission to court; interest on deposits

Section 4 - Records of punishment by isolation

Section 5 - Calendar of prisoners; contents

Section 6 - Service of process in penal or reformatory institutions

Section 7 - Warrants, mittimuses and processes; contents; filing

Section 8 - Prison books; contents; accessibility

Section 9 - Invoice books; contents

Section 10 - Annual report to commissioner of correction

Section 11 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 12 - Removal of unfaithful or incompetent officers or employees

Section 13 - Removal of incompetent jailers or keepers of houses of correction

Section 14 - Removal of officers using intoxicating liquor to excess

Section 15 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 16 - Physical examination of inmates; communicable diseases

Section 16A - Reimbursement of medical expenses by persons incarcerated in pre-release facilities

Section 17 - Specifications governing physical examinations; records; statements

Section 17A - Residential treatment units and secure treatment units for the treatment of mentally ill inmates in need of mental health services; mental health training for department of correction staff

Section 18 - Failure to comply with Secs. 16 and 17; penalty

Section 19 - Physical training of prisoners; director

Section 20 - Classification of prisoners; approval

Section 20A - Prisoner classification board

Section 20B - Pretrial diversion program for certain detainees; classification system; eligibility requirements; credits and other deductions from sentence

Section 21 - Classification of prisoners in jails and houses of correction; approval

Section 22 - Separation of prisoners; minors

Section 23 - Identification of prisoners

Section 24 - Repealed, 1931, 350, Sec. 10

Section 25 - Fugitives from justice

Section 26 - Repealed, 1931, 350, Sec. 10

Section 27 - District attorney to furnish criminal history

Section 28 - Descriptions, fingerprints and criminal history; records

Section 29 - Publication of records; exhibition of records

Section 30 - Compensation to officers; reimbursement

Section 31 - Repealed, 1931, 350, Sec. 10

Section 32 - Treatment of prisoners

Section 33 - Maintenance of order in institutions; enforcement of obedience

Section 34, 35 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 36 - Visits to jails or correctional institutions; permission

Section 36A - Conferences with attorneys

Section 36B - Conferences with clergy members

Section 37 - Record of visitors

Section 38 - Use of gags

Section 38A - Holding officers and employees as hostages

Section 38B - Assaults upon guards; bodily substances; penalty

Section 38C - Felonies in correctional institutions; notice to district attorney

Section 38D - Notice of transfer of prisoner convicted of offense against officer, guard or correctional institution employee

Section 38E - Inmate complaints; grievance system; grievance resolution

Section 38F - Exhaustion of administrative remedies under Sec. 38E; court consideration of inmate claims; exceptions

Section 38G - Disposition of court actions pending upon effectiveness of regulations promulgated under Sec. 38E

Section 38H - Judicial review of final decision on grievance

Section 39 - Segregated units; facilities; examinations

Section 39A - Segregated units; mental health screening prior to placement; prohibition on placement of inmate with serious mental illness in segregated unit

Section 40 - Confinement to isolation unit in correctional institutions

Section 41 - Confinement to isolation unit in jails or houses of correction

Section 42 to 47 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 48 - Establishment and maintenance; rules and regulations

Section 48A - System of compensation; graduated scale; credits; appropriations

Section 49 - Participation of inmates in programs outside correctional facilities; eligibility; sentence credit; rules and regulations; escape, punishment; public employment; labor dispute restriction

Section 49A - Evaluation of inmates for participation in programs outside correctional facilities; committees; recommendation

Section 49B - Participation of prisoners in work programs at mental health, developmental services and public health facilities; restrictions

Section 49C - Employment of prisoners of county correctional institutions on municipal properties within county

Section 50 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 51 - Establishment and maintenance of industries in correctional institutions; contracts for labor

Section 52 - Supervisors and instructors; authority; removal

Section 53 - Production of articles by prisoners

Section 54 - Annual meetings for determination of styles, designs and qualities of articles to be produced by prisoners; expenses

Section 55 - List of styles, designs and qualities of articles; arbitration of differences

Section 56 - Annual estimates of articles and materials needed in public offices

Section 57 - Lists of prison-made articles; requisitions from counties, municipalities and public institutions

Section 58 - Prices of prison-made articles

Section 59 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 60 - Noncompliance with sections relative to purchase of articles

Section 61 - Establishment of industries

Section 62 to 65 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 66 - Purchase of tools and materials for correctional institutions; approval

Section 66A - Purchase of tools and materials for jails and houses of correction; approval

Section 67 - Sale of prison-made goods; proceeds

Section 67A - Repealed, 1972, 777, Sec. 14

Section 68 - Appointment of selling agents; removal

Section 69 - Report relative to labor of prisoners

Section 70 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 71 - Receipts from sale of products, services, or labor of committed offenders; disposition

Section 72 - Payment of salaries and bills for tools, machinery and materials; schedules

Section 73 - Suits on contracts by and against principal officers; arbitration

Section 74 to 77 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 78 to 82 - Repealed, 1941, 344, Sec. 19

Section 83 - Outdoor labor of inmates

Section 83A - Establishment of camp for male prisoners for reforestation; approval; hearing.

Section 83B - Removal of prisoners to camp; permit to be at liberty; escape

Section 83C - Escapes from prison camp

Section 83D - Director of prison camps; offices and positions; appointments; duties

Section 83E - Establishment of camps for prisoners prior to release on parole; transfer; training for release

Section 84 - Purchases or lease of land for improvement by prison labor; payment to county

Section 85, 86 - Repealed, 1972, 777, Sec. 17

Section 86A to 86C - Repealed, 1971, 1076, Sec. 8

Section 86D, 86E - Repealed, 1972, 777, Sec. 17

Section 86F - Work release programs

Section 86G - Work release programs; Suffolk county

Section 86H - Public speaking engagements; inmates of state correctional facilities

Section 86I - Public speaking engagements; inmates of county correctional facilities

Section 87 - Correspondence of inmates

Section 88 - Religious services

Section 89 - Maintenance of sabbath schools and schools for instruction

Section 90 - Appropriations for religious instruction and services

Section 90A - Temporary release of committed offenders

Section 91 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 92 - Instruction in jails and houses of correction

Section 92A - General education development tests; age requirement; no fee

Section 93 - Appropriations for moral and religious instruction in jails and houses of correction

Section 94 - Light for reading

Section 95, 96 - Repealed, 1958, 588, Sec. 1

Section 96A - Disposition of unclaimed money of former prisoners; claim

Section 96B - Disposition of unclaimed property of former prisoners; sale; proceeds

Section 97 - Transfers from and to correctional institutions; approval

Section 97A - Transfer of state prisoners to federal institutions; reciprocal agreements

Section 97B - Treaties; transfer of prisoners to other countries

Section 98 to 108 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 109 - Repealed, 1941, 344, Sec. 21

Section 109A to 111 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 111A - Removal of defective delinquents

Section 112 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 30

Section 113 - Removal of prisoners convicted and sentenced by United States Court

Section 114 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 115 - Removal of prisoners from one jail to another by sheriff

Section 116 - Application of original sentence of prisoner removed or returned

Section 117 - Medical, dental, or similar professional treatment

Section 117A - Temporary placement of prisoners in hospital or medical facility

Section 118 - Pregnant and postpartum inmates; standards of care; use of restraints

Section 119 - Hospital confinement as term of sentence

Section 120 - Order of removal; transfer of mittimuses and processes with prisoner

Section 121 - Execution of order of removal

Section 122 - Repealed, 1983, 721, Sec. 3

Section 123 - Expense of removal

Section 124 - Expense of support of prisoner transferred from correctional institution to jail or house of correction

Section 125 - Expense of support of prisoner transferred from one county to another

Section 126 - Expense of support of prisoner removed from jail or house of correction to Massachusetts Correctional Institution

Section 127 - Special state police officers; powers and duties

Section 128 - Issuance of parole permits

Section 129 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 10

Section 129A - Repealed, 1989, 307

Section 129B - Confinement while awaiting trial; reduction of sentence

Section 129C - Confinement in prison camp; deduction of sentence for good conduct

Section 129D - Work, educational, vocational training and rehabilitation programs; deduction of sentence for good conduct; reduction of good conduct credit for abuse of judicial process

Section 130 - Granting of parole permits; record of decision; jurisdiction of parole board over parolee; terms and conditions including payment of child support due under support order; certificate of termination of sentence

Section 130A - Issuance of certificate of termination of sentence

Section 131 - Giving of parolee written copy of terms and conditions of parole

Section 131A - Notice to state and local police of terms and conditions of parole permits

Section 132 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 133 - Granting of parole permits by board; eligibility and requisites

Section 133A - Eligibility for parole; notice and hearing; parole permits; revision of terms and conditions; revocation; arrest

Section 133B - Parole of prisoners declared to be habitual criminals; conditions; revision; revocation

Section 133C - Representation of deceased victims at hearing by family members

Section 133D - Community parole supervision for life

Section 133D1/2 - Global positioning system device to be worn by certain sex offender parolees

Section 133E - Victims of violent crime or sex offenses; certification by department of criminal justice information services; testimony at parole hearing

Section 134 - Appearance before board; investigation and hearing by staff members; reports; sentences served in other states

Section 135 - Furnishing information to parole board; filing information; statement; contents; availability; duty of clerk of court and probation officer

Section 136 - Initiating release of prisoner; hearing; submission of further information to board; contents of reports

Section 136A - Repealed, 1971, 1076, Sec. 8

Section 137 - Repealed, 1941, 344, Sec. 22

Section 137A to 139 - Repealed, 1941, 690, Sec. 2

Section 140, 141 - Repealed, 1980, 155, Sec. 4

Section 142 - Permits to be at liberty or discharge of pregnant females

Section 143 - Discharge of common nightwalker from house of correction

Section 144 - Discharge of prisoner committed for non-payment of fine

Section 145 - Discharge of poor persons from jails

Section 146 - Report of confinement of poor prisoners; discharge; guardianship

Section 147 - Repealed, 1965, 772

Section 148 - Revocation of permit

Section 149 - Arrest for violation of permit; application of terms of original sentence; computation of period of confinement

Section 149A - Temporary custody of parolees; warrant

Section 150 - Expiration of term on Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday

Section 151 - Temporary care of infirm or diseased prisoner in institution after expiration of sentence; transfer to hospital

Section 151A - Compacts with other states relative to the supervision of adult offenders; purpose

Section 151B - Definitions

Section 151C - Interstate commission for adult offender supervision; composition; voting; executive committee

Section 151D - Chairman of parole board as compact administrator and state commissioner; appointment of state council

Section 151E - Interstate commission; powers and duties

Section 151F - By-laws; election of chairperson and executive director; corporate books and records; civil liabilities

Section 151G - Actions taken by interstate commission; meetings; voting; records

Section 151H - Rulemaking; authority and procedure

Section 151I - Enforcement; dispute resolution

Section 151J - Payment of expenses; annual assessment

Section 151K - Eligibility of compacting states; effect of compact upon adoption by other states; amendments

Section 151L - Withdrawal by compacting state; default on obligation or responsibility under compact

Section 151M - Severability; construction

Section 151N - Effect on other laws; binding effect of interstate commission actions; advisory opinions; limitations on authority

Section 152 - Pardons by governor; petition; advisory board; hearing; revocation of pardon; annual list

Section 153 - Notification to attorney general of petition for pardon of state prisoner

Section 154 - Parole board as advisory board of pardons; powers and duties

Section 154A - Repealed, 1965, 766, Sec. 2

Section 155 - Violation of pardon; arrest; notice

Section 156 - Confinement for unexpired term; computation of confinement; discharge

Section 157 - Execution of warrant of pardon; return

Section 158 - Parole board agents; duties

Section 159 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 160 - Expenditures for assistance of released prisoners

Section 161 - Account of expenditures by parole board agents

Section 162 - Expenditure of institutional funds for welfare of released prisoners

Section 162A - Arsonists or violators of Secs. 102 to 102C of chapter 266; notice of release

Section 163 - Annual report of agents for aiding discharged prisoners

Section 164 - County commissioners; aid to prisoners

Section 165 - Expenditures by superintendent or keeper of jail in aid of discharged prisoners

Section 166 - Payment or receipt of money for obtaining pardon, parole, commutation of or respite from sentence

Section 167 - Persons representing applicants for pardons, parole or commutation of sentence; statements

Section 168 - Violation of Sec. 166 or 167

Section 169 - Copy of Secs. 166 to 169; printing on petition for pardon forms