Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages

Section 2A - Sale, manufacture or possession of powdered alcohol

Section 3 - Manufacture and storage of alcoholic beverages for private use

Section 4 - Licensing boards; appointments; membership

Section 5 - Terms of office of licensing board; removal; review; notice; fee

Section 6 - Chairman; quorum; vacancies

Section 7 - Offices of board; salaries; expenses

Section 8 - Limitation of Sec. 7

Section 9 - Records; quarterly reports; sworn statements

Section 10 - Cities exempt from operation of six preceding sections; residency requirement of board or commission members

Section 10A - Annual report of local licensing authorities to commission

Section 10B - Authority to declare office of member of board vacant

Section 11 - Questions to be placed on ballot at biennial state election

Section 11A - Submission of question at special and regular municipal elections; petition; taverns

Section 12 - Licenses authorizing sale of beverages to be drunk on premises; license to farmer-winery to serve wine on premises of winery located on the premises of farm; veterans' organizations, corporations, etc.; suspension or revocation; hours of sale; liqueurs and cordials; liquor legal liability insurance requirement

Section 12A - Renewal of licenses to conduct restaurant; investigations

Section 12B - Operation of premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages; nudity

Section 12C - Annual caterer's license for sale of alcoholic beverages at private catering event; written notice; penalties for violation

Section 13 - Licensing of railroad or car and airline corporations; vessel owners and operators; shipping companies and ship chandlers

Section 14 - Special licenses to managers of indoor or outdoor activities; fees

Section 14A - License for sale of wine, malt beverages and distilled spirits at auction; fee; time for auction; sample wine, malt beverages and distilled spirits tastings

Section 15 - Licensing authorizing sale of beverages not to be drunk on premises; applications; approval; price lists; renewals; fees; hours of sales; samples

Section 15A - Application for licenses; statement of beneficial interests; corporate stock transfers; filing notation; publication of notice; hearing; plan of premises; transfers; notice to abutting property owners; complaints; appeals; cancellation of licenses

Section 15B - Repealed, 1990, 69, Sec. 2

Section 15C - Repealed, 1991, 1, Sec. 2

Section 15D, 15E - Repealed, 1993, 313, Sec. 2

Section 15F - Special license for sale of wine produced by farmer-winery for off-premises consumption at indoor or outdoor agricultural event

Section 16 - Dilution, changing or tampering with alcoholic beverages; suspension of license; prima facie evidence

Section 16A - Renewal of annual licenses; number limitation; rejection of application; appeal

Section 16B - Time within which application for licenses shall be granted or dismissed; notice of approval; number of applications

Section 16C - Licenses for premises near schools or churches

Section 16D - Repealed, 2000, 64

Section 17 - Number of licenses quotas; licenses for wines and malt beverages per population unit; additional licenses; estimates of increased population; decrease in quota due to loss in population; determination of population of city or town

Section 17A - Grant of additional licenses for sale of alcoholic beverages drunk on premises

Section 17B - Grant of additional licenses for sale of alcoholic beverages drunk off premises

Section 17C - Grant of additional licenses under former law for sale of alcoholic beverages drunk on premises

Section 18 - Wholesalers' and importers' licenses; compounding, blending, warehousing, and shipping of alcoholic beverages; fees; records

Section 18A - Licenses for agents or brokers of foreign manufacturers and importers; records; fees

Section 18B - Issuance of certificates of compliance to licensees authorized to export or sell alcoholic beverages to domestic licensees; information concerning shipments; issuance of certificates to immediate family; cancellation and revocation of certificates

Section 18C - License to import alcoholic beverages in connection with manufacture of food products; fees

Section 19 - Licenses to manufacture alcoholic beverages; sale by manufacturer; blending of alcoholic beverages; marks to identify manufacturer; records of manufacturer; fees

Section 19A - Permits for salesmen to solicit orders for alcoholic beverages

Section 19B - Farmer-winery licenses; hearing; appeal; notices to interested parties; operation of winery; records; fees

Section 19C - Farmer-brewery licenses; hearing; appeal; notices to interested parties; operation of brewery; records; fees

Section 19D - Pub brewery licenses; hearings; records; fees

Section 19E - Farmer-distillery licenses; applicants; requirements; evidentiary hearings; written notice of applications; schools and churches; fees

Section 19F - Direct wine shipper licenses; regulation and enforcement by commission

Section 19G - Tenant brewer license; applications; importation of raw materials; record keeping and reporting; fees

Section 19H - License to sell for on-premises consumption alcoholic beverages produced by person holding Sec. 19B, 19C or 19E license

Section 20 - Storage permits; special warehouse permits; special seasonal permits; fees; rules and regulations

Section 20A - Storage permits for public warehousemen

Section 21 - Liability of manufacturer, winegrower, farmer-brewer, wholesaler, importer and licensee for excise; fines; administration of tax

Section 22 - Transportation of alcoholic beverages; permits; fees; railroads or vessels; trucking businesses; production of permit upon demand

Section 22A - Permits to holders or former holders of licenses authorizing sales to licensees; fees; excises; permits for researchers

Section 23 - Nature of licenses and permits; status as property rights; refusal to issue or reissue, revocation, etc.; refund of fee; transfers; death, receivership or bankruptcy of licensee; expiration; pledging for loans

Section 23A - Suspension of license or permit for violation of fair trade laws

Section 23B - Retention of license where premises of licensee taken by public authority; transfer application; reservation of license; rebate of fee; renewal application

Section 24 - Promulgation by commission; approval

Section 25 - Lending or borrowing money or receipt of credit by licensees

Section 25A - Discrimination in prices and discounts prohibited

Section 25B - Filing of schedules; inspection

Section 25C - Filing of schedule of minimum consumer prices; verification; filing and effective dates; inspection; rules and regulations

Section 25D - Price discrimination

Section 25E - Refusal to sell brand name alcoholic beverages to wholesalers as unfair trade practice; exception for good cause; discontinuance notice and procedure

Section 25F - Provision of free wine, malt beverages, liqueurs, cordials and alcoholic beverages for tastings; limits; requirements

Section 26 - Issuance of license and permit to aliens; appointment of local manager or principal representative by foreign corporations

Section 27 - Crediting of fees for licenses and permits to general fund; payment of fees for licenses and permits granted by local authorities into local treasuries

Section 28 - Sale of alcoholic beverage to churches, religious societies, hospitals, homes for aged people and to manufacturers of food products

Section 29 - Use and sale of alcoholic beverages by registered pharmacists; prescriptions; prescription books; sales in original sealed packages

Section 30 - Issuance of certificate of fitness to registered pharmacist; fee; revocation

Section 30A - Registered pharmacists' licenses to sell alcoholic beverages without prescription; hours of sales

Section 30B - Kinds of licenses issued to druggists under Sec. 30A; transfers

Section 30C - Termination of druggist's license upon cessation of business

Section 30D - Purpose of sale of alcoholic beverages; certificate of purchaser

Section 30E - Record book of registered pharmacists of sales of alcoholic beverages; form of certificate

Section 30F - Inspection of books, certificates and prescriptions

Section 30G - Illegal sale of alcoholic beverages in name of registered pharmacist

Section 30H - Possession or transportation of alcoholic beverages not authorized to be sold as prima facie evidence of violation of chapter

Section 31 - Repealed, 1962, 333

Section 32 - Hawking or peddling of alcoholic beverages

Section 33 - Sales and delivery of alcoholic beverages on election days, Sundays and legal holidays

Section 33A - Sales of alcoholic beverages by on-premise licensees on Sundays and certain legal holidays; sales between 1:00 A.M. and 2:00 A.M.

Section 33B - Sales of alcoholic beverages by on-premise licensees on Sundays and certain legal holidays; sales between 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon

Section 34 - Sale, delivery or furnishing alcoholic beverages to persons under twenty-one years of age; employment of persons under eighteen years of age

Section 34A - Persons under twenty-one years; purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages

Section 34B - Liquor purchase identification cards

Section 34C - Minors; operation of motor vehicle containing alcoholic beverage; suspension of driver's license

Section 34D - Posting notices of penalties for driving while under influence and driving while drinking from open container of alcohol

Section 35 - Sales of alcoholic beverages outside limits of reservations or boulevards

Section 36 - Analysis of alcoholic beverages by department of state police

Section 37 - Certificate accompanying sample of beverages to be analyzed; contents

Section 38 - Forms of commission

Section 39 - Tampering with samples of alcoholic beverages

Section 40 - Analysis of alcoholic beverages by court order; fee

Section 41 - Delivery of alcoholic beverages as prima facie evidence of sale

Section 42 - Issuance of search warrant

Section 43 - Search of dwelling house

Section 44 - Sufficiency of complaint and warrant

Section 45 - Search of premises; seizure of alcoholic beverages

Section 46 - Searches and seizures without warrant

Section 47 - Notice to keeper of alcoholic beverages to appear and answer complaint

Section 48 - Notice; contents; service

Section 49 - Postponement of trial

Section 50 - Admission of claimant of alcoholic beverages as party to trial; forfeiture of alcoholic beverages unlawfully kept; sale of motor vehicle held to be implement or container of alcoholic beverages

Section 51 - Disposition of forfeited alcoholic beverages and vessels

Section 52 - Return of alcoholic beverages not forfeited; order; endorsement

Section 53 - Forfeiture and disposition of implements and furniture

Section 54 - Cost of proceedings

Section 55 - Appeal

Section 56 - Arrest without warrant of persons found in act of illegally manufacturing or selling alcoholic beverages; seizures

Section 57 - Notification of licensing authorities of conviction of holder of license, permit or certificate

Section 58 - Notice of conviction of tenant to owner of building used for illegal keeping or sale

Section 59 - Forms used in prosecutions

Section 60 - Common nuisances

Section 61 - Buildings used by clubs for selling and distributing alcoholic beverages as common nuisances

Section 62 - Penalty

Section 63 - Entry of licensing authorities upon licensed premises; taking of samples

Section 63A - Hindering or delaying investigator, inspector or agent of commission

Section 64 - Suspension or revocation of license; hearing; notice; disqualification; surrender of license; refunds

Section 64A - Sale of alcohol to person under 21 or intoxicated person; sanctions; liability insurance

Section 64B - Insurance policy required by licensing authority; disclosure to insurer; proof of new insurance

Section 65 - Delivery of license upon suspension, revocation, cancellation or forfeiture

Section 66 - Separability of provisions of chapter

Section 67 - Appeals on refusal to grant or revocation of license; hearing; notice of approval; revocation by commission; reappeal

Section 68 - Sales or deliveries of alcoholic beverages in times of riot or great public excitement

Section 69 - Sale or delivery to intoxicated persons

Section 70 - Issuance of license or permit upon payment of fee; bond

Section 71 - Effective date of rules; approval of governor

Section 72 to 75 - Repealed, 1934, 372, Sec. 1

Section 76 - Licenses for manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol for mechanical, manufacturing or chemical purposes; fees

Section 77 - Cancellation of license upon cessation of licensed business

Section 78 - Book entries at time of sale of alcohol; form