Section 1 - ''Licensing authorities'' defined

Section 2 - Issuance of license to be innholders or common victuallers; signing; refusal; fee; record; penalty

Section 3 - Content of innholders' licenses; governing statutes

Section 4 - Contents generally; coverage; term

Section 5 - Food and accommodations; availability

Section 6 - Conditions precedent; proposed plans; cost estimates; license as victualler or innholder

Section 6A - Repealed, 1941, 439, Sec. 2

Section 6B - Food allergy awareness

Section 7 - Refusing to provide for travelers

Section 8 - Repealed, 1975, 256, Sec. 1

Section 9 - Suspension; revocation; forfeiture

Section 9A - Keeping of premises open throughout year

Section 10 - Liability for loss of property

Section 11 - Fire or overwhelming force; liability

Section 12 - Fraudulently procuring food, accommodations or credit; removal of property covered by lien; evidence

Section 12A - ''Hotel'' defined for Secs. 12B to 12D

Section 12B - Removal of guest from hotel

Section 12C - Refusal of accommodation in hotel to persons acting in disorderly manner; damage deposits

Section 12D - Persons negligently or intentionally causing damage to hotel; liability

Section 13 - Posting of statutory provisions

Section 14 - Sale of guest's property; notice

Section 15 - Disposition of proceeds

Section 16 - Sale proceeds; payment to owner by state treasurer

Section 17 - Loss by guest; negligence and violation of regulations as defense

Section 18 - Signs; penalty for failure to have sign

Section 19 - Summary of laws for authorities and licensees

Section 20 - Unlicensed innholders or victuallers

Section 21 - Third convictions

Section 21A - City and town licenses for sale of certain non–intoxicating beverages; retail sales

Section 21B - Contents; coverage; expiration; fee; suspension; revocation

Section 21C - Unlicensed business; penalties

Section 21D - Inapplicability of statute to certain persons

Section 21E - Grant of license to dispense food and beverages consumed on premises; governing statutes; fee; names of officers and members; suspension; revocation; excepted organizations

Section 21F - Unlicensed organization; officer or employee dispensing food or beverage

Section 22 - ''Lodging house'' defined

Section 22A - Cooking facilities

Section 22B - Microwave ovens

Section 23 - Term; fee

Section 24 - Unlicensed keepers; injunction

Section 25 - Inspection of premises

Section 26 - Permitting immoral conduct; defense; evidence

Section 27 - Register; entry of names; condition precedent to occupancy; retention; inspection; penalty

Section 28 - Register; order to keep

Section 29 - Register; true or used name; failure to register; penalty

Section 30 - Revocation and suspension of license; investigation; hearing; notice; appeal

Section 31 - Posting of notice of statutes

Section 32 - Convictions; transmission of copy of record to licensing authorities

Section 32A - Necessity of license; motel defined

Section 32B - Grant, suspension or revocation of license; expiration; renewal; application fees; inspection; reinstatement

Section 32C - Examination of licensed camps and cabins; unsanitary conditions

Section 32D - Rules and regulations; posting

Section 32E - Operating business without license

Section 32F - Definition; license requirement for manufactured housing community; copy sent to city or town clerk; exceptions

Section 32G - Monthly fees for manufactured housing community owner or operator; collection; deposit; lists; payment to treasurers; exemption from taxes; penalties; revocation of license

Section 32H - Unequipped communities; plans; cost estimates; conditional licenses; suspension or revocation

Section 32I - Register; retention; inspection; penalty

Section 32J - Summary process to recover possession; termination of tenancy or lease

Section 32K - Appeals; reinstatement; reissuance

Section 32L - Requirements and restrictions applicable to manufactured housing communities

Section 32M - Sale or proposed sale of manufactured home located in licensed community

Section 32N - Reprisals for report of violations

Section 32O - Actions to enforce Secs. 32L or 32M; mailing copies of orders

Section 32P - Terms and conditions of occupancy; disclosure in writing; required notice

Section 32Q - Manufactured home defined

Section 32R - Sale or lease of manufactured housing community; home owners' association; notice; right of first refusal

Section 32S - Rules and regulations

Section 33 - Public lodging house; definition; cubicle plan

Section 34 - Licensing authority; revocation; fee; expiration; contents; coverage

Section 35 - Certification; compliance with statutes; fire alarms, extinguishers, and means of escape; alterations; additional appliances

Section 36 - Certification; water closets, urinals and ventilation; cleaning and disinfecting by licensee

Section 37 - Register; inspection

Section 38 - Free access to officers

Section 39 - Keeping of house without license

Section 40 - Violation of statutes

Section 41 to 46 - Repealed, 1969, 59, Sec. 1

Section 46A - Definitions

Section 46B - Licensing of employment agency; necessity; posting; governing provisions

Section 46C - Application for license

Section 46D - Investigation of applicants; hearing; grant or denial of license; duration of license; prohibited locations

Section 46E - Assignment or transfer of license; locations; number of licenses

Section 46F - Fees; bond

Section 46G - Claims or suits against licensee

Section 46H - Register; contents; record of receipts and income; charges; monthly reports to commissioner

Section 46I - Information furnished to applicant for employment; copy of contract; receipt for charges

Section 46J - List of emigrant agents; necessity of license; transportation of applicants for employment; lodging and meals; statement to prospective employee

Section 46K - Prohibited activities or conduct

Section 46L - Fees; restrictions on charge or acceptance

Section 46M - Receipt of fees or payments contrary to Sec. 46L; return

Section 46N - Contract between prospective employee and agency

Section 46O - Refunds by employment agencies; conditions; reduction of fees; restriction on deductions from wages

Section 46P - Posting of copy of Secs. 46A to 46O

Section 46Q - Inspection of premises and books; rules and regulations; procedure upon complaint against licensee; suspension or revocation of licenses

Section 46R - Penalties

Section 47 - Coffee and tea houses

Section 48 - Repealed, 1937, 342, Sec. 2

Section 49 - Lunch carts

Section 50 - Lunch carts; fee of highway not owned by town

Section 50A - Repealed, 1931, 173

Section 51 - Facial and scalp massage; bath houses

Section 52 - Massage or baths; inspection

Section 53 - Massage or baths; penalty

Section 54 - Junk dealers

Section 54A - Automobile graveyards

Section 55 - Junk dealers; penalty; exceptions

Section 56 - Junk collector defined

Section 56A - Shooting galleries

Section 57 - Sale of second hand vehicles; necessity of license; exceptions; auctions; reports

Section 58 - Classes

Section 59 - Licensing authorities; expiration; fees; application; prerequisites; premises; ordinance regulations; revocation; notice

Section 59A - Motor vehicle junkyards; requirements

Section 60 - Registrar's rules and regulations

Section 61 - Repealed, 1996, 429

Section 62 - Record book; contents

Section 63 - Repealed, 1977, 553

Section 64 - Repealed, 1996, 429

Section 65 - Repealed, 1961, 45, Sec. 2

Section 66 - Entering premises; investigation; examination of vehicles; parts, books, papers and inventories

Section 67 - Obstruction of entrance or examination by officers; refusal to exhibit items demanded

Section 67A - Junked motor vehicles, registration and identification plates; removal and forwarding to registrar; penalty

Section 68 - Unlicensed business

Section 69 - Violation of statutes, rules or regulations

Section 70 - Licensing of pawnbrokers; governing statutes; revocation

Section 71 - Retention of articles; sale; disposition of proceeds; notice; other disposition; personal apparel

Section 72 - Interest rate; penalty

Section 73 - Entry upon premises; investigation; examination of articles, books and inventories

Section 74 - Obstruction of entrance or examination by officer; failure to exhibit items demanded

Section 75 - Unlicensed business

Section 76 - Loans on personal property; purchases on condition of reselling; exceptions

Section 77 - Fee; bond

Section 78 - Regulations; interest rate

Section 79 - Record book; information furnished to authorities

Section 80 - Memorandum for pawner; charge

Section 81 - Inspection of books

Section 82 - Penalty

Section 82A - Violations of Sec. 79; liability of pawnbroker

Section 83 - Tools; purchase or pawn; record book; signature of seller or pawner

Section 84 - Wrong name or address of seller or pawner

Section 85 - Statutes not applicable

Section 86 - Household, personal use or ornament articles as security or purchased on condition of reselling or redemption; record book; memorandum for borrower

Section 87 - Inspection of record book; exhibition of property

Section 88 - Stolen articles; detention; producing in court

Section 89 - Obstruction of inspection or examination; violation of statutes

Section 90 - Less than $1000; statute not affected; waiver or release

Section 90A - Home mortgages; interest rates; definitions; application

Section 90B - Home mortgages; application of consumer credit cost disclosure provisions; prerequisites to foreclosure

Section 90C - Home mortgages; receipt for payment; penalty

Section 90D - Loans in violation of Sec. 90A; discharge; jurisdiction

Section 90E - Penalty

Section 91 - Less than $1000; mortgage or pledge

Section 92, 93 - Repealed, 1957, 765, Sec. 2

Section 94 - Return of evidence of loan, discharge of mortgage, restoration of property; refusal or neglect

Section 95 - Applicability of Secs. 90 to 94; effect on statutes

Section 96 - Small loan business

Section 96A - Securities; public sale; permit, necessity, revocation

Section 97 - Regulations; preservation of records relating to compliance

Section 98 - Annual report; failure to file, amend; fine

Section 99 - Examinations by commissioner; penalty

Section 100 - ''Licensee'' defined; investigations by regulatory board; charges; prepayments; establishment of rates; effective date of order; more than one contract

Section 100A - Repealed, 1975, 401, Sec. 2

Section 101 - Term of license; contents; posting

Section 102 - Fees; more than one business; multi-state licensing system

Section 103 - Penalties; voidable loans

Section 104 - Applicant's statement; power of attorney; changes in names, addresses or personnel; revocation of license

Section 105 - Repealed, 1969, 221

Section 106 - Illegal interest; order of commissioner; recovery in action or suit; costs

Section 107 - Security interest, pledge or wage assignment; discharge by payment or tender; future advances; damages for neglect or refusal

Section 108 - Assignment or order for wages or salary; validity; requisites

Section 109 - Receipt; part payment

Section 110 - Business without license; penalty; validity of transactions; evidence

Section 111 - Rate of interest in absence of agreement

Section 112 - Duties of police

Section 113 - Disposal of returns made to commissioner

Section 114 - Companies, associations and societies; necessity of license

Section 114A - Exceptions; restrictions; voidable loans; composite rates; determination of maximum rate

Section 114B - Finance charges on open end credit accounts; maximum rates; computation

Section 114C - Annual fee; notice; cancellation of agreement; reports

Section 115 - Necessity of license for furnaces or steam engines; contents; application; hearing; notice; fee

Section 116 - Dangerous engines or furnaces; nuisance; building regulations; service of process

Section 117 - Appeal; injunction

Section 118 - Stationary engines; distance from buildings

Section 119 - Nuisance; removal

Section 120 - Repealed, 1930, 399, Sec. 3

Section 121 - Firearms sales; definitions; antique firearms; application of law; exceptions

Section 121A - Identification of firearms; certificate by ballistics expert as prima facie evidence

Section 122 - Licenses; contents; fingerprints of applicants; procedure on refusal of license; fees; punishment for improper issuance

Section 122A - Record of licenses; notice to department of criminal justice information services; sales record books

Section 122B - Sale of ammunition; license; fees; rules and regulations; refusal, suspension or revocation of license; judicial review; penalties

Section 122C - Illegal sale or possession of self-defense spray; penalty for violation

Section 122D - Persons prohibited from purchase or possession of self-defense spray; penalty for violation

Section 123 - Conditions of licenses

Section 124 - Term of licenses

Section 125 - Forfeiture or suspension of licenses; notice

Section 126 - Placards, signs or advertisements; prima facie evidence

Section 127 - Transfer of licenses

Section 128 - Penalty for violation of statute on selling, renting or leasing weapons; evidence on sale of machine gun

Section 128A - Application of Sec. 128

Section 128B - Unauthorized purchase of firearms; report to commissioner; penalties

Section 129 - Fictitious name or address and other false information; penalties

Section 129A - Repealed, 1945, 254

Section 129B - Firearm identification cards; conditions and restrictions

Section 129C - Application of Sec. 129B; ownership or possession of firearms or ammunition; transfers; report to commissioner; exemptions; exhibiting license to carry, etc. on demand

Section 129D - Surrender of firearms and ammunition to licensing authority upon denial of application for, or revocation of, identification card or license; right to transfer; sale by colonel of state police; rules and regulations

Section 130 - Sale or furnishing weapons or ammunition to aliens or minors; penalty

Section 1301/2 - Lawfully furnishing weapons to minors for hunting, recreation, instruction and participation in shooting sports

Section 130A - Repealed, 1957, 688, Sec. 14

Section 130B - Firearm licensing review board; members; license applicants; hearings

Section 131 - Licenses to carry firearms; conditions and restrictions

Section 1311/2 - Gun control advisory board

Section 1313/4 - Roster of large capacity rifles, shotguns, firearms, and feeding devices

Section 131A - Permits to purchase, rent or lease firearms, or to purchase ammunition; fee; penalties

Section 131B - Penalty for loan of money secured by weapons

Section 131C - Carrying of firearms in a vehicle

Section 131D - Repealed, 1954, 672, Sec. 7

Section 131E - Purchase by residents; licenses; firearm identification cards; purchase for use of another; penalties; revocation of licenses or cards; reissuance

Section 131F - Nonresidents or aliens; temporary license to carry firearms or ammunition

Section 131F1/2 - Theatrical productions; carrying firearms and blank ammunition

Section 131G - Carrying of firearms by non-residents; conditions

Section 131H - Ownership or possession of firearms by aliens; penalties; seizure and disposition

Section 131I - Falsifying firearm license or identification card; penalty

Section 131J - Sale or possession of electrical weapons; penalties

Section 131K - Firearms or large capacity weapons without safety devices; liability

Section 131L - Weapons stored or kept by owner; inoperable by any person other than owner or lawfully authorized user; punishment

Section 131M - Assault weapon or large capacity feeding device not lawfully possessed on September 13, 1994; sale, transfer or possession; punishment

Section 131N - Covert weapons; sale, transfer or possession; punishment

Section 131O - Colonel of state police; statewide firearms surrender program

Section 131P - Basic firearms safety certificate; instructors; public service announcements

Section 131Q - Tracing by licensing authority of firearm, rifle or shotgun, large capacity weapon, machine gun or assault weapon used to carry out criminal act; statistical data; annual report

Section 132 to 136 - Repealed, 1954, 672, Sec. 7

Section 136A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 137 to 174E

Section 137 - Registration and licensing of dogs

Section 137A - Kennel licenses

Section 137B - Sale or other delivery of unlicensed dog by kennel licensee

Section 137C - Inspection of kennels; revocation, suspension and reinstatement of license; nuisance

Section 137D - Surrender of license or tag for offenses against animals

Section 138 - Change of owner or keeper of licensed dog; dog brought into commonwealth

Section 138A - Repealed, 2012, 193, Sec. 10

Section 139 - Fees; certificate or statement that dog has been spayed; service dogs defined by Americans with Disabilities Act; dogs owned by persons aged 70 or over; refunds

Section 139A - Shelters; sale or gift of dog or cat not spayed or neutered

Section 140 - Repealed, 1934, 320, Sec. 6

Section 141 - Violation of statutes

Section 141A - Application of law; exception

Section 141B - Application of law; licensed pet shops exempted

Section 142 to 144 - Repealed, 1934, 320, Sec. 8

Section 145 - Symptoms of rabies printed on license; description supplied by department of public health

Section 145A - Anti-rabic vaccine and treatment; rates of compensation

Section 145B - Vaccination against rabies; certificate; tag; proof of vaccination; exemption; penalty

Section 146 - License valid throughout state; removal of dog into another town or city

Section 147 - Issuance of licenses; disposition of fees; action on official bond

Section 147A - Repealed, 2012, 193, Sec. 19

Section 147B - Repealed, 2012, 193, Sec. 20

Section 148 - Repealed, 1932, 289, Sec. 6

Section 149 - Accounts of treasurers

Section 150 - Lists of dogs; refusal to answer person listing dogs; false answers

Section 151 - Animal control officers; reimbursement of cities and towns for services; contracts with corporation to perform duties of officers; turning over or sale of animals; penalty

Section 151A - Issuance of warrant to officers; duties; confinement of dogs; allowance for care; records

Section 151B - Emergency treatment of dogs or cats injured on ways; payment to veterinarians

Section 151C - Animal control officer training course

Section 152 - Returns by officers

Section 153 - Form of warrant to officers

Section 154 - Repealed, 1934, 320, Sec. 17

Section 155 - Liability for damage caused by dog; minors; presumption and burden of proof

Section 155A - Indemnification of law enforcement officers; damages caused by dogs used in performance of official duties

Section 156 - Killing dogs under certain conditions; wounded dogs

Section 157 - Nuisance or dangerous dogs; orders for remedial action; appeal; violation of order

Section 157A - Non-compliance of dog owner or keeper with order; transferring ownership or selling of dangerous dog

Section 158 - Euthanizing unrestrained dogs or dogs in wild state

Section 159 - Treble damages for injuries caused by dogs ordered to be restrained

Section 160 - Euthanizing dogs that have worried or killed stock or fowl; bond

Section 161 - Damages caused by dogs and paid by city or town; compensation for appraisers

Section 161A - Damages caused by dogs not reimbursable; amount of awards

Section 162 - Repealed, 2012, 193, Sec. 33

Section 163 - Notice to euthanize dog which has caused damage

Section 164 - Failure to euthanize, confine or restrain dog after notice

Section 165 - Investigation of damages caused by dogs; settlement; action against owner or keeper; payments over to city or town treasurer

Section 166 - Election of remedy by person damaged

Section 167 - Ordering dogs to be restrained; euthanizing unrestrained dogs

Section 168 - Service of order to muzzle or restrain dogs; penalty

Section 169 - Penalty on officer; report of refusal or neglect of officer to perform duties

Section 170 - Repealed, 2012, 193, Sec. 40

Section 171 - Liability to city or town of owner or keeper of dog

Section 172 - Repealed, 2012, 193, Sec. 42

Section 173 - Ordinances and by-laws relating to animals

Section 173A - Violation of dog control laws; non-criminal disposition

Section 174 - Recovery of penalties

Section 174A - Euthanizing of dogs or cats by barbiturates

Section 174B - Restraint of dogs in public highway rest areas; penalty

Section 174C - Repealed, 1976, 299, Sec. 1

Section 174D - Research institutions; license to use dogs or cats; rules and regulations

Section 174E - Chaining or tethering dog to stationary object; confinement; restrictions; penalty

Section 175 - Repealed, 1945, 276, Sec. 2

Section 176 - Registration of stallion for breeding purposes; certificate; penalty

Section 177 - Licensing for billiards, pool or sippio table or bowling alley; public hearing

Section 177A - Amusement devices; license; definition; fee; view and inspection; gambling; nonapplicability of lottery statute

Section 178 - Business operated without license

Section 179 - Minors admitted to places of business

Section 180 - Location of bowling alleys in places other than as ordered; restraint

Section 180A - Definitions

Section 180B - Necessity of license for booking agent, personal agent or actor's manager; office of licensee; penalty

Section 180C - Application; contents; notice; refusal; revocation; fees

Section 180D - Agency contracts

Section 180E - Bond

Section 180F - Action on bond

Section 180G - Rules and regulations

Section 181 - Theatrical exhibitions, etc.; licenses; fees; applications; suspension or revocation; workers' compensation coverage

Section 181A - Appearance under assumed name; statement filed; penalty

Section 181B - Schedule of prices for patrons posted; penalty

Section 182 - Entertainment without license; exceptions

Section 182A - Price to appear on ticket; penalty

Section 183 - Darkened dance hall and places connected therewith; degree of light; regulations and statute posted; penalty

Section 183A - Concerts, dances, exhibitions, public shows, etc.; license; application; suspension or revocation; rules and regulations

Section 183B - Repealed, 1936, 71, Sec. 2

Section 183C - Violation of statute; report of conviction; revocation of charter of corporation

Section 183D - Minimum or cover charge

Section 184 - Entertainments at which alcoholic beverages are sold

Section 185 - Repealed, 1963, 195

Section 185A - Resale of tickets; necessity, term and transfer of license; information in application; definition of resale; restrictions

Section 185B - Fees for, and for renewal of, licenses to resell tickets

Section 185C - Revocation or suspension of license

Section 185D - Resale price

Section 185E - Rules and regulations relative to reselling of tickets; investigations; record of licenses

Section 185F - Violation of statutes and regulations relative to reselling of tickets

Section 185G - Nonapplicability of statutes to tickets for entertainment of nonprofit organizations

Section 185H - Grant, terms, revocation, suspension, contents coverage and expiration of license for dancing schools; fees; inspection and supervision; penalty

Section 185I - Fortune tellers; license

Section 186 - Grant of license for roller skating, carousels, inclined railways, Ferris wheels and exhibitions of fire fighting; terms, conditions and regulations

Section 187 - Maintenance of rink without license

Section 188 - Grant of license for picnic grove; terms, conditions and regulations

Section 189 - Maintenance of grove without license

Section 190 - Peddling, selling, gaming, horse racing or exhibitions near grove

Section 191 - Grant of license for power propelled boats

Section 192 - Term; record; fee; contents; posting; maximum number of passengers

Section 193 - Running of boats without license

Section 194 - Prohibition of business of renting of boats or bathing suits without a license

Section 195 - Posting of notices relative to statutes

Section 196 - Engagement in business without license

Section 197 - Admission of children to entertainments

Section 198 - Admission of young persons to dance halls

Section 199 - Dance halls and skating rinks; statutes posted at entrances

Section 200 - Violation of statutes

Section 201 - Right of officers to enter premises; obstruction of entrance

Section 202 - Signature on, record, contents and term of licenses; fees

Section 203 - Effective date of license

Section 204 - Coverage of license

Section 205 - Revocation of license; record; notice

Section 205A - Amusement devices

Section 206 - Public and semipublic outdoor inground swimming pools; enclosures; safety equipment; inspection; violations; penalty