Section 1 - Definitions and duties of commissioner and department

Section 1A - Repealed, 1991, 412, Sec. 82A

Section 2 - Inspectors; powers and duties; appointment as special state police

Section 3 - Rewards or gifts for services; failure to perform duties

Section 4 to 7 - Repealed, 1991, 412, Sec. 85

Section 8 - County police; appointment; badge; powers

Section 8A - Carrying police weapons and equipment

Section 9 to 10E - Repealed, 1991, 412, Sec. 85A

Section 10F - Parking control officers

Section 10G to 10M - Repealed, 1991, 412, Sec. 85B

Section 11 - Cities authorized to establish force; appointments to force

Section 12 - Number of members

Section 13 - Assignment to duty; powers and duties; compensation

Section 13A - Towns authorized to establish force; number; appointments; removal; regulations; powers and duties; compensation

Section 13B - Cities; appointments from civil service eligible list

Section 13C - Towns; appointments from civil service eligible list

Section 14 - One day out of thirty

Section 15 - One day out of fifteen

Section 16 - One day out of eight

Section 16A - One day out of seven

Section 16B - One day out of six

Section 16C - Five day weeks; vote of voters; petition question on ballot

Section 17 - Time for days off; effect; emergencies; minimum days annually; effect on annual vacations

Section 17A - Additional days off or pay

Section 17B - Five day and forty hour week; compensation for additional service; reduction in compensation

Section 17C - Time off or pay for overtime duty

Section 17D - Annual convention of Massachusetts Police Association

Section 17E - Overtime compensation upon discharge, resignation, retirement or death

Section 17F - Police chiefs; working on holidays; additional pay

Section 17G - Five day forty-hour week; overtime pay

Section 18 - Police stations for detention of women; appointment of matrons

Section 19 - Qualifications for appointment; removal; compensation; residence; on call status; powers and duties; accommodations for women held at stations

Section 20 - Removal of women to nearest station with matron; jurisdiction

Section 21 - ''Police station'' and ''station'' defined

Section 21A - Appointment; qualifications; compensation; duties; status; retirement and pensions

Section 22 - Definitions

Section 23 - Necessity of license; exceptions

Section 24 - Applications; qualifications of applicants

Section 25 - License; disqualification of convicts; duration; posting; name of licensee and approval; renewal and revocation

Section 26 - License fees; bond

Section 27 - Employment to determine labor conditions or disseminate propaganda; penalty

Section 28 - Assistants; employment; divulgence of information or false report; penalty

Section 29 - Badges, identification cards, weapons, equipment and vehicles

Section 29A - Daily records concerning guards carrying guns required

Section 30 - Prohibited acts; penalty

Section 31 - Names of police officers sent to municipal police training committee; failure to send names

Section 32 - Necessity of license to hold boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts or other unarmed combative sporting event or sparring match or exhibition; definitions applicable to Secs. 32 to 51

Section 33 - Issuance and term of license; revocation of license; issuance of license for toughman competition prohibited

Section 34 - Bond

Section 35 - Licenses for physician, promoter, referee, judge, timekeeper, professional boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial arts contestant or other unarmed combative sport contestant, or a manager, trainer or second of such a contestant; fees

Section 35A - Amateur boxing, mixed martial arts or other unarmed combative sporting events, sparring matches and exhibitions; acknowledgment of rules and regulations of amateur governing body; licensing of amateur referees, judges and officials; limitation on number and timing of competitions; gloves

Section 36 - Necessity of referee and judges; powers and duties; vote; decision; forfeitures; fees of officials; payment

Section 37 - Necessity of physician; duties; qualifications; fees; certificate of contestant's fitness

Section 38 - Number and time of rounds; frequency of tournaments or contests; gloves; protective devices

Section 39 - Ages of contestants and persons admitted to matches

Section 39A - Boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial arts contestant or other unarmed combative sport contestant previously knocked out six or more times

Section 39B - Insurance on contestants

Section 40 - Percentage of receipts paid to commonwealth; reports to commission; filing of contracts entered into for sale, lease or exploitation of broadcasting rights; enforcement

Section 40A - Boxers' fund

Section 41 - Number of persons admitted; limitation

Section 42 - Revocation or suspension of license; administrative penalty

Section 43 - Financial interest of licensee in boxer; prepayment of contestant

Section 44 - Authority of commission to summon witnesses

Section 45 - Enjoining unlicensed or illegal matches

Section 46 - Rules and regulations; special permits; annual report

Section 47 - Distribution to towns of money received by commonwealth

Section 47A - Prohibition of licensed event by municipality; notice of exercise of municipal option

Section 48 to 50 - Repealed, 2009, 169, Sec. 11

Section 50A - Courses of instruction in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and other unarmed combative sports or matches or exhibitions sponsored by youth organizations, private clubs, law enforcement agencies, etc.

Section 51 - Statutes not applicable to matches or exhibitions

Section 52 to 55 - Repealed, 1973, 729, Sec. 2

Section 56 - Sale; safety devices required; rules and regulations; penalty

Section 57 - Installation, repair or maintenance of security systems; licensure; exceptions

Section 58 - Application for license; filing; contents; proof of qualifications

Section 59 - Issuance of license; effect of felony conviction; term; contents; renewal

Section 60 - Employee statements; filing; security check; false statements by licensee or employee; penalties

Section 61 - Fees

Section 62 - Acceptance of education, training or service completed by applicant as member of armed forces toward qualification requirements to receive license or certification; validity of license or certificate during active service of holder; expedited licensing of spouse of member of armed services