Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Investigations of fires or explosions by local officials; notice to marshal of suspicious origins or undetermined causes; reports; records

Section 2A - Notice of unauthorized ignition of fire within public or private schools or on school grounds; submission of report by school principal

Section 3 - Investigations by marshal; examination of witnesses; perjury; criminal complaint; prosecutions; reports to commissioner of insurance

Section 4 - Persons authorized to enter and inspect premises; inspections of institutions; reports

Section 5 - Investigation of premises and alleys as to fire hazards; remedy of conditions; expenses; penalty

Section 5A - Unvented liquid fired space heaters; use or sale prohibited

Section 6 - Neglect or refusal of officers to comply with duty

Section 7 - Reports of marshal and commissioner of insurance

Section 8 - Reports to heads of fire departments, insurance companies, property owners and other interested persons

Section 9 - Regulations relating to explosives and inflammable materials; reports of quantities and locations; ordinances and by-laws

Section 9A - Model rocket engines; storage; manufacture; use; sale

Section 10 - Regulations relative to fire prevention

Section 10A - Heads of fire departments; permits; inspections; records; fees; list of fire department heads

Section 10B - Violation of regulations of board

Section 10C - Alteration, repair or installation of oil burners; necessity of certificate; exceptions

Section 10D - Certificate as oil burner technician; minimum age; application; fee; examination; duration of certificate; electrical work

Section 10E - Apprentice certificates; fee; duration; expiration; renewal

Section 10F - Rules and regulations regarding types and classes of certificates

Section 10G - Suspension or revocation of certificates

Section 10H - Firms or corporations; licensing requirements

Section 11 - Expert assistants; laboratory

Section 12 - License and permit for manufacture of fireworks; sale, transfer, or exchange of explosive materials; punishment

Section 13 - Licenses for land for explosives and inflammable materials; certificate of approval; record; certificate of registrations; fees; replacements and alterations of, and regulations for buildings; explosion hazard; appeals to marshal

Section 14 - Inflammable fluids in motor vehicles

Section 15 - Transportation of explosives or inflammable materials; violation of regulations

Section 16 - Fireworks, explosives and inflammable materials; violations; penalties

Section 17 - Restraint of erection or use of buildings in violation of statute or regulations

Section 18 - Repealed, 1934, 182, Sec. 2

Section 19 - Bonds for blasting permits; filing fee

Section 20 - Actions on bonds; employee of permittee; pro rata payment of claims

Section 20A - Bond for blasting operations in more than one place

Section 20B - Certificate of competency to conduct blasting operations; application; fee; examination; issuance; duration; expiration; renewal; duplicate; restrictions regarding persons subject to restraining order issued pursuant to chapter 209A

Section 20C - Liability for damages caused by blasting

Section 21 - Enforcement of laws and regulations relative to blasting

Section 22 - Injuries from explosives kept or transported contrary to statutes or regulations

Section 23 - Keeping and use of inflammable fluids; permit; fee

Section 23A - Inflammable anti-freeze in hydrants

Section 24 - Keeping and handling of fire menace material; carpenter or paint shop in habitation

Section 25 - Use of salamanders or stoves for drying materials

Section 25A - Second hand space heaters; unvented space heaters

Section 25B - Unvented liquid fired space heaters; use or sale prohibited

Section 25C - Sale of decorating candles; rules and regulations

Section 25D - Manufacture and sale of children's clothing and sleepwear; rules and regulations

Section 25E - Residential gas appliances; sale or installation

Section 26 - Installation of automatic equipment on order of marshal

Section 26A - Automatic sprinklers in high rise buildings; enforcement; appeals

Section 26A1/2 - Automatic sprinklers in older high rise buildings; enforcement; installation schedule

Section 26B - Automatic fire warning and smoke detection systems in certain buildings; enforcement; appeals

Section 26C - Certain public accommodations; automatic smoke or heat detectors

Section 26D - Definitions applicable to Secs. 26D to 26F

Section 26E - Residential buildings or structures; installation of smoke detectors

Section 26F - Residential buildings or structures; equipping with smoke detectors upon sale or transfer

Section 26F1/2 - Carbon monoxide alarms required in certain residential structures; regulation; inspections; enforcement

Section 26G - Automatic sprinkler systems required for buildings and structures totaling more than 7,500 gross square feet

Section 26G1/2 - Nightclubs, dance halls, discotheques, bars; adequate system of automatic sprinklers

Section 26H - Lodging or boarding houses; automatic sprinkler systems

Section 26I - Multiple dwelling units; new construction; automatic sprinkler systems

Section 27 - Failure to comply with order of marshal

Section 27A - Shutting off, disconnection, obstruction, removal or destruction, of fire protection devices; permit; report; violation of statute; enforcement

Section 27B - Piling snow on fire hydrants; penalty

Section 28 - Regulations to prevent fire hazards and fires

Section 28A - Reports of violations of building laws

Section 28B - Buildings with canine guards; reports

Section 29 - Application of orders to occupant or owner; payment for cost of changes in premises; maximum expenditure

Section 30 - Violations; notice and enforcement of orders or regulations

Section 30A - Unlawful tampering, etc. with notice of violation; punishment

Section 31 - Appeals to marshal

Section 32 - Sharing information by insurers; liability of insurer or arson squad; confidential information

Section 33 - Duties and powers of marshal

Section 34 - Violation of statutes

Section 34A - Assembly use group building; dangerous condition

Section 34B - Serious bodily injury; penalties

Section 34C - Subsequent violations of state building code or state fire code

Section 34D - Enforcement of orders of marshall or head of fire department

Section 35 - Repealed, 2010, 160, Sec. 3

Section 36 - Repealed, 2010, 160, Sec. 4

Section 37 - Tanks for storage of fluids; permits; violation of statute or regulation; annual inspection; fees

Section 37A - Removal and testing of fuel storage tanks; grant programs for municipalities and agencies; powers and duties of administrative review board

Section 37B - Grants for removal or replacement of fuel storage tanks

Section 38 - Regulations relative to tanks

Section 38A to 38I - Repealed, 2009, 4, Sec. 5

Section 38J - Residential property utilizing heating oil tanks; safety requirements; inspection; certification

Section 39 - Sales, possession, use, etc. of combustible or explosive substances to produce visible or audible effects; fireworks; definitions; exceptions; enforcement procedures; penalties

Section 39A - Regulations for permits for displays of fireworks; fees

Section 40 - Storage of fireworks; bonds for manufacture and storage; fee

Section 41 - Actions on bonds

Section 42 - Displays or exhibits of fireworks; bonds

Section 43 - Actions on bonds; pro rating claims; other remedies

Section 44 - Firecrackers and pyrotechnical ship or railway signals

Section 45 - Violation of Secs. 40 to 44

Section 46 - Inflammable stove polish and foundry paste; regulations; penalties

Section 47 - Repealed, 1973, 1028, Sec. 3

Section 48 to 49A - Repealed, 1946, 282

Section 50 - Search warrants for explosive, inflammable and combustible substances kept contrary to statutes or regulations

Section 51 - Forfeiture of explosive, inflammable and combustible substances; sale or destruction; proceeds

Section 52 - Matches kept for sale or use in store

Section 52A - Sale of exploding matches, cigars or cigarettes

Section 53 - Repealed, 1943, 291, Sec. 4

Section 54 - Lighted cigarettes, etc. likely to cause fire; dropping or throwing from vehicles or placing on forest lands or fields

Section 55 - Explosive golf balls

Section 56 - Parking space business; licenses; fees; term; suspension and revocation; unlicensed business

Section 57 - Siding as conductor of electricity; approval

Section 58 - Fire extinguishing systems, issuance of certificates for installation and servicing

Section 59 - Display of street address number on buildings; use in enhanced 911 service

Section 60 - Novelty lighters; application of section