Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Enforcement of chapter

Section 3 - Inspections and investigations

Section 4 - Reports of diseases

Section 5 - Investigations of industrial conditions; complaints; prosecutions

Section 6 - Safety devices and means to prevent accidents and diseases generally; fees for structural painting

Section 61/2 - Adoption of regulations for the protection of employees consistent with federal Occupational Safety and Health Act; occupational health and safety hazard advisory board

Section 6A - Monitoring, inspection and investigation of work involving asbestos

Section 6B - License for business activities involving asbestos; fee

Section 6C - Health and safety of general public and asbestos workers; rules and regulations

Section 6D - Complaints by employees relating to asbestos; retaliation by employer

Section 6D1/2 - Employer required to reimburse Health Safety Net Trust Fund; retaliation by employer prohibited

Section 6E - Violations of workplace standards relating to asbestos; cease and desist orders

Section 6F - Penalties for violations of Secs. 6B to 6E

Section 6F1/2 - Action for temporary restraining order or injunction against violations of Secs. 6A to 6E; enforcement

Section 6G - Release or waiver of damages caused by asbestos

Section 7 - Committees for investigations and recommendation of regulations

Section 8 - Notices and hearings before adoption of regulations and orders; effective dates

Section 9 - Appeals; suspensions pending hearings; enforcement of orders; other remedies

Section 10 - Entry of places of employment for investigations

Section 11 - Reports by physicians generally

Section 11A - Occupational lead registry; blood lead testing reports; regulations; enforcement

Section 12 - Regulations prevailing over regulations of workmen's compensation insurer

Section 13 - Violations of regulations or orders

Section 14 - Annual reports of commissioner

Section 15 - Inspection districts; assignment of inspectors

Section 16 - Receipt of gift by inspector

Section 17 - Entry of places of employment for examinations and investigations; access to records

Section 18 - Duties of industrial health inspectors relative to minors

Section 18A - Sanitary and safety conditions; tools; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18B - Confined spaces; ventilation; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18C - Power transmission equipment; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18D - Ropes, hooks and cranes; use and operation; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18E - Safety precautions in dangerous undertakings; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18F - Explosives; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18G - Industrial truck and internal combustion equipment; operation; construction of docks; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18H - Stop signals; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18I - Penalty for violation of Secs. 18A to 18H; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 19 - Prevention of employment

Section 19A - Copy of medical report for employee

Section 19B - Lie detector tests; use as condition of employment; penalty; civil action

Section 19C - Employment of aliens restricted; regulations; penalty

Section 20 - Coercion of agreement not to join a labor organization

Section 20A - Relief afforded by contract relative to membership in a labor or employer organization

Section 20B - Liability for unlawful acts of officers, members or agents of an organization

Section 20C - Definitions

Section 20D - Solicitation, acceptance or payment of money to encourage or discourage formation or functioning of a labor organization

Section 20E - Business combination transactions; labor contracts; definitions; remedies

Section 21 - False notices or advertisement for help or employment

Section 22 - Advertising for or soliciting employees during labor troubles; notice to employment agency; employment of children

Section 22A - Professional strikebreakers; obstruction of picketing

Section 23 - Filling place of employees; size of letters mentioning labor troubles; penalty

Section 23A - Armed guards during labor troubles; qualifications; violation of statute

Section 23B - Use of civil defense personnel in labor disputes

Section 24 - Communications and conduct during labor disputes

Section 24A - Dismissal or refusal to employ certain persons on account of age; penalty

Section 24B - Contract provisions preventing employment of certain persons on account of age

Section 24C - Investigation of complaints of discrimination; ascertainment of age of employees; examination and transcript of records

Section 24D - Records of ages of employees; copy furnished to commissioner; violation of statute

Section 24E - Hindering investigation of age discrimination; refusal of information

Section 24F - Discharge of employee for furnishing evidence or testifying in connection with discrimination complaint; penalty

Section 24G - Publication of name of employer found to be violation of provisions of Secs. 24A to 24J; summons to show cause; liability for damages

Section 24H - Appeal from decision of commissioner

Section 24I - Inapplicability of Secs. 24A to 24J to farm laborers

Section 24J - Severability of Secs. 24A to 24I

Section 24K - Repealed, 1983, 533, Sec. 1

Section 25 - Lodging, board and trade of public employees; statute part of employment contract

Section 26 - Public works; preference to veterans and citizens; wages

Section 27 - List of jobs; classification; schedule of wages; penalty; civil action

Section 27A - Appeals from classifications and wage determinations

Section 27B - Records of employees; payroll records; statements of compliance

Section 27C - Penalties for violations of certain sections by employers, contractors, subcontractors or their employees

Section 27D - ''Construction'' and ''constructed'' defined

Section 27E - Employment of residents in highway districts

Section 27F - Wages of operators of rented equipment; agreements; penalty; civil action

Section 27G - Wages of employees of moving contractors; contracts; injunctive relief; damages

Section 27H - Wages of employees of maintenance or cleaning contractors; contracts; civil action

Section 28 - Right of action against city or town for labor; filing statement; fee; limitations

Section 29 - Bonds for payment for labor, materials, rentals or transportation charges; enforcement of claim; notice of claim; speedy trial, appeal, consolidation; dismissal; legal fees; posting statute

Section 29A - Enforcement of surety bonds by persons furnishing labor or materials on private building projects

Section 29B - Waiver or cancellation of payment bond

Section 29C - Indemnification as part of contract

Section 29D - Surety company; bonds

Section 29E - Construction contracts; reasonable time periods for periodic progress payments and increases in contract price; payment conditioned upon receipt of payment from third party; requirement to continue performance of construction without payment

Section 29F - Payment of retainage in private construction projects

Section 30 - Eight hour day and six day week; emergencies; work on highways

Section 30A - Tours of duty and hours of work of state employees; regulations

Section 30B - Overtime of state employees; regulations

Section 30C - Work week of uniformed members of state police; overtime service; compensation; rules and regulations

Section 31 - Eight hour day for towns and public works for towns; emergencies; acceptance of statute relating to employees of commonwealth

Section 32 - Scope of words ''laborers, workmen and mechanics'' and ''requiring''

Section 33 - Hours of labor to make up Saturday half holiday

Section 33A - Five day and forty hour week for cities and towns; emergencies; overtime; reduction of compensation

Section 33B - Five day week and eight hour day for cities and towns; overtime; reduction of compensation

Section 33C - City and town employees; overtime; effective date

Section 33D - Blood donations; leave of absence without loss of pay

Section 33E - Leave of absence to serve as organ donor; state, county and certain municipal employees

Section 34 - Public contracts; stipulation as to hours and days of work; void contracts

Section 34A - Contracts for public works; workers' compensation insurance; breach of contract; enforcement and violation of statute

Section 34B - Contracts for public works; wages for reserve police officer

Section 34C - Application of Secs. 30, 34 and 35

Section 35 - Violation of Sec. 30, 31 or 34

Section 36 - Nonapplicability of eight hour day and six day week statutes

Section 37 - Nine hour day for towns

Section 38 - Annual vacation for employees of commonwealth

Section 39 - Hours of labor in institutions; employees with less hours under other statutes; emergencies

Section 40 - Repealed, 1954, 632, Sec. 2

Section 41 - Saturday half holiday for commonwealth

Section 42 - Work by employees of commonwealth on day work basis

Section 43 - Nondiscrimination

Section 44 - Service by veterans on Memorial Day

Section 441/2 - Termination of employment for veterans following return from overseas duty

Section 443/4 - Preference in promoting or hiring veteran, spouse of honorably discharged disabled veteran or surviving spouse of veteran

Section 44A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 44A to 44H; competitive bids; award; bonds; extreme emergency situations; records contracts not subjected to competitive bid process

Section 44A1/2 - Fair competition for bidders on construction

Section 44B - Plans and specifications; bid deposits

Section 44C - Suspension or debarment of contractors

Section 44D - Submission of bid or offer; application for certification

Section 44D1/2 - General contractor bids; prequalification procedures

Section 44D3/4 - Subcontractor sub-bids; prequalification procedures

Section 44E - Filing of bids; forms; modular buildings

Section 44E1/2 - Renovation and repair of state house and historic Suffolk County courthouse; solicitation of bids; evaluation of bids; contract award; payment and performance bonds

Section 44F - Plans and specifications; sub-bids; form; contents

Section 44G - Allowances; alternates; weather protection devices

Section 44H - Enforcement

Section 44I - Severability of Secs. 44A to 44H

Section 44J - Invitations to bid; notice; contents; violations; penalty

Section 44K, 44L - Repealed, 1980, 579, Sec. 55

Section 44M - Energy systems; life-cycle cost estimates

Section 45 - Work on holidays

Section 46 - Work for time lost by holidays

Section 47 - Sunday work without a day off

Section 48 - One day of rest in seven; operation of business on Sunday; violations

Section 49 - Establishments not subject to Sunday work and rest days; railroads or railways

Section 50 - Work not subject to Sunday work and rest days

Section 50A - One day of rest in seven for watchmen and employees maintaining fires, violations

Section 51 - Posting list of employees working on Sunday; work on days of rest

Section 51A - Exemption for special circumstances; days of rest and Sunday business

Section 51B - Repealed, 1985, 572, Sec. 6

Section 52 - Time books; violation of statute

Section 52A - Repealed, 2014, 307, Sec. 89

Section 52A1/2 - Veterans; participation in Veterans or Memorial Day exercise; leave of absence granted; exceptions

Section 52B - Employment applications; volunteer work as experience

Section 52C - Personnel records; review by employee; corrections; penalty

Section 52D - Family and medical leave; enforcement

Section 52E - Leave from work when employee or family member of employee has been victim of abusive behavior

Section 53, 53A - Repealed, 1980, 131, Sec. 2

Section 54 - Core rooms where workers employed; investigations; regulations; violations

Section 55 - Repealed, 1974, 345

Section 56 - Minors; restrictions on hours of work; posting notices; making up time lost by stoppage of machinery; employment by shifts; minors employed on farms

Section 57 - Employment in violation of statute

Section 58 - Elevator operators; minors

Section 59 - Repealed, 1974, 371, Sec. 1

Section 60 - Children under sixteen in general; school hours; night work; plays or musical comedies; fashion shows; hospitals

Section 61 - Minors under sixteen; particular employments

Section 62 - Minors under eighteen

Section 62A - Employment of vocational agricultural students

Section 63 - Dangerous or injurious employment of minors; hearing and determination

Section 64 - Employment of minors where liquor sold; taking or sending minors to immoral places

Section 65 - Hours and days of, and time for, work of minors under sixteen; time in continuation school or courses of instruction

Section 66 - Time of work for children; exceptions

Section 67 - Days and hours of work for boys or girls under eighteen

Section 68 - Time for work of minor messengers

Section 69 - Children as newspaper vendors; restrictions; penalty

Section 70 - Minors under sixteen as vendors and bootblacks, scavengers or other trade in street or public places; charge for badge for employment

Section 71 - Issuance of badges to minors; proof of age; grounds for refusal to issue

Section 72 - Badges; wearing; transfer; exhibition; regulations for issuing

Section 73 - Time for work of minors under sixteen engaged as vendors, bootblacks, scavengers or in any other trade in streets or public places

Section 74 - Posting of notice of hours of work of minor; employment at other times; changing terms

Section 75 - Forms of notice furnished by attorney general

Section 76 - Inspectors; duties; prosecutions

Section 77 - Enforcement of statutes; supervisors of attendance; appointment; powers

Section 78 - Employment of, and permitting work by, minors contrary to statutes; reports of violations

Section 78A - Written warnings and civil citations; appeal; penalties; criminal complaint

Section 79 - Hindering inspectors, supervisors of attendance or department representatives; refusal of admittance or to give information

Section 80 - Furnishing minors with articles for sale in, and encouragement of, violation of statutes

Section 81 - Compelling or permitting minor to work in violation of statute; certification of false statement

Section 82 - Violation of statutes by persons issuing badges or enforcing statutes

Section 83 - Violation of statutes by minors; revocation of badge; refusal to surrender; working after revocation

Section 84 - Service of summons or warrants

Section 85 - Nonapplicability of Secs. 60 to 83

Section 86 - Employment of children with permit; particular employments; filing, accessibility and return of, and failure to return, permit; list of employed children

Section 87 - Employment permits in general; approval; return of evidence of age; certificate by town clerk; notice of child's violation of statute

Section 88 - School record for employment permit; educational qualification; necessary school attendance

Section 89 - Employment permits; contents; signatures; fee; duplicate; records; papers furnished by department; explanatory matter

Section 90 - Employment of child under sixteen in violation of statute; penalties; forged evidence of age or birth; certification of false statements in, and alteration of, permit

Section 91 - Cessation of employment for non-attendance of continuation school; violation of statute

Section 92 - Visiting to ascertain employment of children; reporting illegal employment; complaint; violation of statute

Section 93 - Employment contrary to statute; taking minor to school; reporting evidence to court or justice; complaint; violation of statute

Section 94 - Employment permits, educational certificates and lists of employed minors produced for inspection; evidence of illegal employment

Section 95 - Minors 16 years or older who have not completed requirements for sixth grade; attendance at school

Section 95A - Work-study program exception to permit for employment requirement; exceptions

Section 96 - Manual training and industrial education; effect of statutes

Section 97, 98 - Repealed, 2006, 426, Sec. 17

Section 99 - Repealed, 1974, 372, Sec. 1

Section 100 - Hours of work without interval for meal; duration; violation of statute

Section 101 - Nonapplicability of statute relating to mealtimes and intervals for meals

Section 102 - Labor during mealtime without knowledge of employer

Section 103 - Seats for employees; violation of statute

Section 104 - Children participants in public exhibitions; violation of statute

Section 104A - Repealed, 1982, 364, Sec. 1

Section 105 - License for theatrical exhibitions or shows in which children are employed

Section 105A - Discrimination in payment of wages on basis of sex of employee prohibited; damages; actions in general; assignment of claim; limitations

Section 105B - Violation of Secs. 105A to 105C; discharge or discrimination because of complaint, proceedings or testimony; penalties

Section 105C - Entry of premises, and investigation to determine compliance with Secs. 105A to 105C

Section 105D - Parental leave; rights and benefits

Section 106 - Drinking water; violation of statute; coverage of term ''industrial establishments''

Section 107 - Water for humidifying purposes; violation of statute

Section 108 - Thermometers for humidity and temperature; regulations; place; reading; record

Section 109 - Nonapplicability of statute relating to thermometers; hygrometers; psychrometers; records

Section 110 - Relative humidity limits

Section 111 - Sources of water for humidifying purposes; clean air ducts

Section 112 - Failure to comply with Secs. 108 to 111; penalty

Section 113 - Light, ventilation, cleanliness, sanitation and heat in establishments

Section 114 - Investigations and suggestions relative to eyes and vision

Section 115 - Devices and means to prevent injury to eyes; order; compliance; violation of statute

Section 116 - Investigations as to light; notice to change; failure to comply with order

Section 117 - Ventilation

Section 118 - Means to diminish inhalation of dust

Section 119 - Hoods or hoppers and suction pipes for emery or buffing wheels or belts

Section 120 - Form and place of hoods or hoppers; size and speed of blowers; approval by attorney general

Section 121 - Nonapplicability of statutes relating to emery and buffing machinery

Section 122 - Violation of statutes relating to ventilation, dust and emery and buffing machinery

Section 123 - Inspections relative to apparatus for emery and buffing machinery; complaint; prosecution

Section 124 - Communication between engineer's room and machinery room

Section 125 - Violation of statute relating to communication

Section 126 - Fastening doors during business hours; violation of statute

Section 127 - Guards for, and cleaning of, machinery; disconnection and removal of safety devices

Section 128 - Traversing carriage of a self-acting mule traveling close to fixed structure

Section 129 - Safeguards for hoistways, hatchways and well holes; closing trapdoors

Section 129A - Shoring trenches for local governments; graves excepted

Section 129B - Stilts; penalty for requiring or knowingly permitting use in construction

Section 129C - Installation or repair of live electric wires or electrical equipment; assistance; safety equipment; penalty

Section 129D - Riding in man-basket carried by hoisting machinery for bungee jumping or other safety approved activity

Section 130 - Explosives or inflammable materials; storage and use near egress

Section 131 - Guards for loom shuttles; violation of statute

Section 132 - Suction shuttles; shuttle or thread touching lips; violation of statute

Section 133 - Water closets, toilets and washing facilities; regulations; definitions of ''industrial establishments'' and ''railroad establishments''

Section 134 - Necessary changes; action for proportion of expense

Section 135 - Prosecutions; necessity of neglect to make changes; notice; liability of corporate officer

Section 136 - Violation of public health laws; notice to town board of health; enforcement

Section 137 - Foundry toilet rooms and water closets; failure to comply with statute

Section 138 - Injuring toilet appliances

Section 139 - Lockers and clothes receptacles of employees; violation of statute

Section 140 - Repealed, 1953, 57

Section 141 - Medical and surgical chests; accommodations for treatment of injured or ill persons; facilities for heating food; violation of statute

Section 141A - Lifting heavy objects in textile factories

Section 142 - Sanitary material for cleaning printing presses

Section 142A - Marked receptacles for benzol, carbon tetrachloride or other substances hazardous to health

Section 142B - Marked receptacles for materials containing benzol, carbon tetrachloride or other substances hazardous to health

Section 142C - Markings; clear and conspicuous; size; place

Section 142D - Receptacles exempt from marking requirements

Section 142E - Reports concerning material hazardous to health

Section 142F - Violation of Secs. 142A to 142C; failure to mark receptacles; removal or defacement of marks; penalty

Section 142G - Enforcement of statutes and regulations

Section 143 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 143 to 144H

Section 143A - Protection from undue competition and of health and well-being of workers

Section 144 - Unlawful industrial homework

Section 145 - Investigation of industries; order declaring industrial homework unlawful

Section 146 - Hearing preceding order; notice; place; effective date of order

Section 146A - Distribution of materials and articles; necessity of place of employment in commonwealth

Section 147 - Employer's permit; person to whom materials or articles may be delivered; effect of strike; payment of fees into treasury

Section 147A - Homeworker's certificate; place of work; work performed by others; qualifications of applicant and home; strike against employer

Section 147B - Employer's name and address affixed to articles or container of goods delivered for homework

Section 147C - Work in violation of statutes; removal, retention and disposition of articles; notice

Section 147D - Record of homeworkers and work

Section 147E - Regulations; violations; inspections and investigations

Section 147F - Attendance of witnesses and production of books and papers; summons and court order; fees; oaths; depositions

Section 147G - Additional penalties

Section 147H - Educational and philanthropic organizations; homework performed under supervision of commission for the blind

Section 148 - Payment of wages; commissions; exemption by contract; persons deemed employers; provision for cashing check or draft; violation of statute

Section 148A - Employees seeking rights under provisions of this chapter; discharge or discrimination; punishment

Section 148B - Persons performing service not authorized under this chapter deemed employees; exception

Section 148C - Earned sick time

Section 148D - Earned sick time outreach program

Section 149 - Summons and warrant for violations of Sec. 148

Section 150 - Complaint for violation of certain sections; defenses; payment after complaint; assignments; loan of wages to employer; civil action

Section 150A - Notification of deductions

Section 150B - Fees or assessments other than those chargeable under union constitution and by-laws

Section 150C - Improper expenditure of withholdings or deductions from wages; penalties

Section 151 - Payment on pay day before close of working hours

Section 152 - Deductions for coming late to work

Section 152A - Service charges and tips; tip pools; penalties

Section 153 - Grading work of weavers; imperfections affecting wages; conditions precedent to fines

Section 154 - Employer's fine upon weaver for imperfections; violations of statutes

Section 155 - Specifications as to work and wages for weavers, frame tenders, warpers, web drawers and operatives paid by the pound

Section 156 - Specifications and tickets; posting and attaching; contents; pick clocks; excess of maximum lengths; violation of statute

Section 157 - Violation of Sec. 155; interference with inspectors

Section 157A - Employees paid by piece; tickets stating basis of remuneration; posting statement of amount of pay earned

Section 158 - Stopped machinery; deductions from wages; making up lost time; penalty

Section 158A - Work without compensation

Section 159 - Discharge of employee without notice

Section 159A - Repealed, 2004, 125, Sec. 14

Section 159B - Reimbursement of expenses for medical examinations

Section 159C - Staffing agencies; notice of information concerning employee's assignment; fees prohibited; transportation services; prohibited activities by staffing

Section 160 to 168A - Repealed, 2011, 3, Sec. 131

Section 169 to 172 - Repealed, 1981, 351, Sec. 250

Section 173 - Destruction or sale of records and papers

Section 174 - Repealed, 1929, 357, Sec. 2

Section 175 - Bells, whistles and gongs

Section 176 - Non-resident as special police officer

Section 177 - Police assistance in protecting property; non-residents assisting with arms; liability in damages

Section 177A - Contract exempting employer from liability to employee

Section 177B - Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians; responding to emergencies; discharge from other employment

Section 178 - Leave of absence from work for voting

Section 178A - Payment of wages of intestate employee; officer or employee of commonwealth or subdivision

Section 178B - Deductions from salary for certain financial institutions; credit union bonds; withdrawal of authorization by employee; attachment or execution; pension money paid to credit unions; authorization

Section 178C - Sum owed estate of officer or employee of political subdivisions paid to husband, widow or next of kin

Section 178D - Repealed, 1973, 1078, Sec. 1

Section 178E - Group insurance; disposition of dividends

Section 178F to 178N - Repealed, 1973, 1078, Sec. 1

Section 178O - Group insurance termination; notice of date to employee

Section 179 - Placards posted to inform employees

Section 179A - Preference to citizens in awarding public work contracts; violations

Section 179B - Notice to commissioner of commencement or change of location of business; violations

Section 179C - Collective bargaining agreements; successor clauses

Section 180 - Violation of chapter provisions with no specific penalty

Section 180A - Violation of closing laws

Section 181 - Retirement or health and welfare funds; failure of employer to make payments

Section 182 - Standards of corporate behavior; companies financed with assistance of quasi-public agencies

Section 183 - Severance pay upon termination following transfer of control of employer; definitions

Section 184 - Severance pay following transfer of control or attempted transfer of control of registered corporation; definitions

Section 185 - Retaliation against employees reporting violations of law or risks to public health, safety or environment; remedies

Section 186 - Broadcasting industry; noncompete agreements

Section 187 - Health care providers; protection from retaliatory action by health care facilities

Section 188 - Repealed, 2013, 38, Sec. 108

Section 189 - Employer medical assistance contribution

Section 190 - Rights relating to pay and other terms or conditions of employment for domestic workers

Section 191 - Conduct constituting unlawful discriminatory practice against domestic workers; enforcement