Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Service deemed ''employment''; exclusions

Section 3 - Service within and without commonwealth included in ''employment''

Section 4 - Repealed, 1971, 940, Sec. 3

Section 4A - Service included in employment; American employer; state

Section 4B - Repealed, 1977, 720, Sec. 4

Section 5 - Services under arrangements with agencies of other states and federal government included in ''employment''

Section 6 - Service not included in ''employment''

Section 6A - Other service not included in ''employment''

Section 7 - Repealed, 1971, 940, Sec. 10

Section 8 - Employing units subject to statute

Section 8A - Other employing units subject to statute

Section 8B - Domestic service and agricultural labor; employer

Section 8C - Crew leaders; definition; employees of crew leaders

Section 9 - Individuals employed by unit in several places

Section 10 - Repealed, 1971, 940, Sec. 10

Section 11 - Ceasing to be subject to statute on application

Section 12 - Determination whether employer within statute; review; double costs; reconsideration

Section 13 - Payment of required contribution; secondary adjustment payments; credited to unemployment compensation fund

Section 14 - Contribution rates in general; contributions in general; definitions; notice of payment of benefit and potential charges; review; transfer of business

Section 14A - Nonprofit organizations and governmental employers

Section 14B - Liability for payments; credits; adjustments

Section 14C - Contributions by governmental employers; rated governmental employers

Section 14D - Repealed, 1983, 233, Sec. 67A

Section 14E - Economic development fund

Section 14F - Unemployment Trust Fund; report concerning fund average and actual balance

Section 14G - Repealed, 2013, 38, Sec. 111

Section 14H - Repealed, 1989, 19, Sec. 3

Section 14I - Repealed, 1998, 194, Sec. 188

Section 14J - Repealed, 1992, 26, Sec. 17

Section 14K - Federal Loan Interest Fund

Section 14L - Work force training contribution paid by employers

Section 14M - Benefits paid to employees of Indian tribes

Section 14N - Assignment of contribution rates and transfer of accounts

Section 14O - Fraud Penalty Fund

Section 14P - Registration of employers; reporting of employee information

Section 14Q - Collection of unemployment compensation debt by offset of federal tax refund payments through treasury offset program

Section 15 - Failure of employer to pay required amounts when due; recovery of erroneous payments; assessments; enforcement; collection pursuant to treasury offset program

Section 15A - Collection of payments; levy upon depositary accounts; liability of depositaries

Section 15B - Holder of licenses to sell alcoholic beverages; failure to pay amount owed; suspension of license

Section 16 - Liens of judgments and overdue contributions; recording and filing of notice; actions to enforce liens

Section 17 - Priority of claims

Section 18 - Adjustment, credit or refund of overpayments; adjustment or additional payment for insufficient contributions; interest

Section 19 - Final payment to foreign corporations or non-residents; certificate

Section 19A - Application for or renewal of license to conduct profession or business; certification of compliance with contribution laws; renewal or extension of certain contracts; false certifications

Section 20 - Compromise with employers; statement of commissioner filed

Section 20A - Settlement for amount less than owed; conditions; agreements subject to attorney general review; reopening of case

Section 21 - Deductions from income returnable for taxation

Section 22 - Payment of benefits in general

Section 23 - Payment of benefits; waiting period

Section 24 - Eligibility for benefits

Section 24A - Seasonal employment

Section 25 - Disqualification for benefits

Section 26 - Unemployment benefits received or sought under laws of another state or United States

Section 27 - Repealed, 1973, 1042

Section 28 - Wages not included in determination of eligibility for benefits

Section 28A - Employees of commonwealth, political subdivisions, or religious, charitable, educational, or other tax exempt organizations

Section 28B - Repayment of unemployment benefits overpaid to certain officers, partners, owners or other interest holders of employing unit

Section 29 - Weekly benefit rates; partial unemployment; dependency benefits for children; retirement benefit recipients

Section 29A - Repealed, 1982, 489, Sec. 6

Section 29B - Child support obligations; disclosure; deductions

Section 29C - Repealed, 1992, 26, Sec. 23

Section 29D - Worksharing program; application and approval of worksharing plan; benefits

Section 29E - Notification to claimants; tax liability and withholding

Section 29F - Uncollected overissuance of food stamp coupons; disclosure; deductions

Section 30 - Total benefits for year; industrial or vocational retraining; solvency account charge; trade readjustment allowance

Section 30A - Extended benefits program

Section 30B - Payment of additional benefits upon termination of eligibility for benefits pursuant to Federal Supplemental Compensation Act

Section 30C - Repealed, 1983, 2, Sec. 1

Section 31 - Benefits in a subsequent benefit year

Section 32 - Repealed, 1951, 763, Sec. 14

Section 33 - Repealed, 1943, 534, Sec. 4

Section 34 - Repealed, 1951, 763, Sec. 14

Section 35 - Waiver of rights; agreement to pay contributions or payments in lieu of contributions; deduction from wages; enforcement

Section 36 - Assigning, encumbering or releasing benefits; exemption from claims of creditors; exception

Section 37 - Fees and representation in proceedings under this chapter; solicitation of business of representing claimant

Section 38 - Claims, reports, notices and returns, in general; notice of claimant's failure to report for work

Section 38A - Payment of benefits resulting from failure of employing unit to timely or adequately respond to department request for information

Section 39 - Determination of claim and benefits; procedures; payment of claims or denials; default in payment of contributions

Section 40 - Application for review

Section 41 - Review by board; procedures; findings of fact; decision; judicial review

Section 42 - Judicial review; procedures; appeals; rules

Section 42A - Commissioner represented by attorney general or designated attorney

Section 42B - Modification or reversal of decision; recovery of payments

Section 43 - Administering oaths; depositions; certifications; witnesses; production of evidence; contempt; self-incrimination

Section 44 - Accounts for employers; records for employees; disposition of papers; summaries; reproductions

Section 45 - Records and reports of employing units; verification

Section 45A - Repealed, 1976, 473, Sec. 16

Section 46 - Confidential information; admissibility as evidence; exceptions to disclosure restrictions

Section 47 - False statements or misrepresentations; punishment; evidence; restitution

Section 47A - Utterance or delivery of insufficient funds check with intent to defraud; punishment

Section 48 - Unemployment Compensation Fund; establishment; composition; benefits payable from pooled money

Section 49 - Vested rights

Section 50 - Treasurer of Unemployment Compensation Fund; clearing account; fund account; deposit with United States secretary of the treasury

Section 51 - Requisition from trust fund; transfer to commissioner

Section 52 - Benefit account

Section 53 - Unclaimed balance in benefit account

Section 53A - Unemployment Trust Fund; money credited to commonwealth's account; use; records

Section 54 - Depositaries; insurance charge; commingling funds

Section 55 - Bond of commissioner; premiums paid from administrative account

Section 56 - Trust fund; administration upon cessation of Unemployment Compensation Fund or federal separate book account; investments

Section 57 - Requisitions from state trust fund; investment board; deposits; investments; assistance

Section 58 - Employment security administration account; monies received; disposition

Section 58A - Contingent fund; establishment; composition; expenditures; transfer

Section 59 - Liability on state treasurer's bond

Section 60 - Federal moneys allotted to commonwealth paid into accounts

Section 61 - Special employment service accounts; agreements relative to employment offices; acceptance of moneys, services or quarters

Section 62 - State advisory council; duties, powers and reports

Section 62A - In-person, telephone and walk-in assistance by the division for individuals applying for unemployment compensation; orientation; notice; initiation of claim

Section 63 - Publication and free distribution of statutes, reports, regulations and relevant material

Section 64 - Reports and information for federal, commonwealth and political subdivision agencies; confidential information; federal regulations governing expenditures

Section 64A - List of employers qualified for exemption under Sec. 5I of chapter 59; confidentiality

Section 65 - Records available to federal railroad retirement board; cooperation with federal agencies; agreements relative to employment offices; acceptance of moneys, services or quarters

Section 66 - Reciprocal arrangements with other states and federal government; reimbursements; investigations; exchange of information, services and facilities; benefits based on combined coverages

Section 66A - Arrangements for utilizing facilities and services of commonwealth and foreign countries

Section 67 - Estimate of liability of employer failing to make report or return; collection

Section 68 - Payment of benefits due a deceased or mentally incapacitated person

Section 69 - Recovery or deduction of erroneous payments; cancellation; liability of disbursing officer; penalty for misrepresentation of material fact or failure to disclose material fact

Section 69A - Charging off uncollectible amounts

Section 69B - Set-off against refunds; notice; review

Section 69C - Reduction of back pay award due to receipt of unemployment benefits; notice to commissioner; reimbursement of unemployment compensation fund

Section 69D - Final decision

Section 70 - Extent of application of rulings

Section 71 - Reconsideration of determinations; limitations; notice; appeals

Section 71A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 71B to 71G

Section 71B - Closing of facility; report; certification; notice; hearing; appeal

Section 71C - Partial closing of facility; identification; regulations; eligibility for reemployment assistance benefits

Section 71D - Reemployment assistance program

Section 71E - Reemployment Assistance Fund; Health Insurance Benefits Fund

Section 71F - Eligibility for reemployment assistance benefits

Section 71G - Eligibility for health insurance benefits

Section 71H - Plant closing employers; bills for reemployment assistance benefits

Section 71I - Repealed, 1998, 481, Sec. 5

Section 72 - Jurisdiction of action to enforce statute; entry fee in actions and proceedings

Section 73 - Severability

Section 74 - Title of statute; construction; purpose