General Laws

Section 12A. The following words, when used in sections twelve B to twelve D, inclusive, shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:

“Authorized service area” or “service area”, the area defined in section 21.504 of the United States Federal Communications Commission’s Domestic Public Radio Service Rules, describing the limits of the reliable service area of the base station of a mobile radio utility system;

“Certificate”, a certificate issued an applicant by the department, after hearing and proof of public convenience and necessity, for the construction, operation or extension of a proposed or existing mobile radio utility system, and the designation of the authorized service area for such system.

“Facility”, all real property, stations, antennae, radios, receivers, transmitters, instruments, appliances, fixtures and other personal property used by a radio utility in providing service to its subscribers;

“Mobile radio utility system”, any facility within the commonwealth which provides mobile radio telephone service, including one-way mobile radio telephone service, on a for-hire basis to the public, whether or not such mobile radio telephone service is provided on frequencies allocated to the Domestic Public Land Mobile Radio Services and whether or not such facility is interconnected with a public land-line telephone exchange network.

“Radio utility”, any person or organization which owns, controls, operates or manages a mobile radio telephone utility system, except a land-line telephone utility or land-line telegraph utility regulated by the United States Federal Communications Commission.