Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Creation of authority; powers; liability for debts and obligations; service of process

Section 3 - Additional powers of authority

Section 4 - Separate units of mass transportation facilities and equipment; establishment; lease arrangements

Section 5 - Limitations, conditions, obligations and duties of authority

Section 5A - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 151

Section 5B - Disposal of stolen, lost or abandoned property

Section 6 - Ballot question for cities and towns regarding issue of joining transportation area

Section 6A - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 151

Section 7 - Board of directors

Section 7A - Advisory board

Section 8 - Financial assistance from commonwealth

Section 8A - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 151

Section 9 - Financial assistance from cities and towns

Section 10 - Financial assistance from the federal government

Section 11 - Board policies to increase revenues and to improve operating efficiency; net operating investment per passenger mile ratio

Section 11A - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 151

Section 12 - Temporary notes; trust agreements

Section 12A - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 149

Section 13 - Authorization for authority to issue bonds; purposes of bonds

Section 14 - Bonds secured by trust agreement between authority and corporate trustee

Section 15 - Bonds and notes issued by authority; securities

Section 16 - Rights of holders of bonds

Section 17 - Issuance of interest bearing or discounted notes; bond anticipation notes

Section 18 - Insufficiency of funds; payments by commonwealth

Section 19 - Stabilization fund; fare stability fund

Section 19A to 19K - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 151

Section 20 - Annual itemized budget; supplementary budget

Section 21 - Allocation of annual revenues in excess of expenses

Section 22 - Remedy of private mass transportation company against authority for relief from effects of authority's operations; procedures

Section 23 - Biennial report by state auditor

Section 24 - Exemption from taxation

Section 25 - Directors; authority to bargain collectively with labor organizations; restrictions

Section 26 - State labor relations law; applicability

Section 27 - Deceased employees; payment of wages to nominated beneficiaries

Section 28 - Submission of dispute over terms of collective bargaining agreement to arbitration

Section 28A - Repealed, 1999, 127, Sec. 151

Section 29 - Mediation; report; selection of arbitrator

Section 30 - Arbitrator; requirements

Section 31 - Factors for determining arbitration awards

Section 32 - Arbitration awards; written opinions

Section 33 - Employee deferred compensation program

Section 34 - IRA plan; employee contributions

Section 35 - Plans for group, general or blanket hospital, medical, dental or other health insurance; employee share of monthly premium; retirees under the age of 65

Section 36 - Retired members or deceased members of retirement system; compensation for work related injury; effect on retirement allowances, pensions, etc.

Section 37 - Proclamation of state of emergency; powers of Governor; operation of facilities

Section 38 - Liability; board supervision of investigation, settlement and defense of all claims

Section 39 - Regulatory powers and duties in conflict with regulatory powers and duties of department of telecommunications and energy

Section 40 - Electric utility services; procurement

Section 41 - Electric utility business; public interest factors

Section 42 - Notice of violation of public smoking law; fine; arrest

Section 43 - Liability policy for passenger rail services

Section 44 - Entry onto lands, waters and premises for purpose of making surveys, soundings, test pits, borings, drillings or examinations; notice; reimbursement for damage

Section 45 - Sale of prepaid monthly transit passes

Section 46 - Parking of motor vehicles in terminals, stations, garages, yards, shops, parking lots and parking garages owned or operated by authority; posted bus stops operated by authority; rules and regulations

Section 47 - Cities, towns and other communities; contracts with private bus carriers for local service

Section 48 - Regional transit authority; control of services, operations, finances, facilities or related appurtenances

Section 49 - Applicability of chapter 258 to certain agreements between authority and freight railroads

Section 50 - Retirement information to be made available for all current, former and future Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employees and retirees