Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Agreement provisions authorized

Section 3 - Additional powers of member domestic electric utilities

Section 4 - Additional powers of member foreign electric utilities

Section 5 - Acquisition or ownership of interests in electric power facilities; tenancy in common; surrender or waiver of right of partition; validity and enforceability

Section 6 - Contracts; term; effect of termination of pool or agreement; exclusion from municipal debt for borrowing purposes

Section 7 - Assessment and taxation of foreign electric utilities

Section 8 - Taxation of municipal electric departments owning interests in electric power facilities; definitions; exemptions; payments in lieu of taxes; application of other laws

Section 9 - Application of other laws to pool members; rate base factors

Section 10 - Foreign electric utilities; ownership or operation of electric power facilities in commonwealth; notice, annual report and information to department; financing; application of laws

Section 11 - Revenue bonds for project costs; interim receipts or temporary bonds; issuance; agreement for consolidation of indebtedness by participating municipalities authorized

Section 12 - Borrowing in anticipation of bonds; temporary notes; issuance by city or town

Section 13 - Resolutions or trust agreements securing bonds or notes; provisions; limitations; deposit, investment and application of proceeds; pledges

Section 14 - Proceeds of bonds or notes issued and moneys governed by trust agreement or resolution; deposit or investment

Section 15 - Bonds and notes issued; payment; liability of city or town limited; exclusion from municipal debt for borrowing purposes

Section 16 - Receipts of city or town under this chapter to be held and applied in trust

Section 17 - Actions and proceedings upon bonds and notes

Section 18 - Bonds and notes issued as legal investments

Section 19 - Bonds and notes deemed investment securities

Section 20 - Bonds and notes issued; transfer, income or profit; tax exemption

Section 21 - Refunding bonds; issuance authorized; restrictions

Section 22 - Bonds and notes; issuance authorized

Section 23 - Zoning regulations; exemption of facilities used by electric utilities

Section 24 - Transmission lines of electric utilities; petition for authority to construct, use or take rights of way by eminent domain authorized

Section 25 - Ownership or control of domestic electric utilities by foreign corporations; applicability of corporation law

Section 26 - Municipal electric departments; application of chapter

Section 27 - Construction of chapter