Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - Adequacy of distribution system; approval

Section 1B - Rules and regulations

Section 1C - Plastic pipe connections; installation; notice to property owner or occupant; grounding of structure; penalty

Section 2 - Application of other statutes

Section 2A - Filing schedule of rates and prices by water districts

Section 2B - Base rate for water charges and fees; increases for high volume users

Section 3 - Powers of department of environmental protection; impairment

Section 4 - Supervisory authority of department

Section 4A - Filing copies of existing contracts with affiliated companies; violations

Section 4B - Water companies; eminent domain or purchase; waters, water rights, lands and easements

Section 5 - Acquisition of water works and other water company property by town

Section 6 - Engineering services and advice

Section 7 - Annual report

Section 8 - Opening of streets by one other than water company; consent of municipal officers

Section 9 - Review of action of municipal officers relating to opening of streets

Section 10 - Testing of meters; report; cost

Section 11 - Intentional injury to or interference with meter; penalty

Section 11A - Procedure for shutting off the flow of water on failure to pay lawful charges

Section 11B - Shutting off water service to domicile occupied by seriously ill person; notice; penalty

Section 11C - Indebtedness of prior property owner; water supply for new owner

Section 11D - Entry on premises to examine water meters and facilities

Section 11E - Shutting off water to non-customer occupants in residential buildings; notice; procedures; payment of amount due; effect of waiver; reprisals; penalties; rules and regulations

Section 12 - Application to other statutes

Section 13 - Certificate of payment of capital stock

Section 14 - Conveyance of property in payment for stock

Section 15 - Corporations organized under earlier law; meetings and records

Section 16 - Record of proprietors' names

Section 17 - Officers

Section 18 - Assessments; defaults; sale of shares

Section 19 - Repealed, 1941, 275, Sec. 1

Section 20 - Opening streets or ways

Section 21 - Continuing liability on contracts after dissolution

Section 22 - Satisfaction of judgment against shareholders after dissolution

Section 23 - Interest of shareholders in real property after dissolution

Section 24 - Malicious injury to aqueduct; penalty

Section 25 - Conductors from aqueducts for fire fighting

Section 26 - Means of taking water for fire fighting

Section 27 - Recovery of land owner for damages

Section 28 - Acquisition of real estate in excess of limit