Section 1 - Telephone and telegraph companies; subscription and payment for stock; filing of statement

Section 2 - Debt limitation

Section 3 - Liability of president and treasurer for wilful neglect or omission

Section 4 - Issue of stock, bonds, coupon notes and other evidences of indebtedness

Section 5 - Enforcement of orders of department relating to stocks and bonds

Section 6 - Improper issue; penalty

Section 7 - Increase of capital stock; shareholders' rights to new shares

Section 8 - Shares authorized to be sold at auction; place of sale

Section 9 - Issue of stock or scrip before payment for shares at par

Section 10 - Effect of issue of stock or scrip before payment for shares; liability of directors

Section 11 - Annual return

Section 12 - Failure to make annual return; penalty

Section 12A - Condensed return of business and financial condition

Section 13 - Telephone companies; connections with exchanges; equal facilities for all companies; definition of ''person'' or ''company''

Section 14 - Connections with exchanges; equal facilities for applicants for telephone service; cost of extensions

Section 14A - Enhanced 911 service

Section 15 - Equal facilities for those connecting with exchange; enforcement

Section 15A - Entitlement to hand sets as station equipment

Section 15B - Sales and transfers to similar corporations

Section 15C - Emergency calls; refusal to yield party line; misrepresentation of emergency

Section 15D - Energized cables in excavations endangering telephone company employees; notice to electric company; precautionary cooperation

Section 15E - Definitions; required equipment and services for disabled subscribers; advisory committee on disabled persons' accessibility to telephone service

Section 16 - Receipt and transmission of despatches

Section 17 - Rates to other telegraph companies or by mail

Section 18 - Violations; penalties

Section 19 - Liability for negligent transmission; claim; exceptions

Section 20 - Indication of time filed and received on addressee's copy

Section 21 - Location of construction of electric transmission lines

Section 21A - Coming into close proximity to high voltage lines

Section 21B - Protection of overhead high voltage lines

Section 21C - Warnings; operation of equipment near high voltage lines

Section 21D - Warning signs; size; posting

Section 21E - Notification of operation near high voltage lines

Section 21F - Exemptions; definitions

Section 21G - Violations; penalties; liability

Section 22 - Consent of municipal officers to construct or alter lines

Section 22A - Definitions

Section 22B - Program for prohibition or removal of overhead wires

Section 22C - Prohibition and removal of overhead wires; fines and penalties

Section 22D - Removal of overhead wires; sequence; replacement; fines and penalties

Section 22E - Cooperative agreements to remove overhead wires

Section 22F - Notice of hearing or ordinance to remove overhead wires

Section 22G - Emergency erection of overhead wires

Section 22H - Underground construction; responsibility of utility

Section 22I - Underground construction; customer service facilities

Section 22J - Removal of municipal equipment from poles

Section 22K - Extension of time for removal

Section 22L - Rate differential; adoption of removal ordinance

Section 22M - Billing surcharge; adoption of removal ordinance

Section 22N - Effective date of adopting ordinance

Section 23 - Citizens establishing and maintaining lines

Section 24 - Construction of lines for private use; privileges of town; protection of lines

Section 25 - Underground telegraph, telephone or television lines; regulations

Section 25A - Attachments; regulation by department of public utilities

Section 26 - Violation of regulations

Section 27 - Approval by department of ordinances or regulations of municipality

Section 28 - Approval by department of location; public hearing; place of hearing; determination; fees

Section 29 - Persons entitled to damages

Section 30 - Regulations concerning wires

Section 31 - Fixtures supporting wires or cables; marking to show ownership

Section 32 - Municipal inspector of wires; appointment; qualifications; powers and duties; liability for removal of wires

Section 32A - Inspector of wires working as electrician; inspection by assistant inspector

Section 33 - Enforcement of Secs. 30 to 32

Section 34 - Poles and other structures used to support lines; protection of employees and public

Section 35 - Use of poles and other fixtures for communication without consent of owner

Section 36 - Marking name of corporation maintaining or operating on poles or other fixtures

Section 37 - Prescriptive easements

Section 38 - Intentional injury or destruction of property; penalty

Section 39 - Temporary removal of wires; refusal of company to act

Section 40 - Removal of wires without notice; penalty

Section 41 - Removal of wires without notice; exception

Section 42 - Liability of telegraph company for injury caused by poles, wires or other apparatus

Section 42A - Telecommunication service; fraud; penalty

Section 42B - Fraudulently avoiding charges for telecommunication service; use of equipment, etc.; penalties

Section 43 - Owners and associations subject to chapter

Section 44 - Service observing; interception