Section 1 - Definitions

Section 1A - Rules and regulations

Section 1B - Repealed, 2014, 482, Sec. 13

Section 2 - Examination of banks

Section 2A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 2A to 2G; unfair practices involving consumer transactions; rules and regulations

Section 2B - Investigation of unfair practices

Section 2C - Proceedings regarding unfair practices; notice; hearing

Section 2D - Unfair practices; findings; cease and desist orders; penalty; modification of order

Section 2E - Review of cease and desist orders; civil liability

Section 2F - Violations of cease and desist orders; penalties

Section 2G - Penalties for unfair practices; enforcement

Section 2H - Notice to commissioner of activity or investment of savings bank, co-operative bank or trust company; waiver or extension of notice period

Section 2I - Compliance with federal laws and regulations

Section 2J - Confidentiality of information provided in applications filed with commissioner

Section 3 - Meetings of board of directors or board of trustees of bank; reports on bank examinations; records; certificates

Section 4 - Summoning and examination of bank officers

Section 5 - Request for bank examination

Section 6 - Manner and form of books and accounts; manner of safeguard and deposit of money and securities

Section 6A - Copies of agreements concerning Federal Reserve regulations and operating letters, clearing house rules, etc.; rules and regulations

Section 7 - Statements and reports required by commissioner or by law

Section 8 - Failure to make or amend return, statement or report

Section 9 - Destruction or disposal of records, etc.; payment of proceeds

Section 10 - Reports of fraud, embezzlement or misconduct by bank officers or employees

Section 11 - Shortages in funds; reports; fine

Section 12 - Misconduct by bank officers; suspension; removal

Section 12A - Criminal charges against bank officers; suspension or removal from office

Section 13 - Annual reports

Section 14 - Credit needs of local communities; assessment of banks; regulations; application for establishment of domestic branch; examination; alternative community reinvestment examination procedure

Section 14A - Mortgage review boards; members; terms; appointment; meetings; rules and regulations

Section 14B - Repealed, 1996, 359, Sec. 4

Section 14C - Small business loan review boards; members; terms; appointment; meetings; rules and regulations

Section 15 - Annual list to investment committee of banks meeting local community needs

Section 15A - Annual list of legal investments

Section 15B - Inclusion of certain investments in list of legal investments upon approval by commissioner; application by credit union; refunding bonds

Section 15C - Classes of bonds, notes or other interest-bearing federal, state and international obligations in which entity may invest

Section 15D - Classes of bonds, notes or other interest-bearing municipal obligations in which entity may invest

Section 15E - Investment in bonds, notes or other interest-bearing obligations of railroad corporations

Section 15F - Investment in bonds of company engaged in the business of furnishing telephone service

Section 15G - Investment in bonds, notes or other interest-bearing obligations of gas, electric light or water company or bonds of company supplying electrical energy or artificial gas or natural gas purchased from another company

Section 15H - Investment in common stock of banking corporations and bank holding companies

Section 15I - Purchase of stock of savings or co-operative bank, federal savings and loan association or federal saving bank

Section 15J - Investment in capital stock of insurance company conducting fire and casualty insurance business

Section 15K - Classes of securities in which entity may invest

Section 16 - Repealed, 1987, 296, Sec. 1

Section 17 - Repealed, 1996, 359, Sec. 5

Section 18 - Appraisal of real estate in case of excessive loan

Section 19 - Losses of bank exceeding surplus and other reserve accounts

Section 20 - Verification of savings accounts

Section 21 - Closing of banks

Section 21A - Assent to and participation in bank reorganization by government officers

Section 22 - Taking possession of property and business of bank by commissioner

Section 23 - Notice of taking possession of bank by commissioner

Section 24 - Collection of moneys due and liquidation of affairs of banks in possession of commissioner

Section 25 - Prosecution and defense of suits and other legal proceedings; sales of property

Section 26 - Appointment of agents to assist in liquidation and distribution; federal agencies as liquidating agent; subrogation rights

Section 26A - Assistance of federal agency as liquidating agent; notice requirements

Section 26B - National Credit Union Administration Board as liquidating agent of credit unions; subrogation rights

Section 27 - Inventory of bank assets

Section 28 - Notice to claimants; claims presented

Section 29 - List of claims presented

Section 30 - Fees and expenses

Section 31 - Dividends; objections to claims

Section 31A - Dividend payments to minors; disposition of accounts of decedents

Section 32 - Property deposited with bank; disposition

Section 33 - Bank aggrieved by action of commissioner; application for injunction

Section 34 - Stockholders' meeting

Section 35 - Unclaimed dividends and funds

Section 35A - Destruction of books, records, etc. concerning bank and liquidation thereof

Section 35B - Reports on banks in possession of commissioner

Section 36 - Equity jurisdiction of supreme judicial court

Section 36A - Appointment of conservator; powers and duties; compensation; termination; equity jurisdiction of supreme court

Section 37 - Unauthorized banking

Section 37A - Examination of accounts, books and papers to determine violation of Sec. 37

Section 37B - Student bank programs

Section 38 - Repealed, 2014, 482, Sec. 20

Section 38A - Repealed, 1982, 626, Sec. 2

Section 39 - Repealed, 2014, 482, Sec. 20

Section 39A - Repealed, 1982, 626, Sec. 2

Section 39B,39C - Repealed, 2014, 482, Sec. 20

Section 40 - Examination of foreign or out-of-state banks; charges; availability of reports and information; cooperation with other jurisdictions

Section 40A - Registration with commissioner; reports

Section 41 - Access to vaults, books and papers; summoning witnesses; administering oaths

Section 42 - Insolvent foreign or out-of-state banks; injunction

Section 43,43A - Repealed, 2014, 482, Sec. 22

Section 44 to 45A - Repealed, 1982, 626, Secs. 1, 2

Section 46 - Honoring and cashing of pensioners' and retirees' checks

Section 47 - Repealed, 2010, 234, Sec. 1

Section 48 - Financing of premises containing lead in paint, plaster or materials

Section 49 - Definitions

Section 50 - Compliance review supervisor

Section 51 - Compliance review documents; confidentiality