General Laws

Section 43. The trustees of the Savings Banks Employees Retirement Association, on the effective date of this section, shall prepare the by-laws of the benefit association and file the same with the commissioner. The said by-laws shall prescribe the manner in which, and the officers and agents by whom, the benefit association will be conducted and the manner in which its funds may be invested and paid out. They shall also provide that the said trustees of the Savings Banks Employees Retirement Association shall serve as the initial trustees of the benefit association and shall continue such service for the term prescribed in such by-laws and for the election of subsequent trustees. Such benefit association shall annually, within six months after the close of its fiscal year, report to the commissioner such statements of its membership and financial transactions as the commissioner may consider necessary to show its business and standing. The commissioner may verify such statement by an examination of the books and papers of the benefit association.

The benefit association shall not be subject to chapter thirty-two or chapter one hundred and seventy-five or to such other provisions of law as relate to insurance companies or other benefit associations.