Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Incorporation; agreement of association

Section 3 - Notice to commissioner; investigation fee

Section 4 - First meeting of incorporators; notice

Section 5 - Articles of organization; certificate of incorporation

Section 6 - Transaction of business; authorization; approval of by-laws; failure to commence

Section 6A - Powers and permissible activities; regulations

Section 7 - Use of words ''credit union'' restricted; penalties

Section 8 - Location changes; branches and depots; consolidations or mergers

Section 8A - Purchase, establishment, installation, etc. of electronic branches; location; safeguards

Section 8B - Educational credit union, student savings deposit and school branch office programs

Section 8C - Application by foreign credit union or out-of-state federal credit union to establish new branch in the commonwealth

Section 8D - Examination of affairs of foreign credit union or out-of-state federal credit union

Section 8E - Registration of foreign credit union or out-of-state federal credit union operating a branch in the commonwealth

Section 8F - Injunction to restrain foreign credit union or out-of-state federal credit union from further proceeding with business

Section 9 - By-laws

Section 10 - Amendment of by-laws

Section 11 - Annual meetings; special meetings; notice; voting

Section 12 - Directors; terms; inability to pay judgment; classes

Section 13 - Powers and duties of directors; quorum; removal from office; honorary president; participation in meetings by means of conference telephone or similar electronic communications equipment

Section 14 - Expulsion of members

Section 15 - Officers and committee members; election and appointment; loan officers

Section 16 - Auditing committee; powers and duties

Section 17 - Credit committee; powers and duties

Section 18 - Investment committee; powers and duties

Section 19 - Directors and officers; limitations on services with other financial institutions

Section 20 - Compensation and expense reimbursement; restrictions on loans to directors

Section 21 - Bond requirements

Section 22 - Treasurer's additional duties under chapter 167 and this chapter

Section 23 - Nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance; penalties

Section 24 - Indemnification of directors, officers and employees; liability insurance

Section 25 - Insurance benefits for employees, officers and directors

Section 26 - Annual reports

Section 27 - Balance sheets

Section 28 - Preservation of records

Section 29 - Shares and deposits; dividends

Section 30 - Limitations on shares and deposits

Section 31 - Negotiable withdrawal order accounts

Section 31A - Guarantees

Section 32 - Term share or deposit accounts; written plan

Section 32A - Limited access deposit accounts

Section 33 - Club deposits

Section 34 - Special notice accounts

Section 35 - Trustee or custodian; profit-sharing or retirement plans

Section 36 - Designation of beneficiary; deferred compensation or retirement plans

Section 37 - Plans providing loans guaranteed by Higher Education Assistance Corporation

Section 38 - Accounts for holding residential lease security deposits

Section 39 - Joint accounts

Section 40 - Trust accounts

Section 41 - Minors' accounts

Section 41A - Assessment of fees and charges

Section 42 - Deceased depositors and shareholders

Section 43 - Withdrawal of shares or deposits; notice

Section 44 - Return of vouchers

Section 45 - Pension or retirement fund payments

Section 46 - Lost, stolen or destroyed passbooks; application for payment or issuance of duplicate

Section 47 - Agreements exculpating credit union for wrongful payment of account

Section 48 - Proceeding for collection of indebtedness; set off

Section 49 - Transfer of funds to reduce debt; notification

Section 50 - Shares or accounts pledged as security; transfer, assignment or credit at foreclosure

Section 51 - Adverse claims to shares or deposits; process; bond

Section 52 - Reduction of accounts for equitable division of loss

Section 53 - Disclosure to account holders of availability of funds

Section 54 - Telephone service for account information

Section 55 - Non–English advertisements; notification of language of forms

Section 56 - Advertisements concerning interest or dividends; restrictions

Section 57 - Loans to members; applications; preferences; limitations

Section 58 - Liabilities of members; limitations

Section 59 - Personal loans; limitations and restrictions

Section 59A - Credit cards; issuance; limitations

Section 60 - Loans for improvement of real estate

Section 61 - Loans for purchase of manufactured homes

Section 62 - Loans for purchase of boats, campers or trailers

Section 63 - Education loans

Section 64 - Installment loans

Section 65 - Definitions for Secs. 65 to 65E

Section 65A - Mortgage loans by credit unions authorized; types; comprehensive written loan policies

Section 65B - Inspection of real estate securing loan upon default; appraisal of real estate upon excessive loan

Section 65C - Reverse mortgages; disbursement of proceeds; program requirements; written materials provided to borrower; counseling program; priority of liens

Section 65C1/2 - Reverse mortgage loan requirements

Section 65D - Mortgage loans which provide for variation in interest rate; conditions; variation in rate of amortization

Section 65E - Powers of credit unions

Section 66 - Restrictions on real estate mortgage loans; credit union membership; location of mortgaged real estate; capitalization of assets

Section 67 - Investments

Section 67A - Membership in associations benefitting credit union or providing services

Section 67B - Investment in shares of stock registered on a national securities exchange or for which quotations are available through the financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc., or any comparable service; application to commissioner for prudent person authority; due diligence

Section 68 - Registration of securities in name of partnership or corporate nominee

Section 69 - Allowance or reserve for loan losses

Section 70 - Reserve for losses on investments

Section 71 - Cash on hand requirements and enumerated investments

Section 72 - Contingent fund; liability on loan upon death of member

Section 73 - Borrowing on behalf of credit union

Section 74 - Sale, transfer and assignment of loans, investments and other assets

Section 75 - Investments in building, improvements and equipment; purchase of insurance covering debtors; safe deposit vaults

Section 75A - Credit union as agent or broker for The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts

Section 75B - Definitions; credit union as seller of insurance products; license requirement; officers, tellers and employees; limitations; insurance to secure credit secured by mortgage; waiver of applicability of preempted provisions

Section 76 - National Credit Union Administration Central Liquidity Facility; membership

Section 77 - Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation; insurance of shares and deposits

Section 78 - Consolidation

Section 78A - Merger or consolidation of credit unions with savings bank, co-operative bank or subsidiary banking institution

Section 78B - Repealed, 2014, 482, Sec. 57

Section 79 - Merger of credit unions under possession of commissioner or Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation

Section 80 - Foreign credit unions; consent for incorporation

Section 80A - Conversion of credit union into mutual savings bank, mutual co-operative bank, mutual federal savings bank or mutual federal savings and loans association

Section 80B - Credit union chartered in commonwealth converted to federal charter

Section 81 - Liquidation

Section 82 - Credit Union Employees Retirement Association eligibility; contributions; pensions and annuities; supplemental benefits

Section 83 - Credit Union Employees Retirement Association; by-laws; reports

Section 84 - Credit Union Employees Retirement Association; tax exemption; attachment