Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Insurance contract; definition

Section 2A - Reinsurance contracts; status

Section 2B - Readability of policy form; definition; approval; actions based on language

Section 3 - Unauthorized insurance, annuity or variable annuity contracts; prohibition

Section 3A - Administration and enforcement of insurance laws by commissioner of insurance; report of violations

Section 3B - Action for injunction restraining violations of chapter

Section 3C - Promulgation of regulations defining certain terms relating to medical insurance

Section 4 - Examination of companies

Section 4A - Provision of data to commissioner by homeowners insurers and joint underwriting association; access to confidential data; annual report to general court

Section 4B - Annual report to commissioner of cancellations and non-renewals of homeowners policies

Section 4C - Nondiscrimination in provision, renewal, or cancellation of homeowners insurance

Section 4D - Coverage to be made available to residential owners for release of heating oil

Section 4E - Refusal to issue or renew private passenger motor vehicle insurance policy based on credit information prohibited

Section 5 - Revocation or suspension of license of foreign company; grounds; notice; appeal

Section 6 - Injunction and appointment of receiver for domestic company; grounds

Section 7 - Repealed, 1925, 154, Sec. 6

Section 8 - Repealed, 1924, 406, Sec. 17

Section 8A - Summoning of witnesses

Section 9 - Computation of reserve liability or net value of life company with respect to policies or contracts

Section 9A - Computation of claim fluctuation reserve of domestic life insurance company

Section 9B - Annual actuary opinion

Section 10 - Liability of company other than life company and health maintenance organization upon its contracts of insurance

Section 11 - Computation of assets and liabilities

Section 11A - Valuation of investments

Section 12 - Computation of reserve required of liability company

Section 12A - Repealed, 2004, 123, Sec. 11

Section 13 - Repealed, 1923, 39, Sec. 3

Section 14 - Charges and fees

Section 14A - Committee on Valuation of Securities of National Association of Insurance Commissioners; assessment of expenses

Section 15 - Repealed, 1993, 226, Sec. 14

Section 16 - Record of proceedings; certified copies

Section 17 - Annual report to the general court

Section 18 - Conduct of business in corporate name; publication of assets and liabilities

Section 19 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 273

Section 19A - Merger or consolidation; domestic corporations

Section 19B - Merger or consolidation; formation of foreign corporation

Section 19C - Merger or consolidation; rights of minority stockholders

Section 19D - Conversion from stock to mutual company

Section 19E - Conversion from mutual to stock company

Section 19F - Reorganization as domestic stock insurer owned by mutual holding company

Section 19G - Definitions applicable to Secs. 19F to 19W

Section 19H - Plan of reorganization; public hearing; approval of plan; meeting

Section 19I - Receipt of fee, commission or valuable consideration for aiding, promoting or assisting in reorganization

Section 19J - Withdrawal or amendment of plan of reorganization

Section 19K - Issuance of certificate of authority to reorganized insurer; approval of articles of organization; status upon effective date of plan; rights of members

Section 19L - Actions concerning plan or proposed plan of reorganization or plan amendment or proposed plan amendment

Section 19M - Amendment of amended articles of organization or plan of reorganization upon effective date; vote

Section 19N - Continued use of word ''mutual'' in name of reorganized insurer

Section 19O - Transfer of assets and liabilities of reorganized insurer

Section 19P - First offer of voting stock after effective date of plan of reorganization; application

Section 19Q - Mutual life insurer as reorganizing insurer; establishment of closed block or alternate method for protection of existing policyholders' contractual rights

Section 19R - Additional requirements applicable to reorganizing insurers, intermediate stock holding companies and mutual holding companies

Section 19S - Merger or consolidation of two or more mutual holding companies; written agreement of terms and conditions; pending actions, obligations and liabilities

Section 19T - Domestic mutual insurance company reorganizing with existing domestic or foreign mutual holding company; terms and conditions

Section 19U - Conversion of domestic mutual holding company into domestic stock corporation

Section 19V - Transactions entered into by mutual insurers for purpose of avoiding total gross investment income earned excise

Section 19W - Promulgation of regulations

Section 19X - Disclosure by mutual companies of compensation paid to executive officers and directors

Section 20 - Reinsurance

Section 20A - Credit for reinsurance; requirements

Section 21 - Limitation of amount insured in single risk; penalty

Section 22 - Unauthorized policy provisions; effect

Section 22A - Combination of hazards; approval

Section 22B - Waivers of provisions of this chapter; prohibition; penalty

Section 22C - Cancellation of motor vehicle policies

Section 22D - Statement of reasons for cancellation; liability

Section 22E - Refusal to issue, renew or execute motor vehicle liability policy or bond

Section 22F, 22G - Repealed, 1973, 551, Sec. 3

Section 22H - Refusal to issue or renew motor vehicle liability policies or bonds; suspension of license; public hearings; definitions

Section 22I - Amounts received in settlement of claims retained for unpaid premiums

Section 23 - Life company; impairment of funds; issuance of policies; penalty

Section 23A - Certain occurrences affecting insurance companies; notice to commissioner

Section 24 - Life insurance policies; accidental death, disability benefits; approval

Section 24A - Refusal to issue policy or limits on coverages based on sex of insured; prohibition

Section 24B - Modification in covered services or payments; prior notice of modification; contents of notices

Section 24C - Repealed, 1996, 376, Sec. 1

Section 24D - Lump sum insurance payments; exchange of claimant information between IV–D agency and insurance companies; withholding of past-due child support subject to lien

Section 24E - Duty to assist recovery of public benefits; denial of claims; penalties; electronic access; wrongful use; emergencies

Section 24F - Duty to exchange information with department of revenue; definitions; penalties for failure to exchange information; exceptions

Section 25 - Annual statements; form; contents

Section 25A - Workers' compensation providers; annual reports; contents

Section 26 - Failure to make and file annual statements; penalty

Section 27 - Annual statements; inclusion of schedule of claims made subject of suits

Section 28 - Undue delay or litigation of claims; commissioner's report to general court

Section 29 - Companies subject to this chapter

Section 30 - Applicability of other laws to certain domestic companies; ''stockholder'' defined

Section 31 - Continuation of certain domestic companies

Section 31A - Domestic companies formed by special acts; extension of territorial limits

Section 32 - Commencement of domestic company business; certificate; conditions precedent

Section 33 - Policies and endorsements; signatures; facsimile

Section 34 - Home office; change of address; perjury

Section 35 - Salaries of officers, trustees or directors of domestic company; authorization; limitations

Section 36 - Pension for domestic company employees

Section 36A - Agents and agency employees; retirement or insurance benefits

Section 36B - Health and accident insurance companies; employees insurance benefits

Section 37 - Vouchers for disbursements

Section 37A - Relief fund contributions by domestic company; charitable, scientific or educational contributions

Section 38 to 43 - Repealed, 1923, 120

Section 44 - Failure of domestic company to timely commence business; organization under special act; withdrawal from insurance business and continuance as business corporation

Section 45 - Unauthorized agencies; penalty

Section 46 - Insolvent domestic companies; preference of claims for unpaid losses

Section 46A - Insolvent domestic workers' compensation insurer; preference of claims for unpaid losses under workers' compensation policies

Section 46B - By-laws of domestic insurance companies; filings

Section 47 - Purposes for which companies may be incorporated under this chapter

Section 47A - Businesses in which domestic insurance company may engage

Section 47B - Mental health benefits; biologically-based mental disorders; mental disorders of rape victims; non-biologically-based mental disorders of children and adolescents under age 19

Section 47C - Dependent coverage for newborn infants or adoptive children; inclusion in policies of accident and sickness insurance

Section 47D - Cardiac rehabilitation expense benefits

Section 47E - Certified nurse midwife services benefits

Section 47F - Prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care benefits; minimum coverage for in-patient care

Section 47G - Cytologic screening and mammographic examination expense benefits

Section 47H - Infertility, pregnancy-related benefits

Section 47I - Nonprescription enteral formulas for home use

Section 47J - Standardized claim form

Section 47K - Off-label drug use; cancer treatment

Section 47L - Off-label drug use; cancer; review panel

Section 47M - Repealed, 1996, 450, Sec. 208

Section 47N - Items medically necessary for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Section 47O - HIV/AIDS treatment; insurance coverage for certain off-label use of prescription drugs

Section 47P - Off-label use of prescription drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment; advisory panel

Section 47Q - Insurance benefits for services rendered by nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners

Section 47R - Accident and sickness insurance benefits for bone marrow transplants

Section 47S - Accident and sickness insurance benefits for licensed hospice services

Section 47T - Scalp hair prostheses necessary due to cancer or leukemia treatment

Section 47U - Emergency services provided to insureds for emergency medical conditions

Section 47V - Coverage for human leukocyte or histocompatibility locus antigen testing

Section 47W - Outpatient services; hormone replacement therapy for peri and post menopausal women; contraceptive services; approved prescription contraceptive drugs or devises; exception

Section 47X - Diagnosis and treatment of speech, hearing and language disorders

Section 47Y - Coverage for medically necessary hypodermic syringes or needles

Section 47Z - Coverage for prosthetic devices and repairs

Section 47AA - Coverage for diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder

Section 47BB - Coverage for telemedicine services

Section 47CC - [There is no 175:47CC.]

Section 47DD - Coverage for orally administered anticancer medications

Section 47EE - Coverage for abuse deterrent opioid drug products

Section 47FF - Preauthorization or substance abuse treatment not to be required

Section 47GG - Coverage for medically necessary acute treatment and clinical stabilization services

Section 47HH - Coverage for long-term antibiotic therapy for patients with Lyme disease

Section 47II - Coverage for medical or drug treatments to correct or repair disturbances of body composition caused by HIV associated lipodystrophy syndrome

Section 48 - Stock companies; formation; capital; stock; options; promoter defined

Section 48A - Mutual companies; formation; capital and surplus

Section 48B, 48C - Repealed, 1968, 391, Sec. 7

Section 49 - Formation of corporation

Section 49A - Domestic insurers; requirements; transfer of domicile

Section 50 - Stock companies; amendment of articles of organization

Section 50A - Mutual companies; amendment of articles of organization

Section 50B - Amendment of articles of organization; submission; approval; filing; effective date

Section 51 - Domestic stock companies; kinds of business that may be transacted; power to combine

Section 52 - Repealed, 1928, 106, Sec. 5

Section 53 - Repealed, 1922, 76

Section 54 - Domestic mutual companies; kinds of business that may be transacted; power to combine

Section 54A - Domestic companies; risks and hazards in other states

Section 54B - Reinsurance of risks; exceptions

Section 54C - Motor vehicle insurance

Section 54D - Personal property floater

Section 54E - Dwelling houses; comprehensive and medical coverages

Section 54F - Commercial property, goods in storage or transit, and other merchandise or equipment; coverage by certain companies in fire insurance policies

Section 54G - Reinsurance or pooling of risks by life insurance companies; regulations; approval and certificate; restrictions

Section 55 - Continuation of mutual companies organized to transact employers' liability insurance or steam boiler insurance

Section 56 - Fraternal societies; reincorporation

Section 57 - Domestic stock companies; directors; quorum

Section 58 - Domestic stock companies; duties of directors

Section 59 - Domestic stock companies; president and secretary; duties; records; inspection

Section 60 - Domestic stock companies; bonds of officers

Section 61 - Repealed, 1970, 876, Sec. 19

Section 62 - Domestic stock companies; liability of officers

Section 63 - Capital and reserve; payment; investment

Section 63A - Limitation on acquisition of or investment in medium grade or lower grade obligations

Section 64 - Investments

Section 65 - Investment in loans upon mortgages

Section 66 - Life companies; investments

Section 66A - Life companies; acquisition of housing projects; limitations

Section 66B - Life companies; acquisition of realty; limitations

Section 66C - Life companies; investment in stock of insurance companies

Section 66D - Life companies; investment in and acquisition of stock of subsidiary corporations

Section 66E - Life companies; investment in limited partnership interests

Section 66F - Acquisition of interest in limited liability company by domestic life company

Section 67 - Life companies; charter limitations on investments; exception

Section 68 - Unauthorized investments; disposition

Section 69 - Impaired capital; assessment; effect of non-compliance with commissioner; order

Section 70 - Increase of stated capital

Section 71 - Reduction of stated capital

Section 72 - Dividends

Section 73 - Mutual fire companies; solicitation of business; issuance of policies; restrictions; penalties

Section 74 - Mutual fire companies; further insurance by certain companies; certificates

Section 75 - Mutual fire companies; underwriters; compensation

Section 76 - Mutual fire companies; members; annual meetings; voting rights

Section 77 - Mutual fire companies; directors

Section 78 - Mutual fire companies; laws applicable; records; perjury; inspection; jurisdiction

Section 79 - Mutual fire companies; guaranty capital; dividends; retirement

Section 80 - Mutual fire companies; dividends; accumulated profits

Section 81 - Mutual fire companies; premiums; contingent liability

Section 82 - Mutual fire companies; power of certain companies to take deposit notes

Section 83 - Mutual fire companies; assessments

Section 84 - Mutual fire companies; review or order of assessment by supreme judicial court

Section 85 - Mutual fire companies; penalty for guaranty against assessments; personal liability of officers

Section 85A - Mutual fire companies; non-assessable policies; issuance

Section 86 - Mutual marine companies; subscribers; losses; dividends; redemption fund

Section 87 - Repealed, 1934, 22

Section 88 - Mutual marine companies; applicability of Secs. 76, 77 and 78

Section 89 - Mutual marine companies; liability of president or director

Section 90 - Provisions relating to mutual fire companies applicable to other mutual companies

Section 90A - Policies; issuance by mutual fire and marine and automobile companies; conditions precedent

Section 90B - Policies; issuance by mutual fidelity and corporate surety companies; guaranty capital; members

Section 90C - Guaranty fund; creation in lieu of guaranty capital by certain mutual companies

Section 91 - Repealed, 1924, 406, Sec. 17

Section 92 - Mutual boiler companies; issuance of policies

Section 93 - Mutual liability companies; issuance of policies

Section 93A - Miscellaneous mutual companies; issuance of policies

Section 93B - Mutual surety, liability and casualty companies; issuance of policies; condition precedent

Section 93C - Mutual surety, liability and casualty companies; guaranty fund; establishment

Section 93D - Mutual surety, liability and casualty companies; impairment of guaranty capital or decrease in business; effect

Section 93E - Mutual life, liability and casualty companies; issuance of policies; dividends

Section 93F - Non-assessable policies; issuance

Section 94 - Mutual life companies; members, voting rights; selection and qualifications of directors

Section 94A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 94B to 94M and remainder of this chapter, and to chapter 152

Section 94B - Exchange of reciprocal or inter-insurance contracts

Section 94C - Domestic exchange; organization; preliminary certificate

Section 94D - Domestic exchange; provisional and permanent certificates to transact business; application and declaration

Section 94E - Foreign exchange; license to transact business; application and declaration; requirements

Section 94F - Examination of application and declaration by commissioner; issuance of license to transact business

Section 94G - Issuance of insurance contracts; conditions precedent

Section 94H - Required amount of assets, surplus and reserve maintained in hands of attorney in fact; applicability of other laws to exchanges

Section 94I - Annual reporting by reciprocal insurance exchange; examination of affairs of exchange by commissioner

Section 94J - Applicability of chapter to contracts of reciprocal or inter-insurance and exchanges thereof, attorneys in fact and other representatives

Section 94K - Advisory committee

Section 94L - Power of attorney

Section 94M - Unused premium deposits

Section 94N - Domestic exchange; conversion to or merger with domestic mutual insurance company

Section 95 - Fire insurance policy of amount exceeding fair value of property or for term of longer than seven years prohibited

Section 95A - Requirement of fire insurance policy exceeding amount of outstanding mortgage prohibited

Section 95B - Discrimination against abuse victim in any term or condition of residential property insurance policy prohibited

Section 96 - Fire loss; limitation on liability beyond actual value of insured property; reimbursement of premium paid on amount in excess of actual value

Section 96A - Loss of use or occupancy; limitations

Section 97 - Payment to mortgagees under fire insurance policy

Section 97A - Claims for loss or damage to real property in amount greater than five thousand dollars; priority of claims of city or town for payment of municipal liens

Section 98 - Application for fire insurance

Section 99 - Standard form and content of policies or contracts insuring against loss or damage by fire or by fire and lightning

Section 99A - Loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination

Section 99B - Property insurance for business, professional or governmental operation; multi-peril homeowners insurance for condominiums

Section 99C - Sailmaker shops; insurance against damage or loss by fire or fire and lightning

Section 100 - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; selection of referees

Section 100A - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; appointment of replacement referee

Section 100B - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; qualification of referee

Section 101 - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; timing of hearing

Section 101A - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; publication and delivery of award

Section 101B - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; liability of company and insured for compensation and expenses of third referee; review by commissioner

Section 101C - Reference of amount of loss under policy of fire insurance to referees; payment of charges of third referee

Section 101D - Determination by referees of sound value of property affected

Section 101E - Reference of amount of loss or sound value of affected property under policy of fire insurance to referees; non-waiver of legal defenses to claim

Section 101F - Reference of amount of loss or sound value of affected property under policy of fire insurance to referees; penalty for non-compliance with Secs. 100, 101A or 101D

Section 101G - Reference of amount of loss or sound value of affected property under policy of fire insurance to referees; effect of appointment of receiver for domestic fire company

Section 101H - Sound value

Section 102 - Proof of loss; written notice of fire in lieu of sworn statement specified by Sec. 99

Section 102A - Combination policies; contents; commissioner's approval

Section 102B - Combination policies; mutual companies

Section 102C - Policy against loss or damage to property by radioactive contamination; form; contents; requisites

Section 102D - National flood insurance program; authorization of participating companies to issue policies; proof of loss; service of process

Section 102E - Crime insurance policies

Section 103 - Repealed, 1923, 336, Sec. 2

Section 104 - Repealed, 1947, 614, Sec. 2

Section 105 - Fidelity and corporate surety companies; powers

Section 106 - Foreign fidelity and corporate surety companies; deposit with state treasurer

Section 107 - Surety bonds; status

Section 108 - Accident and health insurance policies; commissioner's approval; contents

Section 108A - Refusal to issue policy of accident and sickness insurance for reason of blindness or deafness prohibited

Section 108B - Inclusion of registered dentists within meaning of ''physician'' or ''doctor'' as used in policies of accident and sickness insurance or contracts for health care, services or benefits

Section 108C - Discrimination in issuance, denial, cancellation, renewal or rates of policy of accident and sickness insurance for reason of exposure to diethylstilbestrol or DES compounds prohibited

Section 108D - Reimbursement for chiropractic services

Section 108E - Disclosure of information relating to outpatient diagnosis or treatment of mental or nervous conditions

Section 108F - Repealed, 1993, 110, Sec. 201

Section 108G - Discrimination in issuance, denial, cancellation, renewal or rates of policy of accident and sickness insurance based on information that individual has been victim of abuse prohibited

Section 108H - Terms of accident or sickness insurance policies; genetic tests; discrimination based on genetic information

Section 108I - Disability or long term care insurance policies; genetic tests; discrimination based on genetic information

Section 108J - Disability insurance policies; discrimination based upon lawful travel experiences or plans prohibited

Section 108K - [There is no 175:108K.]

Section 108L - Attribution of members to a primary care provider

Section 108M - Disclosure of patient-level data and contracted prices of individual health care services by carriers to providers

Section 109 - Repealed, 1954, 275, Sec. 2

Section 110 - General or blanket policies; power to issue; non-applicability of Sec. 108

Section 110A - Disability insurance; exemption from attachment; exception

Section 110B - Non-payment of premium of accident, health or individual life insurance policy; termination or lapse of policy; notice; limitation of action

Section 110C - Health insurance of persons over 65; issuance by two or more companies

Section 110D - Continuation of coverage after insured leaves group covered by general or blanket policy

Section 110E - Standards for disclosure of form, content and advertising of accident and sickness insurance policies; rules and regulations; enforcement procedures and penalties

Section 110F - Effect of federal social security benefit increase upon payment of benefits under disability policy

Section 110G - Continuation of coverage under group hospital, surgical or medical insurance plan upon involuntary layoff or death of member

Section 110H - Cancellation of policy of accident and health upon insured reaching age 65; notice to insured

Section 110I - Continuation of coverage under group hospital, surgical, medical or dental insurance plan upon divorce or separation of member

Section 110J - Group policies issued to trustees of fund appointed by council on aging

Section 110K - Alternative dental coverage option

Section 110L - Clinical trials; definitions; coverage

Section 110M - Statements provided to individuals provided with creditable coverage; reports

Section 111 - Beneficiary; power to sue

Section 111A - Liability insurance; combination policies; contents; commissioner's approval

Section 111B - Liability insurance; combination policies; issuance by mutual companies; notice of reduced or eliminated coverages

Section 111C - Medical pay provisions

Section 111D - Uninsured vehicle endorsement

Section 111E - Professional liability policies

Section 111F - Medical reports; furnishing copy to injured person or attorney

Section 111G - Extent of family coverage; stated deductible amount

Section 111H - Liability insurance for residential property owners complying with lead poisoning prevention guidelines

Section 112 - Payment of losses; regulations

Section 112A - Liquor liability insurance; coverage

Section 112B - Cancellation of liquor liability insurance by insurer; notice to insured and to licensing authorities

Section 112C - Disclosure of coverage limits to claimants; penalty

Section 113 - Judgment; satisfaction

Section 113A - Motor vehicle liability policies; contents; commissioner's approval; options to purchase policies or bonds; notice of reduced or eliminated coverages

Section 113B - Classification of risks and premium charges in connection with motor vehicle liability policies or bonds

Section 113C - Notice to registrar of companies authorized to issue motor vehicle liability policies or to act as surety upon motor vehicle liability bonds; mandatory offer of additional coverage; limits

Section 113D - Cancellation of motor vehicle liability policy; proceedings; review

Section 113E - Deposit premiums

Section 113F - Notice of intent to not issue, extend or renew motor vehicle liability policy or to execute or act as surety on motor vehicle liability bond

Section 113G - Officers, directors and employees of company issuing or executing motor vehicle liability policies or bonds; financial interest in companies or agencies; restrictions

Section 113H - Assigned risk plans

Section 113I - Freedom of contract between insurers and agents or brokers; manner of issuing policies

Section 113J - Furnishing of reports of medical examinations of person injured in motor vehicle accident

Section 113K - Minors; contracts for motor vehicle liability insurance

Section 113L - Uninsured motorists; insufficient liability limits; coverage

Section 113M - Repealed, 1981, 775, Sec. 3

Section 113N - Medical examination of applicant for motor vehicle liability policy or bond prohibited

Section 113O - Fire and theft or comprehensive coverage; payments for loss or damage to insured vehicle; statements to police; claim forms; actions for nonpayment

Section 113P - Appeals from application of safe driver insurance plan

Section 113Q - Inclusion of automobile club memberships in automobile insurance policy prohibited

Section 113R - Interest on refunds of overpayments or overdue payments of motor vehicle liability insurance premiums

Section 113S - Inspection of vehicles prior to provision of coverage

Section 113T - Repair shop coverage

Section 113U - Antique motor car policies

Section 113V - Overutilization of practice or fraud involving automobile insurance claims; medical licensing boards; investigations

Section 113W - Hospitality mutual insurance company; conversion of liquor legal liability joint underwriting association; authorized transactions; board of directors

Section 113X - Motor vehicle glass repair covered by motor vehicle liability insurance; prohibited acts by insurers; penalty

Section 114 - Title insurance companies; applicability of chapter

Section 115 - Repealed, 1924, 406, Sec. 17

Section 116 - Title guarantee funds

Section 116A - Foreign title insurance companies; applicability of chapter

Section 117 - Steam boiler insurance; term of policy

Section 117A - Marine and sprinkler leakage insurance; combination policies; contents; commissioner's approval

Section 117B - Credit insurance; combination policies; contents; commissioner's approval

Section 117C - Determination of premium rates with respect to credit life insurance and credit accident and health insurance; filing; reports

Section 117D - Credit involuntary unemployment insurance

Section 118 - Life company defined

Section 119 - Domestic life companies; power to make pure endowment contracts and grant annuities.

Section 119A - Proceeds of annuity contract or policy of life insurance retained by life company; alienation, assignment, etc. by beneficiary

Section 119B - Refund of prepaid individual life insurance premiums upon death of insured

Section 119C - Interest on proceeds payable under policy of individual life insurance upon death of insured

Section 120 - Discrimination by life company in amount or payment of premiums or rate charged, in benefits payable, or in any other term of contract prohibited

Section 120A - Refusal to issue policy of individual life insurance for reason of mental retardation prohibited

Section 120B - Refusal to issue policy of individual life insurance for reason of blindness prohibited

Section 120C - Discrimination in cancellation, issuance, renewal or rates of policies on the lives of persons for reason of exposure to diethylstilbestrol or DES compounds prohibited

Section 120D - Discrimination in cancellation, issuance, renewal or rates of policies of life insurance or endowment insurance for reason that individual has been victim of abuse prohibited

Section 120E - Unfair discrimination based on results of genetic test or the provision of genetic information prohibited; genetic tests as condition to issuance or renewal of policy on the life of person prohibited

Section 120F - Discrimination in terms or conditions of group or individual annuity, pure endowment contract or certificate prohibited

Section 121 - Sale or purchase of securities in connection with contract of life or endowment insurance or annuity prohibited

Section 122 - Discrimination against colored persons of African descent in conditions and premium charged for policies of life insurance prohibited

Section 122A - Discrimination based upon lawful travel experiences or plans prohibited; life insurance policies

Section 123 - Application for issuance of policy of life or endowment insurance; change of designation of beneficiary

Section 123A - Insurable interest of corporation in the life or physical or mental ability of corporate director, officer, employee, etc.

Section 124 - Claims under policy issued by life company; binding effect of statements in application for life insurance policy issued without medical examination

Section 125 - Beneficiaries of policy of life or endowment insurance; entitlement to proceeds against creditors of person effecting policy

Section 126 - Policy of life or endowment insurance payable to or for the benefit of a married woman

Section 127 - False or fraudulent statements in application for life or endowment insurance; penalties

Section 128 - Age of competency to contract for life or endowment insurance

Section 128A - Repealed, 1975, 111, Sec. 1

Section 129 - Plain description upon face of policy of life or endowment insurance or annuity required

Section 130 - Policies of life or endowment purporting to be issued or to take effect more than six months before date of application; annuities or pure endowments contracts purporting to be issued or to take effect at higher age

Section 131 - Endorsement or attachment of application as a part of policy of life or endowment insurance

Section 132 - Policies of life or endowment insurance; form and content; commissioner's approval

Section 132A - Group annuity contract; definitions

Section 132A1/2 - Requirements for other group annuity contracts

Section 132B - Group annuity contract; issuance; form; commissioner's approval; review; contents

Section 132C - Group annuity contract; exemption from process; exception

Section 132D - Group annuity contracts; members

Section 132E - Group annuity contract; construction

Section 132F - Pension contracts; funding agreements; separate accounts

Section 132G - Variable annuity contracts; issuance; contents; separate investment accounts; reserve liability; approval; rules and regulations

Section 132H - Variable annuity contracts; investment of assets; limitations; rules and regulations

Section 132I - Funding agreements

Section 133 - Group life insurance defined

Section 133A - Requirements for other group life insurance policies

Section 134 - Group life policies; commissioner's approval; contents

Section 134A - Conversion from group life insurance policy to another type of life policy; right of certificate-holder; notice

Section 134B - Repealed, 1968, 391, Sec. 19

Section 134C - Group life policies; assignment of incidents of ownership

Section 135 - Group life policies; exemption from attachment; exception

Section 136 - Group life policies; exemption from loan provision

Section 137 - Group policies; members

Section 138 - Application of chapter to Secs. 133 to 137

Section 138A - Group life policies; pay-roll deductions of state and local employees

Section 139 - Conversion, alteration or exchange of life or endowment insurance or annuity contracts

Section 140 - Annual dividends on policies of life or endowment insurance

Section 141 - Safety fund

Section 142 - Loan from life company upon policy of life insurance; interest rate; loan value; definitions

Section 143 - Applicability of forfeiture laws to policies of life insurance and deferred annuity contracts

Section 144 - Default in payment of premium on policy of life insurance; surrender of policy for cash value; taking of paid-up nonforfeiture benefit

Section 144A - Repealed, 2004, 59, Sec. 2

Section 144A1/2 - Annuity contracts; required provisions

Section 145 - Cash surrender value of policies of industrial life insurance

Section 146 - Policies of industrial life insurance; applicability of Sec. 144

Section 146A - Default in payment of premium on policy of industrial life insurance; notice of non-forfeiture benefit

Section 146B - Massachusetts Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Law

Section 147 to 147B - Repealed, 1943, 227, Sec. 10

Section 148 - Repealed, 1928, 148, Sec. 2

Section 149 - Participating and nonparticipating policies of life, endowment and accident and sickness insurance and annuity and pure endowment contracts

Section 149A - Unclaimed funds; definitions

Section 149B - Unclaimed funds; reports by companies

Section 149C - Unclaimed funds; payment to state treasurer

Section 149D - Unclaimed funds; custody; claims; proceedings; judgment and satisfaction

Section 149E - Examination of records of life company by state treasurer

Section 149F to 149L - Repealed, 2010, 469, Sec. 1

Section 149M - Definitions applicable to Secs. 149M to 149X

Section 149N - Service contracts; duties of provider

Section 149O - Reimbursement of covered sums or performance of service pursuant to reimbursement insurance policy

Section 149P - Form and content of service contracts

Section 149Q - Prohibited language in provider name; false or misleading statements; purchase of service contract as condition of loan or sale of property prohibited

Section 149R - Maintenance and retention of accounts, books and records

Section 149S - Termination of reimbursement insurance policy

Section 149T - Receipt of premiums for reimbursement insurance policy; insurer right to indemnification or subrogation

Section 149U - Enforcement of Secs. 149M to 149W

Section 149V - Exemptions from Secs. 149M to 149W

Section 149W - Rules and regulations

Section 149X - Retention and use of collected registration fees

Section 150 - Admission of foreign companies

Section 151 - Conditions of admission of foreign companies

Section 152 - Kinds of business which may be transacted by foreign companies

Section 152A - Foreign mutual fire companies; non-assessable policies; issuance; conditions

Section 153 - Foreign life companies; conditions of admission

Section 154 - Service of process on foreign company; duty of commissioner; fees

Section 155 - Companies formed under laws of any government or state other than the United States or one of the United States; conditions of admission

Section 156 - Companies formed under laws of any government or state other than the United States or one of the United States; appointment of trustees

Section 156A - Cessation of issuance of policies or making of contracts by foreign company upon revocation or suspension of license or failure to maintain required amounts of capital or assets

Section 157 - Repealed, 2000, 96, Sec. 3

Section 158 - Effect of war between United States and foreign country upon policies and contracts issued by company organized under laws of such foreign company

Section 159 - Retaliatory taxes, fines, penalties, etc.

Section 160 - Persons aiding foreign company not lawfully admitted to issue policies or contracts; penalty; reinsurance or transfer of primary obligation to meet actual risk assumed under policy to unlicensed company or company with insufficient net cash assets prohibited

Section 160A - Advertisement for or on behalf of unlicensed foreign company or fraternal benefit society prohibited

Section 160B - Publication of notice by commissioner of unlicensed foreign company or fraternal benefit society

Section 160C - Automobile insurance; company as agent for insurers doing business in Mexico; separate accounts; payment of percentage of gross premiums

Section 160D - Agent or broker securing automobile coverage with Mexican companies; separate accounts; payment of percentage of gross premiums

Section 161 - Repealed, 1929, 6, Sec. 1

Section 161A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 161A to 161E

Section 161B - Domestication of United States branch of alien insurer; domestication agreement

Section 161C - Approval of domestication agreement by alien and domestic insurer

Section 161D - Approval of domestication agreement by commissioner

Section 161E - Domestication of United States branch of alien insurer effective upon filing of instrument of transfer and assumption

Section 162 - Agent, broker and adjuster defined; on-premises and off-premise solicitation of negotiation of policy of insurance

Section 162A - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 4

Section 162B - Agents and brokers; power to accept installment premiums

Section 162C - Direct billing; mandatory agreements prohibited

Section 162D - Expense premium commissions; payment to insurance agents; additional compensation

Section 162E - Motor vehicle insurance made by insurer pursuant to American agency system; insurer commission arrangements

Section 162F - Property or casualty insurance information; proprietary rights of agents and brokers

Section 162G - Licensing of insurance producers; Secs. 162H through 162X govern qualifications and procedures

Section 162H - Definitions applicable to Secs. 162G to 162X

Section 162I - License required to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance

Section 162J - Insurance producer license; persons not required to be licensed

Section 162K - Insurance producer license; written examination

Section 162L - Insurance producer license; application; requirements for approval

Section 162M - Insurance producer license; qualification; lines of authority

Section 162N - Insurance producer license; nonresident producer licenses

Section 162O - Insurance producer license; application by individual licensed as an insurance producer in another state

Section 162P - Insurance producer doing business under assumed name; notice

Section 162Q - Insurance producer license; temporary license

Section 162R - Insurance producer license; suspension, revocation, refusal to issue or renew or levying of civil penalties

Section 162S - Insurance producers acting as agents of insurers; appointment procedures

Section 162T - Insurer's termination of appointment, contract, etc. with producer; procedures

Section 162U - Insurance producer license; waiver of requirements for nonresident license applicant

Section 162V - Reporting of administrative action taken against insurance producer; reporting of criminal prosecution of insurance producer

Section 162W - Promulgation of regulations relating to insurance producers

Section 162X - Severability of Secs. 162G to 162X

Section 162Y - Portable electronics insurance

Section 163 - Agents; licensing; cancellation, modification, revocation, or expiration of contract; referees; decision; review

Section 163A - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 7

Section 164 - Collectors of premiums

Section 164A - Lapsed industrial life policies; effect on agents' commissions

Section 165 - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 8

Section 166 - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 9

Section 166A - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 10

Section 166B - Revocation of license; disposition of interest as proprietor, employee, etc. of insurance producer; appointment of receiver; injunction

Section 167 - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 15

Section 167A - Insurance producer license; fee exemption for certain persons

Section 168 - Special insurance brokers; licensing; procurement of insurance in unauthorized companies

Section 168A - Procurement by special broker of insurance from an eligible alien unauthorized insurer

Section 169 - Effect of payment to agent or broker

Section 170 - Agent or broker; procurement of payment of premium by fraud; penalty

Section 171 - Illegal insurance contracts; liability of agent

Section 172 - Adjusters of fire losses; licensing; penalty; examination for applicants

Section 172A - Voluntary association licenses

Section 173 - Partnership licenses

Section 174 - Corporation licenses

Section 174A - Hearings, revocation or suspension of licenses; notices

Section 174B - Revoked licenses; surrender; renewal certificates; penalty

Section 174C - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 33

Section 174D - Repealed, 2002, 106, Sec. 34

Section 174E - Repealed, 1998, 129, Sec. 3

Section 174F - Business Transacted With Broker–Controlled Insurer Act

Section 174G - Definitions applicable to Secs. 174F to 174K

Section 174H - Applicability of Secs. 174F to 174K

Section 174I - Written contract between controlling broker and insurer required

Section 174J - Notice to prospective insured disclosing broker-controlled insurer relationships

Section 174K - Violations of Secs. 174F to 174K; remedies

Section 175 - Representation or advertisement as agent, broker or adjuster without being duly licensed; carrying on of business in name other than that stated in license

Section 176 - Larceny by agent or broker

Section 176A - Refund or credit of return premiums on cancelled motor vehicle policies; penalty

Section 177 - Unlicensed persons; compensation; penalty

Section 177A - Insurance adviser defined

Section 177B - Insurance adviser license

Section 177C - Contracts or agreements with insurance adviser; enforceability

Section 177D - Statement and receipt from insurance adviser specifying advice given and fee paid

Section 177E - Continuing educational requirements

Section 177F - Managing General Agents Act

Section 177G - Definitions applicable to Secs. 177F to 177L

Section 177H - Managing general agent; licensure and errors and omissions coverage required

Section 177I - Contracts between managing general agent and insurer; required provisions

Section 177J - Independent financial examination of managing general agent; actuary opinion of loss reserves; review of processing operations; notification to commissioner of appointment or termination

Section 177K - Acts of managing general agent considered acts of insurer; examination by commissioner

Section 177L - Administrative action against managing general agent; authority of commissioner; penalties

Section 177M - Reinsurance Intermediary Act

Section 177N - Definitions applicable to Secs. 177M to 177W

Section 177O - Reinsurance intermediary brokers; bonds; licenses; applications

Section 177P - Contracts between reinsurance intermediary broker and insurer; required provisions

Section 177Q - Maintenance of records by reinsurance intermediary broker

Section 177R - Reinsurance intermediary broker license required; employment restrictions; annual financial statements

Section 177S - Contracts between reinsurance intermediary manager and reinsurer; required provisions

Section 177T - Prohibited acts by reinsurance intermediary manager

Section 177U - Reinsurance intermediary manager license required; annual financial statements; actuary opinion of loss reserves; notice of termination; prohibited appointments

Section 177V - Examination of reinsurance intermediary by commissioner

Section 177W - Administrative action against reinsurance intermediary; authority of commissioner; penalties

Section 178 - Receiver of insolvent company; compensation and accounts

Section 179 - Receiver of insolvent company; appointment of commissioner, deputy or assistant as receiver

Section 180 - Receiver of insolvent company; examination of accounts and transactions

Section 180A - Definitions applicable to Secs. 180A to 180L1/2

Section 180B - Domestic companies; rehabilitation proceedings

Section 180C - Domestic companies; liquidation proceedings; approval of proposal to distribute; notice of application

Section 180D - Domestic companies; duty of receivers to give notice of appointment

Section 180E - Ancillary receiver of foreign insurer

Section 180F - Proof of claims of non-residents; liquidation proceedings; priority of distribution

Section 180G - Proof of claims; liquidation proceedings; cause of action against policyholder

Section 180H - Contingent claims; distribution of assets of insolvent insurer

Section 180I - Liquidation proceedings commenced in reciprocal state; proof of claims

Section 180J - Special deposit claims; liquidation proceedings; priority

Section 180K - Secured claims; liquidation proceedings

Section 180L - Severability of Secs. 180A to 180K

Section 180L1/2 - Termination, liquidation, etc., and rights under security agreements relating to netting agreements or qualified financial contracts; transfer of netting agreement or qualified financial contracts

Section 180M - Definitions applicable to this section and Secs. 180N to 180Q

Section 180N - Adoption of bylaws reasonably necessary for operation of company during national emergency

Section 180O - Provisions becoming effective upon occurrence of national emergency in absence of bylaws adopted pursuant to Sec. 180N

Section 180P - Succession of officers during national emergency

Section 180Q - Location of home office or principal place of business of company in the event of national emergency

Section 181 - Misrepresentations by insurer; penalty

Section 182 - Special inducements, etc.; rebates; loans in connection with student loan insurance programs

Section 183 - Rebates; acceptance; prohibition

Section 184 - Application of Secs. 182 and 183

Section 185 - Deposits by companies in compliance with state laws to be held by state treasurer in trust

Section 186 - Misrepresentation or warranty by insured; effect

Section 186A - Delivery of policy; presumptions

Section 186B - Effect of lack of sworn statement of loss; laws applicable

Section 187 - Foreign companies; contents of policies

Section 187A - Actions on policies; limitation

Section 187B - Cancellation of policy; failure to return premium; penalties

Section 187C - Cancellation of policy; procedure

Section 187D - Cancellation of policy; non-payment of premium

Section 187E - Small claims; payments to heirs of decedents

Section 187F - Cancellation of policies during strike of insurance agents

Section 187G - Lapse of certain life insurance policies during strike of agents; reinstatement

Section 187H - Owner's right to cancel policy; notice; refund of prepaid premiums

Section 188 - Unlawful use of proxy; penalty

Section 189 - Policies in violation of this chapter; penalty

Section 190 - Repealed, 1924, 406, Sec. 17

Section 190A - Definitions applicable to this section and Secs. 190B and 190C

Section 190B - Mass marketed life or health insurance; reasonableness of charges; findings; orders; review

Section 190C - Mass marketed life or health insurance; nonresident insurers; compliance with state laws

Section 191 - Commissioner; power to require submission of policies and circulars for inspection; penalty

Section 191A - Property damage to insured's motor vehicle; notice of losses; arbitration clause

Section 192 - Riders and endorsements; commissioner's approval

Section 192A - Loose leaf policies; filing and approval

Section 193 - Policies issued contrary to this chapter; validity

Section 193A - Jurisdiction of superior court to restrain violations of chapter and enforce compliance of provisions thereof

Section 193B - Motor vehicle insurance; instalment payments

Section 193B1/2 - Motor vehicle insurance; interest charges on installment payments

Section 193C - Domestic companies; interlocking directorates; regulations; procedure

Section 193D - Domestic companies; power to acquire stock of other companies; regulations

Section 193E - Coercion in the placing of insurance on real or personal property prohibited; fines; exceptions

Section 193F - Policy forms; filing with commissioner; approval

Section 193G - Policy forms; disapproval; resubmission for approval

Section 193H - Policy forms; withdrawal of approval; notice and hearing; review

Section 193I - Disclosure of investments of officers, directors and principal stockholders

Section 193J - Solicitation of proxies

Section 193K - Professional services; provisions for payment; discrimination

Section 193L to 193N - Repealed, 1993, 226, Sec. 49

Section 193O - Repealed, 1972, 543, Sec. 2

Section 193P - Fire insurance policies; nonrenewal notice provision; requisites of notice

Section 193Q - Repealed, 1993, 226, Sec. 50

Section 193R - Group marketing plans for automobile and homeowner insurance; definitions; rules and regulations; rates; payroll deductions

Section 193S - Repealed, 1993, 226, Sec. 50A

Section 193T - Discrimination based on blindness, intellectual disability, or physical impairment

Section 193U - Discrimination based on specialty practiced; risk classification; definitions

Section 194 - General penalty

Section 195 - Insurance companies writing fire and multiple peril policies required to contribute to costs of training firefighting personnel, enforcement of certain fire code regulations, fire education programs, equipment and facility improvements

Section 196 - Payment under liquor liability insurance; notice to Attorney General

Section 197 to 203 - Repealed, 1989, 341, Sec. 84

Section 204 - Regulations governing replacement of life insurance policies and annuities; promulgation

Section 205 - Policies providing supplemental coverage to medicare; approval by commissioner; employers or trade unions exception; regulations

Section 206 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 206 to 206D

Section 206A - Domestic insurers; investment in capital stock of subsidiaries

Section 206B - Merger or acquisition of control; statement filed with commissioner; hearing; approval; violations

Section 206C - Registration statements; transactions requiring commissioner's approval; determination of reasonable surplus; confidentiality of information

Section 206D - Violations of Secs. 206 to 206D or rule issued thereunder; injunctive relief; voting of improperly acquired securities; penalties

Section 207 - Acquisition of stock of subsidiary insurer; approval of plan by commissioner; objections of shareholders

Section 208 - Merger of insurance holding company system into domestic insurance subsidiary

Section 209 - Commissioner's issuance of licenses to banks or credit unions to act as insurance producers

Section 210 - Procedure for resolution of consumer complaints relative to banks or credit unions acting as insurance agents

Section 211 - Information relating to insurance activities of banks or credit unions furnished to federal agencies

Section 212 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 212 to 223E

Section 213 - License requirement for life settlement providers and life settlement brokers

Section 214 - Suspension, revocation or refusal of renewal of life settlement provider or life settlement broker license

Section 215 - Approval of life settlement contract form and disclosure statement form

Section 216 - Annual statement of life settlement provider

Section 217 - Disclosure by life settlement provider, broker, insurance company, etc., of individual identification data of insured

Section 218 - Examination of business and affairs of life settlement provider, broker or applicant

Section 219 - Advertising by life settlement broker or provider

Section 220 - Required disclosures by life settlement providers and brokers

Section 221 - Use of policy as collateral in premium finance loan

Section 222 - General rules relating to life settlement contracts

Section 223 - Conflict of laws

Section 223A - Fraudulent life settlement acts

Section 223B - Control, prevention and reporting of fraud relating to life settlement contracts

Section 223C - Remedies for violations of Secs. 213 to 223E

Section 223D - Penalties

Section 223E - Violation of Secs. 213 to 223E deemed unfair trade practice

Section 223F - Authority of commissioner to promulgate regulations

Section 224 - Large commercial policy holders; definitions; commercial risks; records examination

Section 225 - Disclosure notice in policy issued pursuant to commercial risks provisions of Sec. 224; large commercial policy holders

Section 226 - Pharmacy audits; standards for the conduct of audits of records; appeals

Section 227 - Statement of actuarial opinion and actuarial opinion summary