Section 1 - Definitions

Section 2 - Lodge system

Section 3 - Representative government; elections; meetings; record

Section 4 - Limitation of membership

Section 5 - Exemption from certain laws

Section 6 - Formation of corporation; purposes; association agreement

Section 7 - First meeting; notice; adoption of by-laws; filing of certificate

Section 8 - Lodge plan; preliminary license; solicitation of members; collection of payments; minimum membership; issuance of certificate

Section 9 - Certificate of organization; certificate endorsed by commissioner; filing; certification by state secretary; evidence of corporate existence

Section 10 - Certificate of commissioner; time limitation; certificate of incorporation; cessation of business operations

Section 11 - Limited societies; change of location of business; change of purpose of corporation

Section 12 - Mergers; transfers; notice; contracts, financial statements and certificates; commissioner's approval

Section 13 - Death funds; emergency funds; disability funds

Section 13A - By-laws; creation of independent hospitalization and medical services fund

Section 14 - By-laws; payments by members; provisions; purpose of payments; proportion of payments which may be used for expenses

Section 15 - Deferred payments; installments of claims; fixed liabilities on happening of contingency

Section 16 - Loans to members; accumulating and maintaining tabular reserve required by table of mortality

Section 17 - Societies maintaining surplus of assets at required level may waive collection of regular mortuary contributions from members

Section 18 - Investment of funds

Section 19 - Payment of benefits for disability on account of old age; periodical member contribution for mortuary purposes; restrictions

Section 19A - Death benefits payable as annuities

Section 20 - Death benefit certificates

Section 21 - Death or annuity benefits; beneficiaries designated by members

Section 22 - Funeral expenses of insureds

Section 22A - Personal representative or family of deceased; freedom of choice in procuring burial supplies and services

Section 23 - Payment of death, endowment or annuity benefits upon lives of children less than 18 years of age

Section 24 - Death benefit certificates as to children

Section 25 - Funds representing benefit contributions for lives of children less than 18 years of age

Section 26 - Separation of assets, funds and liabilities

Section 27 - Mingling of certain funds

Section 28 - Actions by beneficiaries

Section 29 - Attachment or taking of benefits to pay debt of member or beneficiary

Section 30 - Exemption from attachment or execution

Section 31 - Admission of persons to beneficial membership

Section 32 - Constitution and by-laws of society; amendments

Section 32A - Fraudulent alteration or concealment of records

Section 33 - Location of meetings; location of principal office

Section 34 - Waiver of constitutional provisions

Section 35 - Filing certified copies of amendments to constitution or by-laws with commissioner

Section 36 - Examinations of domestic societies by commissioner; confidentiality and privilege; proceedings brought by attorney general against domestic societies

Section 37 - Copy of commissioner's examination reports served on societies

Section 37A - Disbursements made by societies; requirements

Section 38 - Annual statement of society's condition and standing

Section 39 - Annual valuation report in addition to annual statement; societies on lodge system

Section 39A - Valuation of bonds or other evidence of debt

Section 40 - Deficiencies; additional contributions or increased rates of contribution; higher rate class of members

Section 41 - Licenses for foreign societies to transact business in commonwealth

Section 42 - Foreign societies; service of process

Section 42A - Foreign societies; deposit

Section 43 - Foreign societies; refusal to issue license; revocation of license

Section 44 - Foreign societies; examination by commissioner

Section 45 - Domestic societies governed by direct vote of members; membership limited to permanent employees of cities or towns, commonwealth or federal government; no death benefits; annuities or gratuities contingent on disabilities or long service; governing provisions

Section 46 - Domestic societies; limited membership; members and ex-members of any social organization; governing provisions

Section 46A - Subordinate lodge of society; ritualistic form of work; disability benefits

Section 46B - Incorporated domestic society transacting business under Sec. 45 or 46; real estate

Section 46C - Society subject to Sec. 45 or 46; payment of benefits

Section 46D - Grand or district lodge of secret order or fraternity transacting business under Sec. 45 or 46; benefits

Section 47 - Jurisdiction of superior court in equity

Section 47A - Contract of insurance or benefit certificate issued in violation of any provision of this chapter

Section 48 - False or fraudulent statement or representation by society with reference to application for membership; penalties

Section 49 - Unauthorized solicitation; penalties

Section 49A - Pensions for society employees; expense fund

Section 50 - Violation of chapter provisions; penalty