Section 1 - Application of chapter

Section 2 - Definitions

Section 2A, 2B - Repealed, 1971, 819, Sec. 3

Section 3 - Incorporators; manner of incorporation; classes of members; personal liability of officers and directors to corporation

Section 3A - Correction of inaccurate corporate records; filing

Section 4 - Purposes

Section 4A - Credit counseling services; practice of law

Section 5 - Investigation by local authorities of proposed corporation or corporations seeking change of location or name

Section 6 - Corporate powers; religious corporations; indemnification of officers, et al.

Section 6A - By-laws; contents

Section 6B - Notice of actions proposed under Sec. 7 or Sec. 8A; notice to certain non-voting members

Section 6C - Directors, officers or incorporators; good faith performance of duties; liability

Section 6D - Filing certificate of change regarding powers of directors, etc.

Section 7 - Amendment or restatement of articles of organization; change of purposes or name; approval

Section 7A - Amendment or restatement of articles of organization, or articles of consolidation or merger; inability to comply with Sec. 7 or Sec. 10; approval

Section 8 - Repealed, 1947, 559, Sec. 3

Section 8A - Sale, lease, or exchange of corporate property and assets; grant of security interest; public charities; notification of attorney general and commissioner of public health; investigation

Section 9 - Evidence of corporate existence

Section 9A - Repealed, 1971, 819, Sec. 5

Section 10 - Consolidation and merger; agreement; submission of articles; filing copy of articles

Section 10A - Consolidation and merger with foreign corporations; agreement; governing state law; submission of articles; filing of articles

Section 10B - Consolidation and merger; effect; amendments

Section 10C - Application of laws; exception

Section 11 - Dissolution; non-charitable corporation

Section 11A - Dissolution; voluntary; charitable corporation

Section 11B - Dissolution; involuntary; failure of charitable corporation to file annual financial reports

Section 11C - Filing fees

Section 12, 12A - Repealed, 1954, 529, Secs. 4, 5

Section 13 - Conferring of degree or issuance of diploma or certificate purporting to confer degree by medical corporation prohibited

Section 14 - Establishment and maintenance of exhibition grounds and holding of exhibition by horse breeding corporation

Section 15 - Trade or employment organizations

Section 16 - Approval of certificate of organization

Section 17 - By-laws

Section 17A - Pay-roll deductions for union dues of employees of state, county or municipality

Section 17B - Community chest, united fund, scholarship, etc.; pay-roll deductions of town, county or state employees

Section 17C - Associations of public school teachers; payroll deductions for dues

Section 17D - School teachers; payroll deductions for income protection insurance premiums

Section 17E - School nurses; payroll deductions for dues to associations of teachers

Section 17F - State employees; payroll deductions for contributions to Massachusetts Independent Health Agencies

Section 17G - State, county or municipal employees; payroll deductions for payment of service fees to collective bargaining agencies

Section 17H - Public employees; payroll deductions for periodic pass for public transportation

Section 17I - Payroll deductions for public school teachers

Section 17J - Public employees; payroll deductions for insurance or employee benefits

Section 17K - State employees; payroll deductions for near-site parking fees, on-site child care fees and other employer-provided benefits

Section 17L - Public employee; payroll deductions for qualified state tuition program

Section 17M - State police employees; payroll deductions for contributions to State Police Museum and Learning Center, Inc.

Section 17N - University of Massachusetts employee payroll deductions for certain university sponsored activities; withdrawal of authorization; transmittal of sum

Section 18 - Expulsion of member; examination of books by member

Section 19 - Fines imposed on members by unions

Section 20 - Medical Milk Commission; formation; definition

Section 21 - Medical Milk Commission; naming and designation of town where established

Section 22 - Salary, emolument or other compensation received by member from dairymen prohibited

Section 23 - Contracts for production of milk

Section 24 - Investigatory powers of department of public health

Section 25 - Violations; penalty

Section 26 - Change of location by certain corporations

Section 26A - Annual statements; required information; certification; fee; violations; penalties

Section 26B - Corporation in good standing; certificate

Section 27 - Conviction under liquor or gambling laws; voiding charter

Section 28 - Conviction of conducting illegal match; voiding of charter of club or organization

Section 29 - Local regulation of entertainments, dances, etc.