Section 1 - Citation

Section 2 - Definitions

Section 3 - Estates in fee simple; estates for years; separate estates; taxes and assessments; recording documents

Section 4 - Agreements varying chapter prohibited; waiver of rights

Section 5 - Unconscionable contracts

Section 6 - Good faith obligation

Section 7 - Remedies; liberal administration; damages; judicial enforcement

Section 8 - Laws supplementary to chapter

Section 9 - Conflicts with other laws

Section 10 - Implied repeals by subsequent legislation

Section 11 - Project instruments; creation of time-shares; amendments

Section 12 - Instruments for creation of more than twelve time-shares in single property; recording; contents

Section 13 - Instruments; allocation of votes and expense liabilities; alteration

Section 14 - Partition of units

Section 15 - Termination agreements

Section 16 - Sales or management offices; models; signs

Section 17 - Instruments; approval of actions of owners, developer, or managing entity

Section 18 - Deeds; notice of lease or license; recording; contents

Section 19 - Managing entity

Section 20 - Powers of association

Section 21 - Powers and duties of developer

Section 22 - Special developer right

Section 23 - Contracts or leases between developer and managing entity; termination by association or owners

Section 24 - Duties of managing entity; access to units; alteration of unit by owner

Section 25 - Liability of owners; actions involving owners, developers, or associations; tolling of limitations; judgments against associations

Section 26 - Insurance

Section 27 - Surplus funds

Section 28 - Expenses; assessments; late charges; interest; reserve funds

Section 29 - Liens for assessments levied or fines imposed

Section 29A - Forfeiture of rights of time-share owner for breach of condition of any mortgage; proceedings

Section 29B - Forfeiture of rights of time-share owner for non-payment of assessments; proceedings

Section 30 - Financial records

Section 31 - Third persons dealing with trustee

Section 32 - Definitions; list of addresses of owners; ballots; communication expenses; vote allocation; notice; recording amendments

Section 33 - Amendment of project instruments or unrecorded documents; approval of expenditures; procedure

Section 34 - Referendum to amend project instrument or other matters

Section 35 - Discharge of manager

Section 36 - Dispositions or offerings for which public offering statement or other materials not required

Section 37 - Public offering statements; responsibility for preparation; liability for misleading statement; multi-location plans

Section 38 - Public offering statements; furnishing to purchaser; contents

Section 39 - Public offering statements; conversion buildings; contents

Section 39A - Conformity of units to regulations

Section 40 - Public offering statements; time-share registered with securities exchange commission

Section 41 - Providing prospective purchaser with public offering statement and resale disclosures; cancellation of contract; damages

Section 42 - Copy of instrument and certificate; delivery to purchaser; limitation on expense liability

Section 42A - Resale service providers; disclosure obligations

Section 43 - Deposits placed in escrow; holding instrument of payment

Section 44 - Release of liens; surety bond; service of process for foreclosure of lien

Section 45 - Express warranties

Section 46 - Implied warranties of developer or person in business of selling real estate for own account

Section 47 - Implied warranties of quality; exclusions or modifications

Section 48 - Limitation of actions for breach of warranties

Section 49 - Failure to comply with chapter

Section 50 - Improvements not required to be built

Section 51 - Completion of promised improvements; responsibility for recording deed or notice

Section 52 - Advertisements including prize offer

Section 53 - Exchange programs; information; promotional literature; liability

Section 54 - Multi-location developers; information for purchasers; violations

Section 55 - Project brokers

Section 56 - Transfer of interest; time-share services agreements; transfer services; penalties; prohibitions