Section 1 - Rights of aliens

Section 2 - Conveyance of land subject to contingent remainder, executory devise or other estate in expectancy

Section 3 - Contingent remainders; taking effect; limitations

Section 4 - Land held in fee tail; liability for debts of tenant in tail

Section 5 - Conveyance vesting life estate and remainder to heirs

Section 6 - Interpretation of words importing want or failure of issue

Section 6A - ''Heirs'' and ''next of kin'' construed

Section 7 - Creation of estate in common, joint tenancy or tenancy by the entirety

Section 8 - Conveyance to grantor and another

Section 8A - Name and address of owner; request for information; records; penalty

Section 9 - Conveyance by tenant for life or years of greater estate

Section 10 - Acts of owner of precedent estate upon expectant estate; effect

Section 11 - Barring of estates tail

Section 12 - Fixtures annexed by life tenant; determination; removal

Section 13 - Repealed, 1957, 765, Sec. 2

Section 14 - Sale of timber standing on land used by other than owner of fee

Section 15 - Proceedings affecting title to real property; recording and registration of memoranda of lis pendens; persons affected

Section 16 - Certificate of judgment, decree or final disposition; recording

Section 17 - Judgments or decrees; effect of recording

Section 17A - Agreement for purchase and sale of real estate; acknowledgment; recordation

Section 17B - Mortgage loan application; real estate consisting of a certain dwelling house; required statements and information

Section 17B1/2 - Variable or adjustable rate subprime loans for first-time home loan borrowers; written affirmation and counseling certificate required; approved counseling programs; violations; regulations

Section 17C, 17D - Repealed, 2006, 63, Sec. 4B

Section 18 - Entry into land; legal proceedings required to recover possession of land or tenements; jurisdiction

Section 19 - Entry for breach of condition; certificate; recordation

Section 20 - Right of entry or action for recovery of real property; descent or discontinuance

Section 21 - Encumbrances upon real property; duty of grantor to inform grantee

Section 22 - Encumbrance of record; liability for removal

Section 23 - Conditions or restrictions; term of years; applicability

Section 23A - Proceedings relating to building restrictions; limitation of actions

Section 23B - Restrictive covenants based on race, religion, national origin or sex; validity; exception

Section 23C - Solar energy systems; installation or use; restrictive provisions

Section 23D - Community residences for disabled persons; restrictive provisions

Section 24 - Defects, irregularities or omissions in deeds; curative period

Section 25 - Indefinite references; effect; application

Section 26 - Land use or construction restrictions subject to this section and Secs. 27 to 30; definitions; sufficiency of description; presumptions

Section 27 - Restrictions imposed after December 31, 1961; limitations on enforceability; extension of period

Section 28 - Restrictions imposed before January 1, 1962; limitations on enforceability; extension of period

Section 29 - Notice or extension of restriction; prerequisites

Section 30 - Enforceability of restrictions; presumptions and prerequisites; temporary injunction

Section 31 - Restrictions, defined

Section 32 - Effect, enforcement, acquisition, and release of restrictions

Section 33 - Public restriction tract index

Section 33A, 33B - Repealed, 2008, 521, Sec. 3

Section 34 - Good faith purchasers of interests in real estate from trustees; binding effect on trust; recording conditions

Section 35 - Trustee's certificate; requirements; effect