Section 1 - Repealed, 2008, 521, Sec. 5

Section 1A - Land demised for term of 100 years or more regarded as estate in fee simple

Section 2 - Repealed, 2012, 140, Sec. 2

Section 3 - Tenancy at sufferance; liability for rent

Section 4 - Liability of tenant for rent for proportion of land in possession

Section 5 - Action to recover rent; evidence

Section 6 - Survival of action

Section 7 - Remedies of landlords

Section 8 - Recovery of rent accruing before determination of lease

Section 9 - Recovery of rent paid in advance

Section 10 - Rent as a necessary

Section 11 - Determination of lease for nonpayment of rent

Section 11A - Termination of lease for nonpayment of rent

Section 12 - Notice to determine estate at will

Section 13 - Recovery of possession after termination of tenancy at will

Section 13A - Tenants deemed to be at will upon foreclosure of residential real property; status of tenancy agreements where rental payment subsidized under state or federal law

Section 14 - Wrongful acts of landlord; premises used for dwelling or residential purposes; utilities, services, quiet enjoyment; penalties; remedies; waiver

Section 15 - Non-liability of landlord; provisions in lease or rental agreement

Section 15A - Waiver of notices; lease or rental agreement provisions; validity

Section 15B - Entrance of premises prior to termination of lease; payments; receipts; interest; records; security deposits

Section 15C - Residential real estate, lease payments based on real estate tax increases

Section 15D - Oral agreement to execute lease; delivery of lease copy; penalty; waiver

Section 15E - Action against owner; injuries due to defects violating building code; defense; waiver

Section 15F - Residential leases or rental agreements restricting litigation or landlord liability; ouster of tenant; remedies

Section 16 - Leases or rental agreements restricting occupancy of children

Section 17 - Occupancy constituting tenancy at will; termination

Section 17A - Residential care and services; housing facility providers; eviction; hearing; jurisdiction

Section 18 - Reprisal for reporting violations of law or for tenant's union activity; damages and costs; notice of termination, presumption; waiver in leases or other rental agreements prohibited

Section 19 - Notice to landlord of unsafe condition; tort actions for injuries resulting from uncorrected condition

Section 20 - Attorneys' fees and expenses; residential lease provisions; implied covenant; waiver

Section 21 - Disclosure of insurance information by lessor; violations; waiver

Section 22 - Definitions; submeter installation; testing; water use charges; public housing development exemption

Section 23 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 23 to 29

Section 24 - Termination of rental agreement or tenancy by victim of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault or stalking

Section 25 - Refusal of rental agreement or assistance based on termination of rental agreement under Sec. 24 or request for change of lock under Sec. 26 prohibited

Section 26 - Change of locks upon request of tenant, co-tenant or household member believed to be under imminent threat of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault or stalking

Section 27 - Jurisdiction of courts to restrain violation of Secs. 23 to 26; applicability of other laws to requests to change locks

Section 28 - Waivers of Secs. 23 to 27 void and unenforceable

Section 29 - Owner immunity from liability