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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2-202: Procedure when exercising jurisdiction over nonresident

[ Text of section effective until March 31, 2016. For text effective March 31, 2016, see below.]

  Section 2-202. Procedure when exercising jurisdiction over nonresident. A tribunal of the commonwealth exercising personal jurisdiction over a nonresident under Section 2-201 may apply Section 3-316 (Special Rules of Evidence and Procedure) to receive evidence from another state, and Section 3-318 (Assistance with Discovery) to obtain discovery through a tribunal of another state. In all other respects, Articles 3 through 7 do not apply and the tribunal shall apply the procedural and substantive law of the commonwealth, including the rules on choice of law other than those established by this chapter.

Chapter 209D: Section 2-202. Duration of personal jurisdiction

[ Text of section as recodified by 2016, 53, Sec. 1 effective March 31, 2016 applicable as provided by 2016, 53, Sec. 2. See 2016, 53, Sec. 3. For text effective until March 31, 2016, see above.]

  Section 2-202. Duration of personal jurisdiction. Personal jurisdiction acquired by a tribunal of the commonwealth in a proceeding under this chapter or other law of the commonwealth relating to a support order continues as long as a tribunal of the commonwealth has continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify its order or continuing jurisdiction to enforce its order as provided by sections 2-205, 2-206 and 2-211.