General Laws

Section 5-501. Recognition of income-withholding order of another state.

(a) An income withholding order issued in another state may be sent by first class mail or by facsimile or other electronic transmission to the person or entity defined as the obligor's employer under section 1A of chapter 119A or to any other source of periodic income to the obligor, without first filing a petition or comparable pleading or registering the order with a tribunal of the commonwealth.

(b) An obligor may contest the validity or enforcement of an income-withholding order issued in another state in the same manner as if the order had been issued by a tribunal of the commonwealth. Section 6-604 (Choice of Law) applies to the contest. The obligor shall give notice of the contest to any child support enforcement agency providing services to the obligee and to:

(1) the person or agency designated to receive payments in the income-withholding order; or

(2) if no person or agency is designated, the obligee.