Section 1 - Issuance of summonses for witnesses

Section 2 - Service of summons

Section 3 - Witness fees; payment or tender

Section 3A - Representation of commissioner of banks

Section 4 - Liability for nonattendance

Section 5 - Penalty for nonattendance; contempt

Section 6 - Warrant for nonattending witness

Section 7 - Witnesses before executive council

Section 8 - Bodies authorized to summon witnesses; oath

Section 9 - Warrant for witness failing to attend before nonjudicial tribunal

Section 10 - Enforcing attendance before nonjudicial tribunal

Section 11 - Requiring testimony

Section 12 - Summons for attendance at criminal trial outside state

Section 13 - Penalty for nonattendance outside state

Section 13A - Attendance of witnesses outside state; hearing and summons; failure to attend

Section 13B - Attendance of witness from another state; fees; failure to attend

Section 13C - Exemption from arrest and process of witnesses from outside state

Section 13D - Short title; construction of law

Section 14 - Persons authorized to administer oaths

Section 15 - Mode of administering oaths

Section 16 - Mode requested by affiant

Section 17 - Affirmation by Quakers

Section 18 - Affirmation for reasons of conscience

Section 19 - Oaths of non–Christians

Section 20 - Competency of witnesses; husband and wife; criminal defendant; parent and child

Section 20A - Privileged communications; communications with clergymen

Section 20B - Privileged communications; patients and psychotherapists; exceptions

Section 20C - Immunity from prosecution; privilege against self-incrimination

Section 20D - Crimes subject to immunity

Section 20E - Application for witness immunity by attorney general or district attorney; hearing; representation of witness; notice or waiver; transcript

Section 20F - Repealed, 1998, 188, Sec. 5

Section 20G - Scope of immunity; copies of transcript of testimony compelled and documents furnished; availability to witness

Section 20H - Contempt of court; punishment; appeal

Section 20I - Necessity of corroborating testimony of, or evidence produced by, person granted immunity

Section 20J - Sexual assault; confidential communications with sexual assault counsellor; disclosure; discovery

Section 20K - Domestic violence victims' counselors; confidential communications

Section 20L - Confidentiality of domestic violence victims' program and rape crisis center locations

Section 20M - Disclosure of confidential communication regarding human trafficking victim by caseworker

Section 20N - Disclosure of home address or personal telephone number of social worker employed by the department of children and families

Section 21 - Proof of conviction of crime to affect credibility

Section 21A - Evidence of reputation

Section 21B - Evidence of sex crime victim's sexual conduct; admission hearing; findings

Section 22 - Cross-examination of adverse party; corporation's agent as adverse party

Section 23 - Impeachment of party's own witness

Section 23A - Admissibility of written or recorded statements of party to personal injury action

Section 23B - Accused; statements made while undergoing psychiatric examination; admissibility

Section 23C - Work product of mediator confidential; confidential communications; exception; mediator defined

Section 23D - Admissibility of benevolent statements, writings or gestures relating to accident victims

Section 23E - Alternative procedure for determining competency of witnesses with an intellectual disability

Section 23F - Admissibility of past physical, sexual or psychological abuse of defendant

Section 24 - Depositions in civil cases authorized

Section 24A - Medical witnesses

Section 25 - Grounds for deposition

Section 26 - Notice of taking deposition

Section 27 - Persons on whom notice may be served

Section 28 - Mode of service

Section 29 - Verbal notice; waiver of notice, etc.

Section 30 - Oath and examination of deponent

Section 31 - Order of examination

Section 32 - Mode of taking deposition

Section 33 - Certification of deposition

Section 34 - Delivery and preservation of deposition

Section 35 - Exclusion of deposition

Section 36 - Objections to deposition

Section 37 - Use of deposition in second action

Section 38 - Compelling giving of deposition; place

Section 39 - Place of taking deposition of nonresident found within commonwealth

Section 40 - Rules for taking depositions

Section 41 - Taking deposition outside commonwealth

Section 42 - Written interrogatories; notice to adverse party; production of documents

Section 43 - Rules for taking depositions outside of commonwealth

Section 44 - Foreign depositions obtained contrary to statute

Section 45 - Deposition for use in another state

Section 46 - Application to take deposition to perpetuate testimony

Section 47 - Notice of taking deposition; compelling testimony

Section 48 - Objections to taking deposition; procedure

Section 49 - Mode of taking deposition

Section 50 - Recording deposition

Section 51 - Use of deposition in action

Section 52 - Perpetuation of testimony of nonresidents

Section 53 - Application to perpetuate testimony of nonresidents

Section 54 - Notice of taking deposition

Section 55 - Issuance of commission

Section 56 - Written interrogatories

Section 57 - Rules for perpetuation of testimony of witnesses without commonwealth

Section 58 - Use of deposition

Section 59 - Perpetuation of testimony for use against all persons

Section 60 - Application for deposition

Section 61 - Naming persons interested; notice of taking deposition

Section 62 - Recording deposition

Section 63 - Use of deposition against any person

Section 64 - Admissibility of dying declaration of woman

Section 65 - Admissibility of declaration of decedent

Section 65A - Admissibility of deceased party's answers to interrogatories

Section 66 - Evidence in actions against an executor or administrator

Section 67 - General rule

Section 68 - Proof of signature

Section 69 - Records of courts of other states or United States

Section 70 - Judicial notice of foreign law

Section 71, 72 - Repealed, 1926, 168, Sec. 2

Section 73 - Foreign oaths and affidavits

Section 74 - Evidence of acts of incorporation

Section 75 - Admissibility of printed copies of acts of legislative and administrative bodies

Section 76 - Admissibility of authenticated records of governmental departments

Section 76A - Authenticated copies of documents filed with securities and exchange commission

Section 76B - Printed copies of schedules, classifications and tariffs filed with interstate commerce commission

Section 77 - Authenticated copies of records of banks and trust companies

Section 77A - Bank account statement together with legible copy of check; prima facie proof of payment

Section 78 - Entry, writing or record made in regular course of business; impeachment

Section 79 - Records and copies of records of hospitals and certain institutions; admissibility in evidence

Section 79A - Certified copies of public and private records

Section 79B - Fact statements published for persons in particular occupation

Section 79C - Statements of fact or opinion in scientific publication; notice of intention to use

Section 79D - Photographic copies of newspaper in library; prints from photographic films

Section 79E - Reproductions of public or business records

Section 79F - Proof of public way

Section 79G - Medical and hospital services; evidence

Section 79H - Tort actions for personal injuries or death; admissibility of reports of deceased physicians

Section 79I - Actions to recover from insurer for theft of personal property from motor vehicle or trailer; prima facie evidence of forcible entry into vehicle

Section 79J - Business records required to be produced in court; certification, admissibility and inspection; copies

Section 79K - Duplicate of computer data file or program file; admissibility

Section 79L - Statements or conduct expressing regret, apology, condolence by health care provider; admissibility

Section 80 - Transcripts from stenographic notes

Section 81 - Criminal proceedings; out-of-court statements describing sexual contact; admissibility

Section 82 - Civil proceedings; out-of-court statements describing sexual contact; admissibility

Section 83 - Custody hearings; out-of-court statements describing sexual contact; admissibility