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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 24A: Summoning jurors; mail as alternative method; summons; questioning prohibited

[ Text of section effective until May 10, 2016. Repealed by 2016, 36, Sec. 1.]

  Section 24A. In addition to the manner of summoning jurors as provided in section twenty-four, jurors may be summoned in the following manner:--at least twenty days prior to the time when jurors are required to attend unless the court otherwise orders when issuing venires for additional jurors under section twelve, a clerk of court may send a juror a summons with the endorsement thereon of his having been drawn by first class mail or certified mail to the home address of said juror. Said summons shall state the name and home address of the juror, and the date, time, and place of the sitting of the court at which he is required to attend. A facsimile of the signature of the chief justice or clerk of court imprinted upon the juror summons shall have the same validity as a written signature. After such summons has been received by a juror as hereinbefore provided, no person shall, except as otherwise provided by law, question any juror so summoned for the purpose of obtaining information as to his background in connection with his jury duty.