Section 1 - Dwelling houses; burning or aiding in burning

Section 2 - Meeting house; burning or aiding in burning

Section 3, 4 - Repealed, 1932, 192, Sec. 3

Section 5 - Wood and other property; burning or aiding in burning

Section 5A - Attempts

Section 6 - Repealed, 1932, 192, Sec. 3

Section 7 - Woods; wanton or reckless injury or destruction by fire

Section 8 - Injury by fire; negligent use

Section 9 - Injury by fire; negligent use in town; damages

Section 10 - Insured property; burning with intent to defraud

Section 11 - Fire alarm, engine or apparatus; injury before fire

Section 12 - Fire alarm, engine or apparatus; injury during fire to prevent alarm or extinction of fire

Section 13 - Fire engines; wanton or malicious injury

Section 13A - Duty of hotel manager to notify fire department and sound alarm; penalty

Section 14 - Burglary; armed; assault on occupants; weapons; punishment

Section 15 - Burglary; unarmed

Section 16 - Breaking and entering at night

Section 16A - Building, vessel or vehicle; breaking and entering with intent to commit misdemeanor

Section 17 - Entering without breaking at night; breaking and entering in day time; weapons; punishment

Section 18 - Dwelling house; entry at night; breaking and entering in day time; weapons; punishment

Section 18A - Entering dwelling house by false pretenses; intent to commit felony; larceny; punishment

Section 19 - Railroad car; breaking and entering

Section 20 - Stealing in building, ship or railroad car

Section 20A - Breaking and entering of trucks, tractors, trailers or freight containers

Section 20B - Stealing in trucks, tractors, trailers or freight containers

Section 21 - Stolen property; refusal to surrender

Section 22 - Poultry thieves; detention by owner; penalty

Section 23 - Embezzlement of property at fire; effect

Section 24 - Stealing at a fire; punishment

Section 25 - Larceny by stealing; punishment; victim sixty-five or older; minimum sentence for repeat offenders

Section 26 - Repealed, 1945, 282, Sec. 1

Section 27 - Tools of contractors, builders or mechanics; stealing; penalty

Section 27A - Motor vehicle or trailer; removal or concealment to defraud insurer

Section 28 - Motor vehicle or trailer; theft or concealment; operation without owner's consent after revocation of license; penalty

Section 29 - Statement concerning theft; recovery of vehicles; restitution

Section 29A - Repealed, 1980, 463, Sec. 4

Section 29B - Burning motor vehicle; owner's statement to fire department

Section 30 - Larceny; general provisions and penalties

Section 30A - Shoplifting; penalty; arrest without warrant

Section 30B - Unlawful distribution, possession, or deactivation or removal of theft detection shielding device; unlawful distribution or possession of theft detection device deactivator or remover; penalty

Section 30C - Possession, use, counterfeit, etc. of receipts, price ticket or universal product code label with intent to defraud; penalty

Section 30D - Organized retail crime; aggravated organized retail crime; leader of organized retail theft enterprise; penalty

Section 31 - Signature; obtaining under false pretenses

Section 32 - Fraudulent conversion of property by captain of vessel

Section 33 - Larceny; false pretences relating to contracts, banking transactions or credit

Section 33A - Obtaining computer services by fraud or misrepresentation; penalties

Section 34 - Larceny; inducement to part with property

Section 35 - Non-applicability of Secs. 30, 31 and 34

Section 35A - False material statements or omissions during or in connection with mortgage lending process; penalties; mitigating factors with respect to sentencing

Section 36 - Repealed, 1945, 282, Sec. 1

Section 37 - Fraudulent checks, etc.; drawing or uttering

Section 37A - Misuse of credit cards; definitions

Section 37B - Misuse of credit cards; penalties; multiple possession, presumption; arrest

Section 37C - Fraudulent use of credit cards to obtain money, goods or services; false embossment of credit cards, multiple possession, presumption; arrest

Section 37D - Publishing credit card numbering or coding systems

Section 37E - Use of personal identification of another; identity fraud; penalty; restitution

Section 38 - Larceny; wrongful detention of money by carriers

Section 38A - Construction loan; misapplication

Section 39 - Wills; destruction or concealment

Section 40 - Common and notorious thief

Section 41 - Larceny of bicycles; second conviction

Section 42 - Larceny of paper designated for bank bills

Section 43 - Paper designated for bank bills; retention by printer with intent to pass

Section 44 to 46 - Repealed, 1945, 282, Sec. 1

Section 47 - Dogs; wrongful removal of collar; penalty

Section 48 - Stolen goods; duty of arresting officers to secure

Section 49 - Burglarious instruments; making; possession; use

Section 50 - State treasury; fraud or embezzlement by employee

Section 51 - City, town or county officers; fraud or embezzlement

Section 52 - Bank officers and employees; fraud or embezzlement

Section 53 - Bank officers or employees; prosecution for fraud or embezzlement; evidence

Section 53A - Bank officers and employees; misconduct; penalty

Section 54 - Receipt of deposits by insolvent banks; penalty

Section 55 - Liquidating agent or receiver; embezzlement

Section 56 - Brokers or agents; embezzlement

Section 57 - Fiduciaries; embezzlement

Section 58 - Larceny; embezzlement from voluntary association

Section 59 - Simple larceny; embezzlement from voluntary association

Section 60 - Stolen goods; buying, receiving or aiding in concealment; penalty

Section 60A - Stolen trade secrets; buying or selling

Section 60B - Venue for charge and prosecution of crimes committed in different counties or territorial jurisdiction of different courts

Section 61 - Stolen property; restitution; effect

Section 62 - Stolen goods; common receiver

Section 63 - Unlawful taking or use of transportation media

Section 64 - Fraudulent hiring of media of transportation

Section 65 - Stock; unauthorized issue

Section 66 - Stock; fraudulent issue or transfer

Section 67 - Corporate books; false entries with intent to defraud

Section 67A - Departments, agencies and public instrumentalities; false statements, etc. in procurement of supplies; penalty

Section 67B - Presentation of false claims

Section 67C - Capital facility construction projects, etc.; false entries in records; penalties

Section 68 - Corporate books as evidence

Section 69 - Insignia of societies; unlawful use

Section 69A - Fraudulent use of labor union seal, trademark or insignia

Section 70 - Insignia of veteran organizations; unlawful use

Section 71 - Signature, money or membership; obtaining under false pretences

Section 71A - Individuals and corporations; false use of names of benevolent organizations

Section 72 - Fraternal names; use in publication

Section 73 - Obtaining goods under false pretences

Section 74 - Corporate credit; fraudulent use

Section 75 - Obtaining property by trick

Section 75A - Gambling devices and vending machines; fraudulent use

Section 75B - Slugs; manufacture and sale

Section 75C - Gift certificates; expiration dates; failure to redeem

Section 75D - Imposition of certain fees reducing total value amount of gift certificate; penalty

Section 75E - Printed notice required for certain fees associated with gift certificates; penalty for violation

Section 75F - Deduction of gratuity from gift certificate without consent; penalty

Section 76 - Gross fraud or cheat at common law; punishment

Section 77 - Sterling and coin silver; contents; sale; penalty

Section 78 - Articles made of gold; false marking; prohibition

Section 79 - Imitation of furs; false representation; prohibition

Section 80 - Encumbered land; conveyance without notice

Section 81 - Attached land; conveyance without notice

Section 82 - Concealment of mortgaged personalty; use of rented personalty for illegal sale of liquor

Section 83 - Personalty; sale by mortgagor without consent

Section 84 - Personalty; sale by hirer without consent

Section 85 - Collateral security; sale before debt due

Section 86 - Hired property; buying or receiving with intent to defraud

Section 87 - Larceny of leased or rented property

Section 87A - Stolen leased or rented motor vehicles; report; dissemination of information by police

Section 88 - Consignee or factor; fraudulent deposit or pledge of property

Section 89 - Degrees; pretending to hold or conferring without authority; use of designation ''university'' or ''college''

Section 90 - Endorsement or approval; penalty for false claim

Section 91 - Untrue and misleading advertisements; prohibitions

Section 91A - Merchandise, commodities and service; advertisement; penalty

Section 91B - Deceptive advertising of merchandise for sale; injunction

Section 92 - False or exaggerated statements; making or publishing; prohibition

Section 92A - Motor vehicles; sale in certain condition; written disclosure on bill of sale; penalty

Section 93 - Animals; obtaining or giving false pedigree

Section 94 - Boundary monuments and miscellaneous markers; malicious destruction

Section 95 - Historical monuments; malicious destruction or injury

Section 96 - State building; defacement or injury

Section 97 - County buildings; defacement

Section 98 - Schoolhouse or church; defacement or injury

Section 98A - Public park or playground equipment; destruction, defacement or injury

Section 99 - Libraries; definitions

Section 99A - Libraries; theft of materials or property; destruction of records

Section 100 - Libraries; mutilation or destruction of materials or property

Section 101 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 101 to 102D

Section 102 - Possession or control of incendiary device or material; possession of hoax device or material; penalty

Section 102A - Throwing, secreting, launching or placing of incendiary device; intent; punishment

Section 102A1/2 - Repealed, 2010, 160, Sec. 6

Section 102B - Malicious explosion

Section 102C - Biological, chemical, or nuclear weapon or delivery system; possession; punishment

Section 102D - Notice of seizure of explosive or incendiary device resulting from a violation of Secs. 102 to 102C; restitution

Section 103 - Oil of vitriol, or other substances; throwing into building or vessel

Section 104 - Buildings; destruction or injury

Section 104A - Goal posts; penalty for destruction

Section 104B - Research animals; unauthorized removal

Section 105 - Stone walls or fences; unauthorized removal

Section 106 - Ice ponds; injury

Section 107 - Bridge or canal; injury

Section 108 - Vessel; destruction to injure or defraud owner or insurer; punishment; restitution

Section 109 - Vessel; fitting out with intent to destroy

Section 110 - False invoice of cargo; intent to defraud insurer

Section 111 - False affidavit or protest; penalty

Section 111A - Insurance policies; penalty for fraudulent claims

Section 111B - Motor vehicle insurance policies; penalty for fraudulent claims

Section 111C - Fraudulently obtaining benefits under insurance contract; runners; punishment

Section 112 - Domestic animals; malicious killing or injury

Section 113 - Timber, wood and shrubs; wilful cutting and destruction on land of another

Section 114 - Trees and fences; malicious injury

Section 115 - Trespass in orchards and gardens

Section 116 - Repealed, 1962, 172

Section 116A - Protection of certain flowers

Section 117 - Orchards and gardens; entry with intent to injure or destroy

Section 118 - Domestic animals; trespass on land

Section 119 - Pests; bringing into state; penalty; exception

Section 120 - Entry upon private property after being forbidden as trespass; prima facie evidence; penalties; arrest; tenants or occupants excepted

Section 120A - Motor vehicle; parking on private way; prosecution; evidence

Section 120B - Entry on land by abutting property owners not constituting trespass

Section 120C - Entry upon adjoining lands by surveyors not constituting trespass

Section 120D - Removal of motor vehicles from private ways or property; penalties; liability for removal and storage charges; release of vehicle

Section 120E - Obstructing entry to or departure from medical facilities; penalties; injunctive relief

Section 120E1/2 - Reproductive health care facilities; withdrawal orders for individuals impeding access to or departure from facility; intimidation; penalty for violations

Section 120F - Unauthorized access to computer system; penalties

Section 121 - Entry on land with firearms

Section 121A - Trespasses involving motor vehicles and other powered devices

Section 122 - Notice against trespassers; defacement; penalty

Section 123 - State land; public institutions; trespass; penalty

Section 123A - Willful trespass upon public source of water, water supply facility or land

Section 124 - Legal notice; penalty for malicious injury

Section 125 - Show bill or advertisement; penalty for malicious injury

Section 126 - Natural scenery; penalty for defacement

Section 126A - Defacement of real or personal property; penalties; suspension of driver's license

Section 126B - Tagging; penalties; suspension of driver's license

Section 127 - Personal property; malicious or wanton injuries

Section 127A - Destruction of place of worship, etc.; threats; punishment

Section 127B - Actions for civil rights violations; liability

Section 128 - Milk cans; defacement

Section 129 - Correctional institutions; injury to property

Section 130 - Penal institutions; injury to property

Section 131 - Sunday trespassers; arrest and detention without warrant

Section 132 - Pigeons; killing or frightening

Section 133 - Humane society; injury to property

Section 134 - Repealed, 1962, 285, Sec. 3

Section 135 - Vessels; mooring the buoy, beacon or floating guide; penalty

Section 136 - Repealed, 1962, 285, Sec. 3

Section 137 - Injury to mill by raising water

Section 138 - Dams or reservoirs; malicious injury

Section 138A - Irrigation equipment; malicious injury

Section 139 - Motor vehicles or trailers; defacement, etc., of identifying numbers; penalties; arrests

Section 139A - Machines, electrical or mechanical devices; alteration or obliteration of identifying numbers; possession; sale; punishment

Section 140 - Sale or offer for sale of master keys; penalty

Section 141 - Tampering with odometer of motor vehicle; intent to defraud; civil remedy; treble damages; costs and fees; unfair competition; repair or replacement excepted

Section 141A - Misrepresentation of mileage of motor vehicle by turning back or readjusting speedometer or odometer; criminal penalty

Section 142 - Record of purchases by dealers in scrap copper wire; inspection; penalty

Section 142A - Gold, silver and platinum dealers; records; penalty

Section 143 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 143A to 143H

Section 143A - Unauthorized reproduction and transfer of sound recordings

Section 143B - Unauthorized reproduction and sale of live performances

Section 143C - Manufacture, rental, or sale of recorded devices in packaging not bearing reproducer's name and address

Section 143D - Application of Secs. 143 to 143C; exceptions

Section 143E - Violations of Secs. 143A to 143C; punishment

Section 143F - Unlawful recording of motion picture in motion picture theater; punishment

Section 143G - Persons detained for possible violation of Sec. 143F; defense to false imprisonment or false arrest action

Section 143H - Forfeiture of recordings upon conviction for violation of Secs. 143A to 143C or Sec. 143F

Section 144 - Carrying away or conversion of certain milk containers without permission of owners

Section 145 - Theft of public records

Section 146 - Disposal of solid waste in commercial disposal container of another without consent of owner; penalties

Section 147 - Items or services bearing or identified by counterfeit mark; sales; penalties