Section 1 - Perjury

Section 1A - Statements containing declaration relative to penalties of perjury; verification; false statements

Section 2 - Subornation of perjury

Section 3 - Attempt to procure another to commit perjury

Section 4 - Testimony creating presumption of perjury; commitment; recognizance; witnesses bound over; notice

Section 5 - Presumption of perjury; papers, books and documents detained for prosecution

Section 6 - False reports or testimony before state departments, board or commissioner; false entries in company books or statements; aiders or abettors

Section 6A - False written reports by public officers or employees

Section 6B - Process servers; false statements; penalty

Section 7 to 8A - Repealed, 1962, 779, Sec. 3

Section 8B - Compulsion or coercion to refuse appointment or promotion

Section 9 - Repealed, 1962, 779, Sec. 3

Section 9A - Public officers or employees; solicitations regarding testimonial dinners

Section 10 to 12 - Repealed, 1962, 779, Sec. 3

Section 13 - Corrupting or attempting to corrupt masters, auditors, jurors, arbitrators, umpires or referees

Section 13A - Picketing court, judge, juror, witness or court officer

Section 13B - Intimidation of witnesses, jurors and persons furnishing information in connection with criminal proceedings

Section 13C - Disruption of court proceedings

Section 13D - Distributing transcript or description of grand jury testimony with intent to interfere with criminal proceedings

Section 13E - Tampering with record, document or other object for use in an official proceeding

Section 14 - Receipt of gift by juror, arbitrator, umpire, referee, master or auditor

Section 14A - Juror discharged from employment

Section 14B - Witnesses in criminal actions; discharge, etc. from employment

Section 15 - Aiding escape from a correctional institution or jail; rescue

Section 15A - Escapes from jail

Section 16 - Escape or attempt to escape, or failure to return from temporary release or furlough

Section 16A - Repealed, 1973, 1062, Sec. 2

Section 17 - Aiding escape from officer or person having custody

Section 18 - Jailer or officer suffering prisoner to escape

Section 19 - Suffering or consenting to an escape from a penal institution

Section 20 - Negligently suffering prisoner to escape; refusal to receive prisoner

Section 21 - Suffering convict to be at large, visited, relieved or comforted

Section 21A - Officer or other employee of penal or correctional institution; sexual relations with inmate; punishment

Section 22 - Delay of service of warrants

Section 23 - Refusal or delay to execute process resulting in escape

Section 24 - Neglect or refusal to assist officer or watchman

Section 25 - Refusal or neglect to obey order of justice of the peace to apprehend offender

Section 26 - Delivering alcoholic beverages to prisoners; possession

Section 27 - Delivering alcoholic beverages to patients of public institutions; possession

Section 28 - Delivering drugs or articles to prisoners in correctional institutions or jails; possession

Section 29 - Delivery, or permission of delivery, by officers, of alcoholic beverages, to prisoners; keeping together prisoners of different sexes or classes

Section 30 - Disturbing correctional institutions or jail; attracting attention of, or communicating with, inmates

Section 31 - Delivery or receipt of articles to or from inmates

Section 32 - Interference or tampering with police or fire signal systems, or motorist highway emergency aid call boxes; false alarms or calls

Section 32A - Interference with fire fighting operations

Section 32B - Resisting arrest

Section 33 - Falsely assuming to be justice of the peace or other officers

Section 33A - Engaging in lead paint inspection without a license

Section 34 - Disguises to obstruct execution of law, performance of duties, or exercise of rights

Section 34A - Furnishing false name or Social Security number to law enforcement officer or official; penalty; restitution

Section 35 - Unauthorized use of town seal; making or possessing badge of town officer

Section 36 - Compounding or concealing felonies

Section 37, 38 - Repealed, 1962, 779, Sec. 3

Section 39 - Perjury; statements alleging motor vehicle theft; penalty; subsequent offenses

Section 40 - Reports of crimes to law enforcement officials