Section 1 - Enticing away person under 16 for marriage

Section 2 - Enticing away person for prostitution or sexual intercourse

Section 3 - Drugging persons for sexual intercourse

Section 4 - Inducing person under eighteen to have sexual intercourse

Section 4A - Inducing minor into prostitution

Section 4B - Living off or sharing earnings of minor prostitute

Section 5 - Repealed, 1987, 522, Sec. 22

Section 6 - Owner of place inducing or suffering person to resort in such place for sexual intercourse

Section 7 - Support from, or sharing, earnings of prostitute

Section 8 - Soliciting for prostitute

Section 9 - Oath and warrant to enter place for prostitution; detention of person in control and prostitute; recognizance to appear as witness

Section 10 - Arrest without warrant

Section 11 - Corroboration of one witness; limitations

Section 12 - Procuring person to practice, or enter a place for, prostitution; employment office procuring person

Section 13 - Detaining, or drugging to detain, person in place for prostitution

Section 14 - Adultery

Section 15 - Polygamy

Section 16 - Open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior

Section 17 - Incestuous marriage or sexual activities

Section 18 - Fornication

Section 19 - Procuring miscarriage

Section 20 - Advertising relative to miscarriage or prevention of pregnancy

Section 21 - Instruments or other articles for self-abuse, prevention of conception or abortion, in general

Section 21A - Furnishing drugs, articles or information for prevention of pregnancy or conception

Section 21B - Privately controlled hospital or health facility; abortion or sterilization procedures; contraceptive devices and family planning services

Section 22 - Concealment of death of child born out of wedlock

Section 23 - Joinder of charges of murder and offense under Sec. 22

Section 24 - Keeping house of ill fame

Section 25 - Obstructing view of restaurant or tavern patrons; barricaded entrances

Section 26 - Resorting to restaurants or taverns for immoral purposes

Section 27 - Record of convictions under Sec. 25 or Sec. 26 sent to licensing officers

Section 28 - Matter harmful to minors, dissemination; possession; defenses

Section 28A, 28B - Repealed, 1974, 430, Sec. 2

Section 28C - Information or petition against obscene books; order of notice to show cause; notice of order; interlocutory adjudication; defense

Section 28D - Answer to notice; right to jury trial

Section 28E - Order of default; adjudication

Section 28F - Hearing; evidence; adjudication

Section 28G - Objection that mere judgment sought and no relief claimed on issue of knowledge

Section 28H - Proceeding under Sec. 28C as evidence in trial under Sec. 29; presumptions as to knowledge

Section 28I - Certain procedures as condition precedent to institution of proceedings for dissemination of obscene books

Section 29 - Dissemination or possession of obscene matter; punishment; defense

Section 29A - Posing or exhibiting child in state of nudity or sexual conduct; punishment

Section 29B - Dissemination of visual material of child in state of nudity or sexual conduct; punishment

Section 29C - Knowing purchase or possession of visual material of child depicted in sexual conduct; punishment

Section 30 - Injunctive relief against dissemination of obscene matter; jurisdiction; procedures; appeal

Section 30A to 30C - Repealed, 1974, 430, Sec. 11

Section 30D - Dissemination of visual material of child in state of nudity or sexual conduct; injunction; jurisdiction

Section 31 - Definitions

Section 32 - Motion picture theater managers or operators; applicability of Secs. 28, 29 and 29A

Section 33 - Exhibition of deformities

Section 34 - Crime against nature

Section 35 - Unnatural and lascivious acts

Section 35A - Unnatural and lascivious acts with child under 16

Section 36 - Blasphemy

Section 36A - Sporting events; penalty for abuse of participants and officials

Section 37 - Repealed, 1962, 285, Sec. 4

Section 38 - Disturbance of assembly for worship

Section 39 - Selling goods and provisions, caring for horses, illegal gaming, horse racing or exhibits near camp meetings

Section 40 - Disturbance of schools or assemblies

Section 40A - Alcoholic beverages; gift, sale, delivery or possession on public school premises

Section 41 - Disturbance of libraries

Section 42 - Disturbance of funerals

Section 42A - Disturbance of funeral services

Section 42B - Disturbance of military funeral service; penalty

Section 43 - Disorderliness in public conveyances; disturbance of travelers

Section 43A - Smoking in public conveyances and transportation terminals

Section 44 to 50 - Repealed, 1971, 1076, Sec. 11

Section 51, 52 - Repealed, 1957, 660, Sec. 2

Section 53 - Penalty for certain offenses

Section 53A - Engaging in sexual conduct for a fee; engaging in sexual conduct with child under age 18 for a fee; penalties

Section 54 - Apprehension for certain offences, without warrant; custody

Section 55 - Repealed, 1928, 155, Sec. 58

Section 56 - Subsequent offenses; breach of recognizance on appeal

Section 57 - Discharge upon recognizance; payment of expenses of prosecution

Section 58 - Employing or permitting employment of minor under 15 to beg

Section 59 - Ordinances or regulations relating to streets, reservations, or parkways; alcoholic beverages; profanity; arrest without warrant

Section 60 - Disposal of rubbish, etc.; refusal to remove; arrest without warrant

Section 61 - Conviction after discharge from sentence under Sec. 53

Section 62 - Third conviction of being a common nightwalker

Section 63 - Tramps; begging or riding freight trains as prima facie evidence

Section 64 - Tramps; punishment; entering buildings; injuries to or threats against persons or property; carrying weapons

Section 65 - Arrest of tramps without warrant; making complaint

Section 66 - Vagrants

Section 67 - Vagrants; arrest without warrant; taking before court; complaint

Section 68 - Vagabonds

Section 69 - Vagabonds; arrest without warrant; taking before court; complaint

Section 70 - Taking dead body on process or execution

Section 71 - Disinterring bodies

Section 72 - Buying, selling or possessing dead bodies

Section 73 - Tombs, graves, memorials, trees, plants; injuring, removing

Section 73A - Removal of gravestones and other memorials for repair or reproduction

Section 73B - Sale of or attempt to sell stolen commemorative grave marker; receipt, retention or disposal of stolen commemorative grave marker

Section 74 - Desecrating place of burial; use and occupation as evidence of title

Section 75 - Removal of flowers, flags or memorial tokens from burial lot

Section 76 - Ways, railroads, canals or public easements through burial grounds

Section 77 - Cruelty to animals; prohibition from work involving contact with animals

Section 77A - Willfully injuring police dogs and horses

Section 77B - Exhibition of wild animals

Section 78 - Selling, leading, or using horses not fit for work; forfeiture of auctioneer's license

Section 78A - Sale of foals under five months; penalty

Section 79 - Corporation's responsibility under Sec. 77 or Sec. 78

Section 79A - Cutting bones or muscles to dock or set tail of horse; wound as evidence

Section 79B - Exhibiting horse with tail cut under Sec. 79A; affidavit as to cutting in state where not prohibited; inspection

Section 80 - Repealed, 1934, 234, Sec. 1

Section 801/2 - Devocalization of dogs or cats; definitions; penalty; exceptions; records

Section 80A - Cropping or cutting off ear of dog; wound as prima facie evidence

Section 80B - Exhibiting dogs with ears cropped or cut off

Section 80C - Taking cat, dog or bird to exhibit it, subject it to experimentation or mutilation, or to sell it for such purposes; application of law

Section 80D - Living rabbits, baby chickens, ducklings or other fowl; sale, barter or gift

Section 80E - Use of decompression chambers for putting animals to death

Section 80F - Giving away live animals as prize or award

Section 80G - Experiments on vertebrates; vivisection, dissection of animals; care

Section 80H - Motor vehicles; striking, injuring or killing dogs or cats

Section 80I - Leasing or renting dogs; penalties

Section 81 - Rest, water and feed for transported animals; lien; liability for detention

Section 82 - Arrest without warrant for violation of Sec. 77 or 81; notice; care of animals; lien

Section 83 - Complaint, warrant and search relative to cruelty to animals

Section 84 - Prosecutions under Secs. 77 to 81

Section 85 - Repealed, 1951, 34, Sec. 2

Section 85A - Injuring, taking away or harboring domesticated animals or birds; removal of dog license tag, collar or harness; imitation tag

Section 85B - Assistance animals stolen or attacked; actions for economic and non-economic damages

Section 86 - Stabling horses or mules on second or higher floors, in places other than cities

Section 86A - Stabling horses and mules above first floor; exceeding six; fire exits

Section 86B - Stabling horses or mules exceeding fifteen

Section 86C - Smoking in buildings used for stabling horses or mules

Section 86D - Pails of water and sand in buildings used for stables

Section 86E - Entry upon premises to enforce Secs. 86A to 86D; orders

Section 86F - Violation of Secs. 86 to 86D; refusal or neglect to comply with Sec. 86E orders

Section 87 - Keeping or using birds to be shot at; shooting them; permitting premises to be used for shooting

Section 88 - Complaints and warrants relative to fighting animals; searches; arrests

Section 89 - Exhibition place of fighting animals; entry without warrant; arrests; seizure of animals

Section 90 - Custody of arrested persons; time limitation

Section 91 - Application for decree of forfeiture; notice; hearing; adjudication; returning or killing of animals

Section 92 - Appeal; recognizance; custody and disposition of animals

Section 92A - Advertisement, book, notice or sign relative to discrimination; definition of place of public accommodation, resort or amusement

Section 93 - Expenses of care and destruction of fighting animals

Section 94 - Owning, possessing or training fighting animals; establishing or promoting exhibition; loaning, selling or exporting fighting animals; owning or possessing animals for breeding fighting animals

Section 95 - Aiding or being present at exhibition of fighting animals

Section 96 - False notice of birth, marriage or death

Section 97 - Repealed, 1962, 285, Sec. 4

Section 97A - Demands, notices or other documents resembling court process; complaint; order to discontinue

Section 98 - Discrimination in admission to, or treatment in, place of public accommodation; punishment; forfeiture; civil right

Section 98A - Physically handicapped persons with dog guides; public places or conveyances; charges or fares; penalties

Section 98B - Discrimination in employment on public works or in public relief or transitional assistance

Section 98C - Libel; groups of persons; defenses; punishment; prosecutions

Section 99 - Interception of wire and oral communications

Section 99A - Jury deliberations; overhearing by use of devices

Section 100 to 102 - Repealed, 1968, 738, Secs. 4 to 6

Section 103 - Repealed, 1993, 279

Section 104 - Security for seizure and impoundment of animals relating to cruelty to animals or animal fighting

Section 105 - Photographing, videotaping or electronically surveilling partially nude or nude person or the sexual or other intimate parts of a person around the person's clothing; exceptions; punishment

Section 106 - Stolen valor; penalty