Section 1 - Complaint for issuance of search warrant; warrant for designated property or articles; search incident to arrest; documentary evidence subject to privilege

Section 1A - Search warrants for articles belonging to subversive organizations

Section 1B - Search warrants for records possessed by foreign corporations providing electronic communication or remote computing services

Section 2 - Requisites of warrant

Section 2A - Form of warrant

Section 2B - Affidavit in support of application for search warrant; contents and form

Section 2C - Manner of issuing search warrants; application of Secs. 2, 2A and 2B

Section 3 - Seizure, custody and disposition of articles; exceptions

Section 3A - Time for return of search warrant

Section 4 - Notice before forfeiture of property seized under search warrant

Section 5 - Service of notice

Section 6 - Postponement of trial; further notice

Section 7 - Sale or destruction of property seized; disposition of proceeds

Section 8 - Appeal from decree of forfeiture; recognizance; jury trial; conformity to criminal cases; disposition of articles

Section 9 - Rewards offered by governor; determination of claims

Section 10 - Rewards offered by aldermen, selectmen or mayor; determination of claims

Section 10A - Authority of officer of another state to arrest felon

Section 10B - Proceedings after arrest made in commonwealth by an officer of another state

Section 10C - Partial invalidity

Section 10D - Uniform extraterritorial arrest on fresh pursuit; short title; uniform construction

Section 11 - Definitions applicable to Secs. 11 to 20R

Section 12 - Arrest and delivery of accused to executives of another state; governor's authority

Section 13 - Surrendering accused not in demanding state at time of crime or leaving demanding state involuntarily

Section 14 - Written demand; allegations; accompanying papers; charge of crime; authentication of copies of papers

Section 15 - Investigation of demand and report to governor

Section 16 - Governor's warrant of arrest; recital of facts

Section 17 - Arrest and delivery of accused; commanding aid

Section 18 - Authority to command assistance; penalties for refusal

Section 19 - Rights of arrested person; habeas corpus; notice; penalty

Section 20 - Confinement of accused; expense; evidence of transportation to demanding state; new requisition

Section 20A - Warrant to apprehend on oath or affidavit; copies of papers attached

Section 20B - Arrest without warrant; taking accused before court or justice; complaint

Section 20C - Commitment to permit arrest under warrant of governor on requisition

Section 20D - Bail

Section 20E - Discharge; recommitment; bail

Section 20F - Forfeiture of bail

Section 20G - Prosecution pending in commonwealth

Section 20H - Inquiry into guilt or innocence

Section 20I - Recall of warrant or issuance of another

Section 20J - Waiver of warrant and procedure, etc.

Section 20K - Warrant to receive accused and convey him to proper county; proceedings pending in another state

Section 20L - Application for requisition

Section 20M - Payment of agent's expenses

Section 20N - Service of process in civil action on accused; immunity

Section 20O - Trying for other crimes; immunity

Section 20P - Waiver by commonwealth

Section 20Q - Severability

Section 20R - Uniform criminal interstate rendition law; short title; uniform construction

Section 21 - Warrants to arrest; issuance of process for apprehension of persons charged with crime by certain justices

Section 22 - Warrants, procedure for issuance

Section 23 - Service of warrants and other processes

Section 23A - Warrant management system

Section 23B - Annual list of persons registered with licensing authorities; department of criminal justice information services; outstanding warrants; notification of license suspension; hearing

Section 24 - Summons instead of warrant

Section 25 - Summons fixing time for trial; service

Section 26 - Failure to appear and abide orders as contempt

Section 27 - Recognizance

Section 28 - Arrest without warrant

Section 29 - Outstanding warrant check prior to release on bail or recognizance

Section 30 - Recall of default warrant; arrest

Section 31 - Default warrants issued due to failure to pay fines, assessments, court costs, restitution, support payments, etc. to be noted in warrant management system

Section 32 - Payment of fine, assessment, costs, restitution, support payment, etc.; release from custody

Section 33 - Examination of arrested persons for injuries; reports; penalty

Section 33A - Use of telephone in places of detention

Section 34 - Repealed, 1979, 344, Sec. 23

Section 35 - Adjournments of examinations and trials

Section 36 - Failure to appear; default on recognizance; subsequent proceedings

Section 37 - Failure to recognize; subsequent proceedings

Section 37A - Assignment of counsel

Section 38 - Examination; assistance of counsel; waiver of indictment

Section 39 - Repealed, 1979, 344, Sec. 25

Section 40 - Testimony reduced to writing; signing by witnesses

Section 41 - Discharge of prisoner

Section 42 - Bail or commitment

Section 42A - Bail or personal recognizance; terms and conditions to protect persons suffering physical abuse

Section 43 - Conveying prisoner through another county

Section 44 - Fees and expenses in district court in record sent to superior court

Section 45 - Witnesses bound by recognizance

Section 46 - Witnesses bound by recognizance on adjournment

Section 47 - Sureties with recognizance

Section 48 - Recognizances for minor witnesses

Section 49 - Commitment of witnesses; discharge upon recognizance

Section 50 - Repealed, 1979, 344, Sec. 25

Section 51 - Release of committed witnesses; proceedings

Section 52 - Rules regulating treatment of committed witnesses; removal to another county

Section 52A - Removal of accused person to another county or to a correctional institution; return; proceedings; costs

Section 53 - Transporting male and female prisoners

Section 54 - Handcuffing committed witnesses to accused persons; transporting together

Section 55 - Discharge upon acknowledgment of satisfaction for injury

Section 56 - Filing of order; delivery to jail keeper; discharge as bar to civil action

Section 56A - Abuse occurring prior to or in conjunction with charged crime against person or property; investigation prior to release, discharge or admittance to bail; preliminary written statement to be filed and maintained in statewide domestic violence record keeping system

Section 57 - Bail; officials authorized to admit to bail; amount of bail; security

Section 58 - Release on personal recognizance or unsecured appearance bond; determination; fees; refusal; petition for review

Section 58A - Conditions for release of persons accused of certain offenses involving physical force or abuse; hearing; order; review

Section 58B - Revocation of release and detention order following violation of release conditions

Section 59 - Admission to bail by master in chancery

Section 60 - Bail in Suffolk county; proceedings

Section 61 - Bail taken out of court; certificate or recognizance and deposit by surety; presence of persons; monthly statements by person taking bail

Section 61A - Disposition or encumbrance of real estate of bail or surety; violation of section

Section 61B - Bond of professional bondsman; arrest bond certificates; conditions of acceptance; regulation

Section 62 - Notice to district attorney of application to accept bail in Suffolk county

Section 63 - Compensation for taking bail

Section 64 - Admission to bail on Sunday

Section 65 - Condition of recognizance

Section 66 - Return of recognizance and examination taken by magistrate; order compelling; contempt

Section 67 - Repealed, 1994, 247, Sec. 5

Section 68 - Surrender of principal; notice; exoneration of bail; return of deposits; subsequent bail

Section 69 - Surrender of principal after default; remission of penalty

Section 70 - Inability to surrender principal; exoneration of bail

Section 71 - Default on recognizance

Section 72 - Surety paying amount for which bound; costs

Section 73 - Award of portion of penalty to person entitled to forfeiture

Section 74 - Judgment for whole or part of penalty

Section 75 - Neglect, omissions or defects as defeating action

Section 76 - Review and rehearing of case after judgment on recognizance

Section 77 - Service of notice and copy of petition; return day

Section 78 - Proceedings if former judgment diminished, etc.; costs

Section 79 - Personal recognizance and deposit instead of sureties for release from custody

Section 80 - Forfeiture of deposit on default; sale of bonds; collection on bank books; payments to state treasurer

Section 81 - Defendant surrendering self; return of deposit

Section 82 - Magistrates authorized to admit prisoners to bail

Section 82A - Failure to appear in court after release on bail or recognizance; penalty

Section 83 - Probation officers; applicants for appointment as a probation officer; examination; investigation and interview; promotion; publication of standards

Section 83A - Repealed, 1992, 379, Sec. 189

Section 83B to 83F - Repealed, 1949, 783, Sec. 2

Section 84 - Repealed, 1977, 97

Section 85 - Powers and duties of probation officers

Section 85A - Probation officers of the probate court; support and maintenance enforcement

Section 85B - Probation officers of the probate court; collection of delinquent payments due under order of the court; recommendations to the court

Section 86 - Repealed, 2011, 93, Sec. 121

Section 87 - Placing certain persons in care of probation officer

Section 87A - Conditions of probation; probation fees

Section 88 - Clerical assistance

Section 89 - Temporary probation officers

Section 89A - Counsellors to juvenile offenders

Section 90 - Powers of probation officers; reports; records; inspection

Section 91 - Power of probation officers appointed by Boston juvenile court to serve process

Section 92 - Restitution or reparation to injured person through probation officer

Section 92A - Restitution in cases involving motor vehicle theft or fraudulent claims

Section 93 - Payment to treasurer of unclaimed money collected by probation officer

Section 94 - Expenses of probation officers

Section 95 - Temporary support or transportation of probationers

Section 96 - Penalty for refusal or neglect of duties by probation officer

Section 97 - Interference with duties of department of youth services

Section 98 - Office of probation; commissioner of probation

Section 98A - Advisory board to commissioner of probation and court administrator

Section 99 - Powers and duties of commissioner of probation

Section 99A - Repealed, 1992, 379, Sec. 192

Section 99B - Probation officers; compensation

Section 99C - Repealed, 1978, 478, Sec. 296

Section 99D - Repealed, 1986, 520, Sec. 3

Section 99E - Indigency; interagency service agreements; income data verification

Section 99F - Performance measurement system for the office of probation and private organizations under contract with the commonwealth

Section 100 - Detailed reports of probation work; records; accessibility of information

Section 100A - Requests to seal files; conditions; application of section; effect of sealing of records

Section 100B - Requests to seal delinquency files or records; conditions; sealing by commissioner; notice for compliance; effect of sealing; limited disclosure

Section 100C - Sealing of records or files in certain criminal cases; effect upon employment reports; enforcement

Section 100D - Availability of sealed criminal record information

Section 101 - Annual report of commissioner to general court

Section 101A - Establishment of uniform forms of blanks and records for use in district court probation offices

Section 102 - Effect of Secs. 98 to 101A on authority of courts

Section 103 - Notice to commissioner of appointment, removal, etc., of probation officer