Section 1 - Suspension of execution; payment of fine; probation; revocation of suspension; exceptions

Section 1A - Suspension of execution of sentence; probation; child support payments

Section 1B - Funds collection and disbursement; single point for clerk-magistrate and probation offices

Section 2 - Suspension of execution of orders of commitment to Massachusetts reformatory, etc.

Section 3 - Arrest without warrant of person on probation; notice of surrender; surrender hearing; warrant for arrest of persons already imprisoned; application for disposition; temporary custody

Section 3A - Motion of district attorney for sentence

Section 4 - Imposition of sentence; stay of execution

Section 4A - Repealed, 1979, 344, Sec. 50

Section 4B - Notice to victim of sentencing proceedings; oral or written statements

Section 5 - Sentence if no punishment is provided by statute

Section 6 - Sentence to jail or house of correction

Section 6A - Special sentence of imprisonment; eligible offenders; revocation or rescission of special sentence; subsequent crimes

Section 7 - Sentence to jail or house of correction for non-payment of fine

Section 8 - Commitments upon two or more sentences

Section 8A - Determination of time of taking effect of sentence; ''from and after'' sentence

Section 8B - Commission of crime while released on personal recognizance; consecutive sentence

Section 9 - Second sentence for non-payment of fine

Section 10 - Conditional sentence

Section 11 - Punishment by imprisonment only or by fine only when law prescribes both

Section 12 - Recognizance of husband convicted of assault upon wife

Section 13 - Recognizance to keep the peace or to be of good behavior

Section 14 - Recognizance; filing; proceedings on breach of condition

Section 15 - Sentence to jail or house of correction in any county

Section 16 - Sentencing of female to Massachusetts Correctional Institution, Framingham

Section 17 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 14

Section 18 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 15

Section 19 - Place of imprisonment of females convicted of felony

Section 20 - Execution of sentence of imprisonment of females sentenced to confinement at hard labor

Section 21 - Repealed, 1931, 426, Sec. 49

Section 22 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 23 - Limitation of sentences of males to jails or houses of correction

Section 24 - Indeterminate sentence to state prison; determination of sentence for offender aged fourteen through seventeen

Section 25 - Punishment of habitual criminals

Section 26 - Further sentence of convict in state prison

Section 27 - Immediate execution of sentence to state prison of convict sentenced to jail or house of correction

Section 28 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 17

Section 29 - Repealed, 1955, 770, Sec. 122

Section 30 - Vacation of office from time of sentence to state prison

Section 31 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 18

Section 32 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 19

Section 33 - Repealed, 1993, 432, Sec. 20

Section 33A - Credit for days of confinement awaiting and during trial

Section 34 - Delivery to sheriff of certified transcript from minutes of court of conviction and sentence; execution of sentence

Section 35 - Transmission of complaint or indictment to correctional institution

Section 36 - Sentences to state farm

Section 37 - Setting out statutory name of crime in warrant for commitment

Section 38 - Powers of sheriff or constable in execution of warrant of commitment

Section 39 - Return of precept to magistrate

Section 40 - Service of new warrant of commitment upon convict

Section 41 - Default of corporation

Section 42 - Warrant of distress to compel payment of penalty or assessment

Section 43 to 56 - Repealed, 1982, 554, Sec. 5

Section 57 - Death sentence; pronouncement or revocation of stay; warrant of conviction; execution of sentence; certified copy of record to governor

Section 58 - Death sentence confinement; psychiatric examination; transfer or failure to transfer to general prison population; appeal; hearing; annual record review; court order

Section 59 - Execution of death sentence; time constraints

Section 60 - Means of execution of death sentence

Section 61 - Capital crime conviction; imposition of sentence; insane and pregnant persons

Section 62 - Delay in execution of death sentence; insanity or pregnancy of prisoner; psychiatric examination and written certification

Section 63 - Delay in execution of death sentence; consideration of pardon

Section 64 - Judicial stay of execution of death sentence; final determination of judicial questions

Section 65 - Witnesses; execution of death sentence

Section 66 - Execution of death sentence; post mortem examination

Section 67 - Warrant for execution of death sentence; return to clerk of court after execution

Section 68 - Special jury questions for first degree murder; presentence hearing upon conviction for consideration of death penalty; consideration by jury of aggravating and mitigating circumstances; determination by jury; sentence by court; validity of conviction

Section 69 - Aggravating and mitigating circumstances in death penalty cases

Section 70 - Death penalty imposed; jury findings necessary

Section 71 - Review of death sentence; remand; reversal; affirmation