• Acts
  • 2000

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

SECTION 1. The territories of the Wareham Fire District and the Onset Fire District are hereby expanded so that together they occupy coextensive with the territory of the town of Wareham. The boundary between the two districts shall be as shown on a plan entitled "Plan of Proposed Additions to Wareham Fire District and Onset Fire District, Wareham, Massachusetts/Plymouth county, Date: June 15, 1999, Scale: 1"=! Mile, Charles L. Rowley & Associates, Civil Engineers & Surveyors, West Wareham, MA".

SECTION 2. Each of the areas newly incorporated into each respective district will be considered fully a part of that district for all purposes set out in that district's charter, enabling legislation, by-laws and regulations.

SECTION 3. The town may lease or sell the following parcels of land to the Wareham Fire District: a parcel off Glen Charlie road identified on the maps of the board of assessors as Map 128, Lot B2, and a parcel off Minot avenue identified on the maps of the board of assessors as Map 43, Lot 1070B. The conveyance shall be subject to such terms and conditions as the board of selectmen deems appropriate. The term of any lease shall not exceed 99 years, but any lease of such property shall contain a provision for automatic cancellation should the property cease to be used for fire protection purposes. Any deed of sale shall contain a reversion clause should the property not be used for fire protection purposes.

SECTION 4. Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 30B of the General Laws, the town may convey certain vehicles and equipment to said districts to be used for fire protection purposes.

SECTION 5. The districts may utilize the provisions of sections 53E½ and 53F½ of chapter 44 of the General Laws, in the same manner as cities and towns.

Approved June 17, 2000.