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Christine E. Canavan Representative

D Brockton
Christine E. Canavan


State House
Room 146
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2575
Fax: 617-722-2238
District Office
29 Mystic Street
Brockton, MA 02302
Phone: 508-588-3566
Bill Docket Bill Title
S.31 SD1452 For legislation relative to equitable reimbursement rates for services provided to publicly assisted patients
S.37 SD607 For legislation relative to Workers’ Pathways to Self Sufficiency
S.38 SD1635 For legislation to promote asset development in transitional assistance programs
S.39 SD1376 For legislation to ensure continuity of health coverage for children
S.48 SD812 For legislation relative to deceased poor and indigent persons
S.49 SD889 For legislation relative to deceased poor and indigent persons
S.62 SD491 For legislation to protect against the displacement of current employees
S.90 SD991 For legislation relative to community preservation
S.94 SD1315 For legislation relative to the Community Preservation Act
S.95 SD487 For legislation to enhance the economic benefits of the tax increment financing program
H.109 HD1224 For legislation to prohibit the use of health data for marketing purposes
H.124 HD1039 Relative to establishing a paid family leave program
S.136 SD697 For legislation to reduce unwanted communications from creditors to protect the peace and privacy of residents
H.138 HD3803 Relative to the collection and reporting of certain nursing facility resident care information
S.145 SD937 For legislation relative to state and county fairs
H.150 HD703 Relative to waiting lists for services of the Department of Mental Retardation
H.152 HD997 Relative to spouses under the definition of family members serving as paid caregivers
H.153 HD1040 That the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education in meeting the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder collaborate with parents of children with autism
H.154 HD1071 Relative to the humane treatment of disabled persons
H.155 HD1109 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of services that support individuals with autistic spectrum disorders
H.156 HD1155 Relative to establishing a pilot program for adults with Asperger syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders
H.168 HD1170 Relative to adoption specialists
H.188 HD3905 Relative to the continuation of eligiblity for medical benefits for certain children
H.197 HD1606 Relative to financing the smart growth housing trust fund
S.232 SD1735 For legislation relative to dismissal rights for K12 educational support personnel
H.238 HD1702 Relative to fees charged by issuers of credit cards in the Commonwealth
H.242 HD180 For legislation to establish a car buyer bill of rights
H.244 HD2912 Relative to requiring photo identification for credit card purchases
H.253 HD452 For legislation to include motor homes in the lemon law, so-called, protecting consumers from defective vehicles
H.256 HD251 Relative to the price of water at certain entertainment venues
S.259 SD1258 For legislation relative to providing Chapter 70 accountability for adequate access to school nursing
H.266 HD989 For legislation to further regulate the practice of psychotherapy
S.267 SD1331 For legislation to reform educator licensure in the Commonwealth
H.267 HD728 Relative to rebate reform and consumer protection in social referral service contracts
H.282 HD1821 For legislation to protect the rights of consumers in motor vehicle repair transactions
H.285 HD1418 For legislation to protect the rights of consumers in motor vehicle repair transactions
S.307 SD353 For legislation to supervize the personal care attendant program
S.308 SD354 For legislation to correct income calculation for spouses of nursing home residents
H.312 HD3708 For legislation to establish a board of registration of phlebotomists
H.313 HD448 For legislation to further regulate advertising on the Internet
S.322 SD548 For legislation relative to a silver alert program to protect those with alzheimers.
H.330 HD765 For legislation to authorize the Lottery Commission to implement a wide area network system of video lottery terminals
H.334 HD3176 Relative to the installation of slot machines at race tracks
H.344 HD653 For legislation to impose a penalty for the devocalization of dogs and cats
H.351 HD3229 For legislation to direct the Department of Education to include a course in civics as a high school graduation requirement
S.352 SD146 For legislation to regulate campaign contributions
H.352 HD2262 Relative to further regulating single sex schools and classes
H.358 HD959 For legislation to further define recertification requirements for teachers
H.359 HD973 For legislation to promote gender equity training in education
H.361 HD996 That the Board of Education be directed to establish a program for full-day kindergarten in the public schools
H.362 HD1001 Relative to competency determination for high school graduation
H.365 HD1029 Relative to allied health instructors at vocational schools
H.366 HD1475 For legislation to establish local school health advisory councils
H.368 HD2087 For legislation to reform punitive suspensions from public schools of the Commonwealth to include community service
H.369 HD2422 Relative to the mandatory minimum age for school attendance
H.387 HD949 Relative to an alternate MCAS completion plan for students with certain disabilities
S.396 SD296 For legislation to protect the natural and historic resources of the Commonwealth
H.402 HD2440 For legislation to provide for a comprehensive health education program in the public schools.
H.403 HD2552 For legislation to provide for local control of health education curriculums
S.404 SD1846 For legislation relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from diesel engines
H.404 HD2767 Relative to establishing a physical education requirement in the public schools
S.406 SD671 For legislation to update the animal control laws of Massachusetts
H.410 HD1823 For legislation to require instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of automatic external defibrillators for high school graduation
H.417 HD3749 For the establishment of a charter school working group (including members of the General Court) to study the financing of restrictions imposed upon and innovations promoted by charter schools
H.420 HD3752 Relative to educator licensure for school teachers
H.422 HD635 Relative to the rights of employees in education collaboratives
S.422 SD979 For legislation relative to farmers markets
S.423 SD981 For legislation relative to mooring fee requirements
S.431 SD316 For legislation relative to the repair, removal and replacement of dams
S.432 SD1035 For legislation to protect children from toxic toys
H.445 HD309 For legislation to provide for reimbursement to cities and towns for extraordinary special education costs
H.447 HD1771 For legislation to establish a Education Professional Standards Board
H.461 HD2343 Relative to the appeals process in MCAS exams
H.467 HD3316 That certain students accepted into post-secondary educational programs be granted a competency determination, notwithstanding performance on the MCAS test
S.477 SD52 For legislation to provide for public safeguards and protections for users of automated teller machines.
H.494 HD2573 For legislation to improve early education and care for chiildren by family child care providers
H.496 HD2159 Relative to the education of children who are deaf or hard of hearing
H.506 HD3220 For legislation to establish a charter school working group to study the costs and benefits of charter schools
S.523 SD421 For legislation to provide health insurance coverage for scalp hair prosthesis
H.523 HD769 Relative to establishing a YouthBuild program in the Commonwealth
H.526 HD679 For legislation to authorize local school committees to create a community service graduation requirement
S.533 SD1544 For legislation to provide for patient education.
H.537 HD620 Relative to dementia special care units in long term care facilities
H.538 HD709 Relative to requiring nursing homes to provide information and request directives regarding end of life issues from new residents
H.542 HD1008 Relative to establishing multi-disciplinary teams with district attorneys to investigate elder abuse
S.543 SD392 For legislation to regard MassHealth applications
S.544 SD393 For legislation to eliminate age discrimination in the MassHealth program
H.545 HD1485 For legislation to increase the personal care allowance of residents of long-term care facilities
H.557 HD1796 For legislation to regulate the registration of certain web sites by political parties and committees and candidates for public office
H.564 HD3223 For legislation to establish an election day registration task force (including members of the General Court) to undertake a study of election day registration
S.567 SD1257 For legislation relative to the hemophilia advisory committee
S.577 SD1624 For legislation to require ambulatory surgicenters and clinical laboratories to serve MassHealth enrollees
S.580 SD673 For legislation to amend the definition of surcharge payor
S.589 SD1154 For legislation relative to insurance benefits of organ transplant recipients
S.593 SD138 For legislation to support residential care facilities as affordable options for elders and persons with disabilities.
S.614 SD57 For legislation to promote higher education among employees of human services provider organizations
S.616 SD426 For legislation relative to creating a loan forgiveness program for direct care human service workers
H.618 HD1126 For legislation to grant a tax credit for persons hiring employees with autism spectrum disorders
H.624 HD238 For legislation to allow the non-profit corporation Home of the Brave, Inc., to construct and operate public homes for veterans
H.643 HD2906 Relative to apprentice identification
H.657 HD713 For legislation to ensure privacy and independence for blind and visually impaired voters
S.666 SD1309 For legislation to preserve publicly assisted affordable housing
S.679 SD285 For leislation to ensure a quality workforce in the commonwealth
S.687 SD608 For legislation to restore fairness in the unemployment insurance law for workers in temporary jobs
S.689 SD687 For legislation to further define comparable work
S.695 SD23 For legislation relative to workers compensation for veterans
H.704 HD3384 Relative to the mosquito borne disease control board
H.713 HD1214 That the Registrar of Motor Vehicles establish a vehicle emissions labeling program for new motor vehicles sold or leased in the Commonwealth
S.717 SD1117 For legislation to expidite appeals of wage violations
H.718 HD2055 Relative to the establishment of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council
H.731 HD1879 For legislation to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy and reduce light pollution
S.748 SD56 For legislation relative to the civil commitment for alcoholism or substance abuse at certain facilities
H.756 HD365 For legislation to reduce solid waste in the Commonwealth
H.757 HD3093 For legislation to promote safe alternatives to toxic chemicals
H.774 HD1129 For legislation to establish old growth forest reserves in the Commonwealth
H.775 HD1135 For legislation to amend the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes
S.778 SD1352 For legislation to establish a cat and dog spay and nueter fund
S.800 SD1778 For legislation to establish a commission to reduce unnecessary wait time for children with special health care needs
S.801 SD347 For legislation relative to infectious disease control
S.803 SD1453 For legislation to provide for safe patient handling
H.815 HD1997 For legislation to prohibit the cruel confinement of certain farm animals
H.822 HD3766 Relative to Department of Conservation retaining certain revenue to promote the development of parks
S.825 SD1343 For legislation relative to funerals
S.828 SD1926 For legislation to promote urinary incontinence health management
S.845 SD1178 For legislation relative to safe work hours for physicians in training and protection of patients
H.847 HD2945 Relative to exempting cities and towns from fees from the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act
S.872 SD1261 For legislation to prohibit mandatory overtime for the heakth care workforce
S.881 SD984 For legislation relative to the pronouncement of death in a rest home
S.884 SD1608 For legislation relative to specialty licensure
S.890 SD911 For legislation relative to patient safety
S.896 SD1681 For legislation relative to women’s health and cancer recovery
H.897 HD2943 Relative to the identification of aftermarket parts, so-called, used in the repair of motor vehicles
S.897 SD680 For legislation to encourage organ donation
H.898 HD2951 That health insurance providers be required to include coverage for diagnostic screening for prostate cancer
H.910 HD1012 For legislation to provide health insurance coverage for hearing aids for children
H.914 HD1222 Relative to notice of default of payments made by the employer of the insured prior to cancellation of the policy covering the insured
H.915 HD3709 Relative to insurance coverage and standards of treatment of persons with bleeding disorders
H.921 HD260 Relative to providing health insurance coverage for scalp hair prosthesis for certain persons treated for cancer
S.921 SD223 For legislation relative to the safety law enforcement officers
S.929 SD1678 For legislation relative to remove pepper spray from firearms identification
S.930 SD1566 For legislation to prohibit price gouging during states of emergency
H.930 HD3426 Relative to the health insurance of children of divorced parents
H.931 HD3429 Relative to in-patient care for mastectomies
H.932 HD3447 That health insurance policies be required to provide coverage for the treatment of children with cleft lips and palates
H.942 HD2482 Relative to homeowner insurance
H.943 HD2936 For legislation to prohibit insurance companies from denying policies for innocent spouses of criminals
H.944 HD632 For legislation to regulate incentive plans between insurance carriers and providers for the switching of precriptions or medical products
S.945 SD287 For legislation relative to safe transportation of explosive and inflammable materials
S.1021 SD1690 For legislation relative to the definition of a veteran for public retirees
S.1025 SD1728 For legislation to further regulate appeals under the Group Insurance Commission
H.1031 HD3944 For legislation to provide insurance coverage for magnetic resonance imaging for certain persons for the detection of breast cancer
H.1033 HD2123 Relative to insurance coverage and payment for prescribed treatment for mitochondrial disease
H.1034 HD2356 Relative to insurance coverage for craniofacial disorders
S.1034 SD345 For legislation relative to creditable service for service rendered as a volunteer in the peace corps and americorps
S.1038 SD1458 For legislation to include dental benefits in all commonwealth care plans
S.1043 SD459 For legislation relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees
S.1048 SD1398 For legislation to accomodate personal care attendants without a workplace site
H.1054 HD2004 Relative to motor vehicle convictions based on traffic control devices that involve the implementation of red light cameras, so-called
H.1056 HD2928 Relative to the definition of licensed mental health professional under the insurance laws
S.1060 SD1618 For legislation relative to maternity benefits for teachers
H.1072 HD1822 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of home health service rate cuts
H.1080 HD646 Relative to coupons of manufacturers submitted to health care insurers
S.1081 SD432 For legislation relative to teacher retirement
H.1084 HD1227 That the Secretary for Administration and Finance and the Secretary of Health and Human Services implement a health reform employer responsibility revenue program
H.1087 HD1077 For legislation to establish a program of managed care to provide primary and preventive health care services for uninsured dependent and adopted youths from birth through age eighteen
S.1090 SD1542 For legislation relative to the retirement options of certain educational personnel
S.1095 SD144 For legislation relative to credible service for school nurses
H.1100 HD2060 Relative to equitable dental reimbursement rates for services provided to publicly-aided patients
H.1101 HD2073 For legislation to expand access to dental coverage
H.1102 HD2095 For legislation to establish a division of health insurance under the supervision and control of the Commissioner of Health Insurance
S.1143 SD1204 For legislation relative to eligibility for state group health insurance
S.1151 SD557 For legislation relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees
S.1154 SD574 For legislation relative to ordinary disability retirements
S.1155 SD576 For legislation relative to certain option C retirees
H.1157 HD4254 Relative to the purchase of flags substantially manufactured in the United States
S.1161 SD603 For legislation relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees
H.1164 HD305 That public school teachers be included in the tuition waiver program for public higher educational institutions
S.1164 SD616 For legislation relative to disability pension benefits and earnings
S.1172 SD637 For legislation to extend creditable service for peace corps service
H.1175 HD3189 Relative to the eligibility of students for in-state tuition rates and fees at public higher educational institutions
H.1177 HD569 For legislation to establish a tuition-free program within the Board of Higher Education for teachers and paraprofessionals
H.1208 HD228 Relative to the determination of income for potential occupants of energy-efficient affordable housing
H.1215 HD804 Relative to employer assisted housing
H.1216 HD1021 For legislation to promote fair working standards in the production of housing
S.1217 SD1910 For legislation relative to dental insurance for certain retirees
H.1217 HD1600 Relative to requiring the director of the Department of Housing and Community Development to submit an annual report on the number of housing starts in the Commonwealth
H.1219 HD1680 Relative to requiring zoning ordinances or by-laws to provide for open space residential development
H.1220 HD1687 Relative to promoting energy efficiency in affordable housing
H.1221 HD1690 For legislation to establish an apprentice training program for the rehabilitation of foreclosed properties within the Department of Housing and Community Development
S.1222 SD424 For legislation relative to the cost of living adjustment for public retirees
H.1232 HD1191 For legislation to protect tenants in foreclosed properties from evictions
S.1233 SD1691 For legislation to exempt certain veterans from state tax
H.1246 HD3713 For legislation to protect certain students and clients of public or private institutions from inappropriate sexual contact by employees
H.1248 HD3939 For legislation to increase the penalties imposed for rape of mentally retarded persons
S.1257 SD368 For legislation to establish residential tax abatement zones in Gateway Cities
S.1278 SD1169 For legislation to increase the property tax deferral for seniors
S.1284 SD1646 For legislation to impose an excise on the use of plastic carryout bags in certain stores
H.1301 HD3777 Relative to making drug dealing subject to dangerousness hearing determinations
H.1302 HD3955 For legislation to provide that certain monies obtained for the seizure of controlled substances be used to prevent gang violence
H.1321 HD1241 Relative to the penalty for persons aiding in the commission of crimes against children
H.1327 HD3266 For legislation to remove certain information from criminal record information records
H.1328 HD3779 For legislation to prohibit human trafficking, so-called
S.1333 SD54 For legislation to establish an income tax deduction for individuals who donate a human organ.
S.1340 SD1800 For legislation to promote reusable energy use in the Commonwealth
H.1345 HD901 Relative to the penalties imposed for falsely assuming to be a public official
H.1351 HD2110 Relative to increasing the penalties for breaking and entering dwellings during daytime with intent to commit a felony
H.1371 HD422 For legislation to increase the fines for prostitution
H.1372 HD429 For legislation to permit purging of juveniles delinquency records
H.1400 HD600 Relative to shared parenting in cases of divorce
H.1412 HD249 That certain defendants submit to testing for the presence of HIV/AIDS
H.1413 HD254 For legislation to prohibit the unauthorized disclosure and use of Social Security numbers
S.1421 SD668 For legislation to provide for the public inspection of records made or received by special state police officers at educational institutions and hospitals
H.1425 HD798 Relative to the storage of personal property in evictions
H.1463 HD3453 Relative to the health of public safety officers exposed to hypodermic syringes or hypodermic needles
S.1466 SD43 For legislation to amend mgl chapter 29 relative to state officers
S.1469 SD1428 For legislation to establish disability history month
H.1492 HD2541 Relative to providing for drug free library zones
H.1499 HD1553 For legislation to include animals in abuse prevention orders
S.1544 SD133 For legislation relative to consumer protection in energy facility siting.
S.1545 SD134 For legislation to require local approval from neighboring communities in energy facility siting.
S.1559 SD502 For legislation to protect and enhance the rights of child and adult victims and witnesses of crime
S.1571 SD190 For legislation relative to increasing the civil fines and financial responsibilities and criminal penalties of motorists who violate the right of way of other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and/or pedestrians, resulting in serious bodily injury and/or death.
H.1587 HD149 Relative to the victims of violent crime
S.1608 SD1344 For legislation to reform CORI, restore economic opportunity and improve public safety
S.1610 SD1535 For legislation relative to public health
H.1652 HD3314 Relative to ensuring confidentiality for victims of rape and domestic violence
H.1694 HD767 Relative to penalties for removing walls and fences without prior consent of the owner
S.1699 SD48 Relative to responsibility for damages resulting from the transportation of explosive and inflammable materials
H.1700 HD1304 For a legislative Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting eminent domain
H.1701 HD1347 For legislation to require that eminent domain takings be for public use purposes and defining the term public use
H.1709 HD1384 Relative to appeals of certain parking violations
S.1712 SD731 For legislation to further regulate debt collection
H.1715 HD3235 For legislation to raise the dollar limit of claims filed in small claims court
S.1724 SD1328 For legislation relative to jury service
H.1745 HD3877 For legislation to further regulate the performance of abortions and protecting women’s reproductive health
H.1746 HD3885 Relative to consent and counseling for certain pregnant minors
H.1747 HD3900 Relative to housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault and stalking
S.1756 SD1240 For legislation relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1778 HD2082 Relative to eminent domain takings
H.1780 HD2291 Relative to national criminal offender record information checks for persons working with individuals served by the Department of Mental Retardation
H.1785 HD3352 Relative to the determination of alimony payments
H.1797 HD878 For legislation to establish a "right to know" policy for certain temporary employees
H.1815 HD1726 For legislation to require employers to grant paid sick leave days for employees in the Commonwealth
H.1816 HD2867 For legislation to require certain employers to provide unpaid family and medical leave
H.1817 HD2902 Relative to certain payments to employees upon plant closings
H.1824 HD2986 Relative to prevailing wages
S.1828 SD1130 For legislation relative to community leadership neighborhood revitalization and urban violence protection act of 2009
H.1840 HD3400 Relative to discrimination in employment for organizations under the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board
H.1861 HD3874 Relative to bullying in the workplace
S.1870 SD1292 For legislation relative to the treatment of elephants
S.1871 SD510 For legislation to improve Indian representation within the Commission of Indian Affairs.
S.1872 SD888 For legislation relative to vital records
H.1880 HD1299 For legislation to further define comparable worth in the workplace
H.1885 HD4453 (by vote of the town) that the town of Easton be authorized to lease certain conservation land in said town for agricultural purposes and to establish the Tufts Farm maintenance fund
S.1893 SD211 For legislation relative to the clarification for the definition testing regulations and enforcment of motorcycle sound emmision
S.1894 SD218 For legislation to assure that motorcyclists between the ages of 16 and 18 are provided with adequate education
S.1934 SD1555 For legislation to promote and and advance motorcycle safety.
H.1936 HD2434 Relative to medical services at the Bridgewater State Hospital
S.1947 SD978 For legislation to designate a certain bridge in the town of Harwich as the Representative Shirley Gomes Bridge
S.1957 SD1833 For legislation relative to regional transit authorities
H.1964 HD2998 For legislation to further regulate certain corporations responsible for the installation and maintenance of gas lines or pipes in cities and towns
H.1969 HD1118 Relative to requiring the posting of security for the seizure and impoundment of animals
S.2004 SD412 For legislation relative to the Massachusetts medal of sacrifice
S.2017 SD221 For legislation relative to standards for protective headgear for operators or passengers on motorcycles
H.2026 HD913 That certain health facilities be directed to establish a "safe patient handling policy", so-called
H.2032 HD2167 For legislation to increase the membership of the Public Health Council to include the appointment of a registered nurse
S.2038 SD702 For legislation to control gaming in Massachusetts
H.2050 HD423 Relative to the establishment of a lupus erythematosus registry
H.2060 HD2681 Relative to the scope of practice by optometrists
H.2062 HD1818 Relative to public access to automatic external defibrillator equipment
H.2064 HD652 Relative to the security of vital records
H.2072 HD3440 That the Commissioner of Public Health be directed to establish regulations for the return to pharmacies of certain unused medication by health care facilities
H.2074 HD3463 Relative to public access of private restrooms
H.2080 HD1708 For legislation to establish a board of registration in midwifery
H.2082 HD1731 Relative to the administering of controlled substances by physician assistants and nurse practitioners
H.2092 HD638 For legislation to promote proper school nutrition
H.2094 HD688 Relative to air quality in schools and public buildings
H.2098 HD1932 Relative to the treatment of blood disorders
H.2107 HD1945 For legislation to promote better health in public schools through improved contracting with farms in the Commonwealth
H.2109 HD1949 For legislation to require the reporting of potentially preventable readmissions by health care facilities
H.2119 HD2819 For legislation to expedite the period of time providing notification to patients of mammographic examinations
H.2120 HD1415 Relative to the health care of minors
H.2123 HD3103 For legislation to require health care facilities to make annual reports relative to nursing care for patients
H.2166 HD3707 Relative to including the ombudsman program for long-term care in hospitals
H.2169 HD3718 Relative to funeral home expenses
H.2185 HD3608 Relative to colorectal cancer screenings
H.2188 HD3823 For legislation to prohibit the sale of novelty lighters
H.2189 HD311 For legislation to establish a commission (including members of the General Court) for youth violence and gang prevention
S.2209 SD2300 For legislation relative to a sick leave bank for Diane Hubbard, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents
H.2211 HD303 For legislation to establish a fire equipment grant program
H.2216 HD3692 Relative to local housing residents and property trespassing
H.2218 HD558 Relative to community leadership, neighborhood-revitalization and urban-violence protection
H.2231 HD1259 Relative to hunting on Sundays
H.2259 HD2072 For legislation to prohibit subdivisions of the Commonwealth from further restricting the use or possesion of firearms
H.2283 HD3236 Relative to further regulating the location of exits in sports complexes
H.2298 HD580 Relative to seat belt requirements for junior operators of motor vehicles
H.2316 HD1168 For legislation to provide creditable service for certain teachers for retirement purposes
H.2318 HD1196 For legislation to provide purchasing power protection for certain retiree benefits
H.2329 HD1067 Relative to creditable service for uncompensated elected officials
H.2342 HD2230 Relative to creditable service for nonpublic school service
H.2349 HD3184 Relative to health insurance for surviving spouses under the retirement law
H.2350 HD3207 Further regulating Group Insurance Commission benefits for active and retired employees of the Commonwealth
H.2351 HD3247 Regulating appeals under the group insurance commission
H.2352 HD3279 Relative to the conversion of certain disability retirements of public employees
H.2361 HD2067 Relative to general or blanket insurance for persons in the service of counties, cities, towns and districts, and their dependents
H.2397 HD1851 Relative to final retroactive payments to former employees of higher educational institutions
H.2400 HD1866 Relative to the continuation of health insurance coverage for retired public employees
H.2401 HD1874 Relative to the oversight evaluations of disability pension benefits
H.2403 HD3610 Relative to post-retirement service
H.2434 HD1908 Relative to cost of living adjustments for certain retired public employees
H.2435 HD1909 For legislation to provide an interest arbitration alternative for firefighters
H.2447 HD1763 Relative to binding arbitration for employee organizations engaged in successor contract negotiations with employers
H.2450 HD1519 Relative to the benefits for uniformed members of the Bureau of Fire Control
H.2483 HD240 Relative to minimum pensions for retirees of city, town, county, region, district or authority retirement systems
H.2486 HD243 For legislation to provide creditable service for retirement purposes for certain sabbatical leaves
H.2487 HD244 Relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth
H.2515 HD2051 That certain certified school nurses be included in the definition of "teacher" under the public employees retirement law
H.2519 HD2015 Relative to authorizing the Plymouth County Contributory Retirement System to issue certain bonds and notes
H.2570 HD2048 For legislation to provide funding for certain collective bargaining agreements for public employees
H.2583 HD3405 That public employees rejecting union membership be required to pay the fair share provision
H.2591 HD1352 For legislation to further regulate the right to strike of public employees
H.2610 HD2893 Relative to personal care attendants without workplace sites under the collective bargaining law for public employees
H.2685 HD3225 For legislation to provide for an income tax credit for expenditures for the design, construction, repair or replacement of failed cesspool or septic systems
H.2702 HD3948 For legislation to provide for a credit for corporations against corporate income taxes to foster job creation in municpalities designated as gateway cities
H.2718 HD3632 Relative to senior tax credit expansion
H.2719 HD914 That recipients of the Purple Heart medal be exempt from imposition of the motor vehicle excise tax
H.2726 HD2068 For legislation to establish a green building income and excise tax credit for the use of certain environmental practices
H.2753 HD2354 Relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans
H.2765 HD257 Relative to the sale or conversion of agricultural land for residential or commercial use
H.2780 HD1664 Relative to district improvement financing
H.2800 HD2258 For legislation to establish a historical rehabilitation tax credit
H.2812 HD3842 For legislation to provide for an income tax credit for the rehabilitation of residential historic properties
H.2892 HD957 Relative to reducing the property taxes of certain elderly personsns
H.2976 HD2296 For legislation to designate Leonard Bernstein as the official conductor of the Commonwealth
H.3023 HD3851 For the annual issuance of a proclamation by the Governor setting apart the first Wednesday in May as state parks day
H.3051 HD577 For legislation to establish a paperwork reduction program for agencies of the Commonwealth
H.3058 HD1148 For legislation to require retailers to retain certain records relative to the purchase by consumers of prepaid cell phones
H.3064 HD1820 For legislation to limit outdoor night lighting, conserve energy and reduce light pollution
H.3102 HD1545 That the Department of Public Utilities be directed to conduct hearings in areas potentially affected by new electric transmission projects
H.3113 HD3396 Relative to reusable beverage containers
H.3121 HD424 Relative to energy efficient construction
H.3137 HD1382 For legislation to improve recycling rates in the Commonwealth by providing recycling containers adjacent to beverage vending machines
H.3146 HD472 For legislation to provide for the appointment of a poet laureate of the Commonwealth
H.3152 HD1413 For legislation to prohibit the use of hand-held cell phones by persons operating motor vehicles
H.3169 HD1165 For legislation to establish a prevent blindness fund through the office of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles
H.3170 HD1181 That visiting nurses be exempt from certain parking regulations in cities and towns
H.3189 HD910 Relative to roadway reopenings and safety
H.3190 HD924 Relative to the issuance of motor vehicle registration plates to recipients of the Bronze Star medal
H.3226 HD2687 Relative to the safe operation of trains
H.3227 HD2769 For legislation to preserve the right of way for the North/South rail link
H.3241 HD833 Relative to the issuance of a distinctive motor vehicle registration plate to provide additional funding for affordable housing
H.3257 HD3584 For legislation to require the use of headlights on motor vehicles during any period in which windshield wipers are also in use
H.3260 HD3017 For legislation to authorize the use of flashing lights on motor vehicles leading funeral processions
H.3273 HD3138 Relative to the issuance of a distinctive motor vehicle license plate for the University of Massachusetts
H.3307 HD851 For legislation to further regulate the use of electronic communication devices by operators of school buses
H.3317 HD3233 Relative to the parking of motor vehicles by disabled veterans and handicapped persons in designated parking areas
H.3331 HD3150 For legislation to prohibit the operation of a motor vehicle that interferes or disrupts a group of 2 or more motorcycles
H.3362 HD1203 Relative to transportation services to historic areas
H.3373 HD3670 That certain disabled veterans be exempt from inland fisheries and game fees
H.3376 HD3275 For legislation to reimburse the town of Easton for certain expenditures for veterans' benefits
H.3394 HD954 For legislation to exempt veterans from the payment of fees for use of recreational facilities under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation and Recreation
H.3404 HD1363 For legislation to protect graves of veterans
H.3416 HD1391 For legislation to protect the interests and well being of residents in nursing homes, rest homes, and long-term care facilities
H.3418 HD1242 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of gender responsive programming for juvenile justice system involved girls
H.3421 HD1282 For legislation to improve the personal care attendant program
H.3434 HD1266 Relative to the teaching of health education in schools
H.3438 HD1398 For legislation to protect from net loss public lands or easements taken or acquired for natural resource
H.3440 HD810 Relative to the reduction of particulate emissions from Diesel engines
H.3441 HD1254 For legislation to protect lakes and ponds by establishing an invasive aquatic plant management fund
H.3443 HD1404 Relative mercury-added vehicle switches in end-of-life motor vehicles
H.3446 HD1376 Relative to hazardous and toxic material inspections of certain businesses prior to closure
H.3453 HD1361 Relative to establishing a childhood vaccine program and immunization registry
H.3457 HD1108 For legislation to further regulate the renting or leasing of illegal residential premises
H.3460 HD1312 For legislation to enhance public safety and security in certain public housing developments
H.3476 HD819 Relative to establishing a board of registration in naturopathy and further regulating naturopathic health care
H.3512 HD807 Relative to the definition of "beverage" under the bottle law, so-called
H.3515 HD1314 Relative to further regulating recycling rates and expanding the bottle bill, so-called
H.3518 HD1265 Relative to the penalty for the destruction of trees in public parks
H.3523 HD1260 Relative to the dissemination of certain criminal offender record information
H.3534 HD1273 For legislation to restrict access to certain criminal offender record information
H.3537 HD1248 For a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to the subject matter of initiative petitions
H.3538 HD976 For legislation to create the position of "Poet Laureate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts"
H.3546 HD2242 Relative to protecting residents of the commonwealth from door-to-door solicitors
H.3547 HD1634 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of methods to develop an index of creative and innovative education in the Commonwealth
H.3565 HD2189 Relative to establishing an education loan repayment program for legislative and committee staff of the House of Representatives
H.3568 HD2265 For legislation to encourage licensed social workers to work in child welfare and human services programs
H.3571 HD1447 Relative to the protection of tenants of foreclosed properties
H.3573 HD1557 For legislation to preserve publicly assisted affordable housing
H.3574 HD1562 That the Department of Housing and Community Development establish a program to help businesses develop employer assisted housing funds
H.3575 HD1614 For legislation to encourage smart growth zoning and housing production
H.3576 HD1618 For legislation to exclude payments for foster care in computing rent and determining eligibility for subsidized housing
H.3592 HD1608 For an investigation by a special commission (including members of the General Court) of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses
H.3595 HD1451 Relative to foods containing artificial trans fats
H.3598 HD2143 That hearing aids be included in coverage under health insurance plans
H.3608 HD1561 For legislation to provide for neighborhood stabilization tax credits
H.3612 HD2194 Relative to the taxation of contributions to retirement accounts
H.3645 HD2757 Relative to cueing and supervision in the personal care attendant program
H.3660 HD2708 For legislation to ensure that high school graduates possess a reasonable breadth and depth of knowledge and skills
H.3717 HD2750 Relative to the membership of the Health Care Quality and Cost Council
H.3718 HD3135 Relative to the appointment of a nurse deputy commissioner of the Department of Public Health
H.3762 HD2747 Relative to energy efficient lighting, energy conservation and light pollution reduction
H.3782 HD2793 Relative to the fiscal authority of decertified libraries
H.3784 HD3098 Relative to establishing a municipal library facilities loan fund
H.3786 HD2760 For legislation to authorize certain veterans to use facilities of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and regional transit authorities without cost to such veterans
H.3804 HD1180 For legislation to control bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder
H.3805 HD1174 Relative to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and improving access to services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elderly persons
H.3809 HD984 Relative to insurance coverage for autism
H.3897 HD4141 Relative to treatment and health insurance coverage for maternal post-partum depression
H.4013 HD4149 Relative to the establishment of cultural districts
H.4015 HD4040 Relative to prohibiting junior operators use of cell phones or text messaging devices while operating motor vehicles
H.4022 HD4083 For legislation to authorized cities and towns to prohibit jaywalking at certain intersections
H.4036 HD4167 For legislation to set aside a certain sum of money by the Highway Department for the repair and preservation of historic markers
H.4062 HD3276 Relative to simulcasting by greyhound dog racing meeting licensees
H.4068 HD3954 Relative to establishing and regulating resort-style casinos, gaming and entertainment in the Commonwealth
H.4077 HD1057 That the Department of Education be directed to publish certain information relative to charter schools
H.4111 HD3992 Relative to providing for medical coverage for acupuncture treatments
H.4190 HD4497 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) relative to prohibiting certain dumping in the city of Brockton
H.4241 HD4573 (with the approval of the mayor and city council) for legislation to authorize the city of Brockton to prevent the siting of a power plant in said city
H.4258 HD3985 For legislation to establish a health care outreach and education unit within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services
H.4465 HD4682 For legislation to regulate the development of land acquired for natural resource and conservation purposes
H.4750 HD4572 Relative to the opening and closing of swimming pools under the jurisdication of the Department of Conservation and Recreation

State Representative Christine E. Canavan has represented the 10th Plymouth District, currently consisting of the town of West Bridgewater, and parts of Brockton (Ward 4, Precincts B&C; Ward 5, Precincts B, C & D; and all of Ward 6) and East Bridgewater (Precinct 1), since 1993. Known as a true champion for the families and communities in her district, Christine has always placed a strong emphasis on providing accessible, timely constituent services. And, on Beacon Hill, she has always prioritized funding for local aid and does her best to ensure that worthy programs and organizations within her district receive the state funding that is critical to their work. A Registered Nurse, Representative Canavan has been a leader in determining many of the Commonwealth’s health care policies, and has earned the respect of her colleagues on these issues. She has authored legislation, now law, which set patient/staff ratio requirements for Out-of-Hospital Dialysis Clinics to ensure maximum patient safety, and expanded the scope of duties for nurse practitioners.

The Representative has also successfully championed legislation that now provides newborn hearing tests to infants; better-assists those with metabolic disorders and their families; and has continued to be the chief-sponsor of the landmark Patient Safety Bill, which many hope will go a long way in improving patient safety in acute care hospitals and addressing the nurse shortage crisis currently plaguing the Commonwealth.

Representative Canavan and her husband, Paul, are longtime residents of Brockton’s east side where they raised their two sons, Derek and Cliff, both now teachers at Brockton High School. Christine and Paul are also the exceedingly proud grandparents of Celia, Holly, Evelyn, Jack, James and Brody Canavan.

Personal Information

Profession: Registered Nurse/Legislator
Spouse: Paul
Children: 2
Grandchildren: 5

Career Highlights

  • Chief author of legislation requiring Universal Newborn Hearing exams for infants, and the sponsor of the ‘Slow-Down, Move-Over’ law.
  • An early, and strong, advocate for the Gateway Cities economic development agenda and a tremendous partner with our small businesses.
  • A successful record of securing funding for our first responders, libraries, new soccer fields and to preserve open spaces.

Education & Public Service

  • Massasoit Community College (A.S., Nursing) 1983
  • University of Massachusetts of Boston, B.S., Nursing (Summa cum laude) 1988
  • Brockton School Committee 1990-1993
  • Mass House 1993 - Present
Tenth Plymouth, Consisting of Brockton: Ward 4: Precincts B, C, Ward 5: Precincts B, C, D, Ward 6; East Bridgewater: Precinct 1; West Bridgewater.